The Rebirth of the Giants

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance , Urban Life

Chapters: 1204

Last update: 13 days ago

4.6 /5

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Gu Yunxi in the previous life loved him to death, but wanted to avoid him so much that he missed the man who loved him all his life!After rebirth, Gu Yunxi still loved him to death, but was thinking about how to marry him.The goddess of school tyrants in the previous life returned, an ultra-popular queen appeared in the entertainment circle, and a genius doctor in the medical circle.I thought I was an orphan for this life, he was only a relative in his life, but he didn't want to, suddenly eight brothers appeared, and all of them regarded her as treasures.When Young Master Lu happily proposed to his girlfriend with flowers in his hand, eight eldest uncles descended from the sky, "My brother is not married yet, do you want to marry my sister?"Lu Haoting was immediately confused, so many brothers? Where did it come from?Suitable new articles, strong men and strong women, sweet mutual favors, welcome to jump! - Description from MTLNovel

The Rebirth of the Giants