Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4763 Lord of the Heavens and Worlds (finale)

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Outside the five realms, in the boundless chaotic sea, several tyrannical beings are fighting.

The Immortal Master Jingtai, Taoist Taibai, the Buddha of the Stars in the World, the Emperor of Disasters, and the Demon Emperor of Jiuyou, the only five quasi-immortal kings in the heavens and the world, shot together to deal with a strong man.

This scene made many experts in the heavens and the worlds who could see this battle feel terrified.

The five quasi-immortal king powerhouses shot together, but they were actually blocked by the existence of the Stygian Sect Master.

Of course, the situation of the leader of the Stygian River is not very good.

The sect master of Ming He was a quasi-immortal king, and he cut out three corpses, each with the combat power of a quasi-immortal king, and stopped the three stars and Buddhas in the world.

But apart from the three stars and Buddhas in the world, Jingtai Immortal Lord and others also had two quasi-immortal king realm powerhouses sitting in town, and the two shot together to besiege the Styx Lord.

The leader of the Stygian River could not help but fall into a disadvantage, but he did not worry about his life.

After all, the sect master of Styx may not be the strongest among the quasi-sage powerhouses in the prehistoric mythical world, but in terms of life-saving means, it can be said that he is the first person to be a quasi-sage powerhouse, that is, the first person to be a quasi-immortal king. .

Not to mention that Immortal Master Jingtai and the Nine Nether Demon Emperor joined forces, even if the three people including the World Stars and Buddhas, they are also fighting against the Styx Sect Master together, and the Stygian Sect Master can protect himself.

The sea of ​​blood does not dry up, and the Styx does not die!

This sentence is not a joke. As long as Jingtai Immortal Master and others cannot directly wipe out the sea of ​​blood that fills the sea of ​​​​chaos for hundreds of millions of miles, the Sect Master Styx will not fall.

The Immortal Master Jingtai and the two teamed up to destroy a Styx sect leader, and a new Styx River sect leader came out of Jiuyou in the sea of ​​​​blood.


And just when Jingtai Immortal Master and others fought against Styx Sect Master, there was a huge wave of fluctuations in the five realms.

This fluctuation originated from the five realms, and covered the entire five realms.

Countless powerhouses in the heavens and the world were shocked, and immediately looked down, and saw a huge and unimaginable picture, spread out in the chaotic sea.

Between the shades of brush and ink, draw a magnificent picture of mountains and rivers!

If you look closely, you can see that on this scroll, the scene of the entire five realms is drawn.


Suddenly, this ink rhythm scroll was closed, and it turned into an ink-colored radiance again, falling into the five realms.


The next moment, a more powerful momentum erupted in the five realms, shaking the Chaos Sea.

"Don't fall into the Immortal Dynasty, stand up!"

At the same time, a majestic and solemn voice came from the five realms.

Then, one after another visions evolved, all appearing, across the Chaos Sea, the universe was shaking, and a huge roar erupted, as if to congratulate him.

"Is it promoted to the Supreme Immortal Dynasty?"

Immortal Master Jingtai and the others were suddenly shocked, some wanted to stop them, but they were stopped by the Sect Master Ming He alone.

No matter what means, what kind of supernatural powers and secret methods are used by Immortal Master Jingtai and others, they can't get past the Sect Master Styx and attack the five realms to prevent the promotion of the Godless Dynasty.

Soon, the fluctuations in the five realms fell silent, and many visions disappeared.

Obviously, Buluo Xianchao has been promoted successfully.

However, the spirits of Immortal Master Jingtai and the others suddenly trembled, as if they were warning. In their eyes, the five realms now seemed to be transformed into a sleeping giant beast.

Although it was silent, it was unknown when it would suddenly wake up and explode with a devastating blow.


At this time, such a thought suddenly arose in the minds of Immortal Master Jingtai and the others, and they immediately prepared to leave this sea of ​​chaos without any hesitation.

But how could Sect Master Ming He allow Immortal Master Jingtai and others to leave, so that Immortal Master Jingtai and others could not escape for a while.


The five realms suddenly trembled, and a vast and majestic aura rose from within the five realms.

In the next moment, a big white hand, as if interwoven with countless legal principles, protruded from the depths of the five realms, traversed the entire five realms, and grabbed towards Jingtai Immortal Lord.

The vast and splendid emperor's energy is flowing in all directions, covering all worlds, like the supreme ruler of the heavens, pressing the jade seal to decide the life and death of all living beings.

Immortal Master Jingtai only felt that his heart exploded, and a strong sense of crisis enveloped his mind.

When this palm falls, he is likely to be suppressed!

"If you want to suppress me, you are not qualified!"

Immortal Master Jingtai's eyes were red, and the power that madly stimulated his body was also punched, facing this big hand that came from the five realms.


The next moment, the power of the two collided, and a terrifying fluctuation erupted.

Immortal Master Jingtai only felt that his body was directly bombarded by an unstoppable terrifying force, and the whole person flew upside down, bleeding from the corner of his mouth.

Immortal Lord Jingtai retreated from the chaotic paths one after another, and only then did he stop his body.


Then, a clear footstep sounded from the five realms.

Immortal Master Jingtai and the others looked down, and saw ten thousand vibrations, endless radiance bursting out, hundreds of millions of fairy lights flowing in all directions, and many vast visions evolved.

A **** and demon came out of the fairy light, sacred and solemn, and held supreme authority.

And surrounded by many gods and demons, an emperor wearing a nine-chapter true dragon emperor robe and a twelve-line glazed crown on his head stepped out of the five realms step by step.


And at the moment when this emperor appeared, a mighty Supreme Emperor Qi permeated, traversing the ages and suppressing everything around him.

"This is?"

"The breath of the fairy king?"

"The breath of a real fairy king!"

Just as soon as they felt this emperor qi, all the powerhouses in the heavens and the world showed a look of astonishment, their hearts were up and down, and their faces showed unconcealed shock.

From this emperor's energy, whether it is many imaginary gods, or many nine-day true immortals, true demons, true Buddhas, underworld gods, or Jingtai Immortal Lord and other quasi-immortal king realm powerhouses, they all feel unimaginable pressure.

This is a pressure that is above the heavens and beyond the Great Dao.

Immortal Master Jingtai and others realized in an instant that this was the breath of the Immortal King.

Only the existence of the Immortal King Realm can bring them such terrifying pressure.

When Immortal Master Jingtai and others saw the emperor's face clearly, they instantly recognized the emperor's identity. It was the one who did not fall, Qin Yi.

In other words, the 'Five Realms True Immortals' in their eyes.

However, what surprised Immortal Master Jingtai and others was that Qin Yi's cultivation realm was only the cultivation realm of entering the real fairyland for the first time, not the fairy king realm, or even the early stage of the real fairyland.

And the reason why it can exude an aura comparable to the Immortal King Realm is because of a golden scroll on top of its head.

This golden scroll is half-open, revealing the appearance of countless gods and demons.

Among them, there are many real fairyland, and even the existence of the quasi-immortal king level!

And these gods and demons are divided into cultivation bases, realms, and personalities, and they split the golden scrolls up and down.

The top part of the golden scroll is a statue of the emperor exactly like Qin Yi.

"what is this?"

"A fairy king?"

"How is it possible that this guy from the Five Realms actually has an Immortal King Artifact in his hand?"

Immortal Master Jingtai and the others looked incredulous, unwilling to believe the scene in front of them.

This is the Immortal King Tool!

In the countless years of history of the heavens and the world, there has never been a single Immortal King Artifact.

Even the immortal king who opened up the heavens and the world in the past never refined an immortal king artifact.

Among the heavens and the world, the treasure closest to the Immortal King's Artifact is the Dao of the Heavens.

In addition, the quasi-immortal king artifact refined by Jingtai Immortal Master and others is still a long way from transforming into an immortal king artifact.

And now, Qin Yi has an Immortal King Artifact in his hand, how surprising!

It's a pity that Immortal Master Jingtai didn't have time to think about it, when he saw Qin Yi raise his hand, and the vast and majestic power swept from all directions in an instant.

"Do not!"

Immortal Master Jingtai frantically used his own strength, trying to escape from this pressure.

However, no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't break free from this pressure, and he saw the golden scroll flying over and suppressing him directly.


Seeing this scene, the world's stars, Buddha, and others turned pale in dismay, and only this thought remained in their hearts.

They could clearly perceive that Immortal Master Jingtai was completely suppressed by this golden scroll, without any resistance, and even the many back-hands that Immortal Jingtai had left behind were suppressed together.

If they don't leave, I'm afraid they will end up in the same fate as Immortal Master Jingtai.

Unfortunately, it's too late.

As soon as the Buddha in the world turned around, he saw a dignified and dignified figure, like a monk with the origin of Buddhism and Taoism in the world, smiling at him with a smile:

"This Tathagata, I came here to suppress fellow Daoists!"

The disaster emperor stepped into the void dimension and wanted to leave silently, but he saw a man with a yin-dove face and a yin-yang robe standing in front of him:

"This deity, Kunpeng, will be captured if you don't hold back!"

Daoist Taibai turned his body into a sword and traveled through the Chaos Sea, but was stopped by a man with a warm face and a large robe.

"This deity Zhen Yuanzi, please come to the deity's sleeve to feel wronged first."

When the man lifted his sleeve, the infinite suction power enveloped the Taoist Taibai.

In just an instant, the world's stars, Buddha, and others were stopped by their opponents, and soon they were suppressed, and the same was true of the Styx Sect Master.

Qin Yi just glanced at it lightly, raised his hand, and took the Conferred God List back into his hand.


That golden scroll is the Conferred God Ranking.

After being promoted to the Immortal Dynasty from the Godless Dynasty, the system will award ten system summoning opportunities again.

Qin Yi did not hesitate, and immediately activated the system summoning. As a result, he was very fortunate. Not only was he recruited to the list of the gods, but he also recruited the Buddha, Kunpeng, and Zhenyuanzi.

"From today onwards, I am the Lord of the heavens and the world!"

Qin Yi's eyes were deep, and he had a panoramic view of the whole world.

After this battle, in the heavens and the world, he has no opponents.


His journey is not over yet.

Within the heavens and the myriad realms, there are no more opponents, which does not mean that there are no opponents outside the heavens and myriad realms.

The heavens and the worlds were opened up by a strong immortal king, and in the boundless chaotic sea, the heavens and the worlds are not isolated islands, and there must be other worlds like the heavens and the worlds.

These places are also the targets of Qin Yi's conquest.

"Before that, let me have a good rest."

Qin Yi stretched his waist and stepped into the five realms.

Before starting a new journey, he also needs to accompany Liu Yiyi and other women.

As for conquering other areas in the boundless Chaos Sea, there will be time in the future.

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