Turns Out I’m a Great Cultivator (I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot)Chapter 872 Scarlet World

This novel is also known as I'm Actually a Cultivation BigshotThe fairy road is ethereal, and the fairy trail is hard to find. Li Nianfan came to the world of cultivating immortals as a mortal. After learning that there was no hope for cultivating immortals, he just wanted to live in peace. But don’t know– A dog he adopted became a demon king and suppressed a world because of his writing poems and paintings. The trees planted behind his house became the tree of the world, supporting the bridge between heaven and earth because of listening to him playing piano music. A passerby he met, because of his casual enlightenment, became a sage of immortality, leading an era. When looking back– It turns out that the scholar who has been pestering him for calligraphy and painting is the fairy painting saint, the old man with poor chess skills is the fairy chess saint, and the beauty who comes to listen to music every night is the first saint in the fairy world… - Description from MTLNovel

God-level Pet Evolution System (Godly Pet Evolution System)Chapter 2766 suspiciousHOT

This novel is also known as Godly Pet Evolution SystemDuring the Great Wilderness Era, Feng Yixiu was bound to the “God Pet Evolution System” and began the road of cultivating God Pets. You said that Hua Ling is the least potential war spirit? Haha… The Queen of Thorns behind me wants to talk to you! You said you have the strongest thunder war spirit? Haha… My Bailong Shengjun makes you think clearly! You said you have a diamond demon card? Ha ha… which one of my three epic monster cards should I use? - Description from MTL

Everlasting Dragon EmperorChapter 5742 retreat and stayHOT

After being betrayed by the people he once loved, Lu Ming experienced the cold reality of the cultivation world. However, as chance would have it, he obtained the inheritance of a supreme expert who once suffered the same fate as him. Henceforth, the world shall tremble at the birth of the Everlasting Dragon Emperor whose legends will resound through eternity. - Description from Novelupdates

This Plug-in is Too Middle Schoolv2 Chapter 1023 The benefits of the right of final interpretation

[Is there any kind of prince and general Xiangning? Looking at the smiling stupid woman on the throne, an inexplicable impulse emerged in your heart] “No no no! Can’t rush, can’t rush!” William’s head shook like a rattle. [She can be the head of a country, why can’t I? Only I can bring to this world that is about to be destroyed…] Hey, don’t talk nonsense! This world is pretty good, please don’t add drama, okay? [The King’s Road Opens] [Mission 1: Destroy this fool… Shut up! ! ! - Description from MTLNovel

MMORPG: Opening Awakening Super God TalentChapter 1960 : Strange guide who wants to explore the secrets of the ghost town

Qin Luosheng passed through, crossing into a parallel world with extremely advanced virtual technology. Enter “Destiny Dimension”, accidentally awaken the SSS super god talent, obtain sublimation power and charm value MAX. When others were still complacent about exploding a piece of golden equipment, he was already covered in magic costume. While others are still carefully speculating about the NPC’s personality and preferences, he has put his heart to heart with many NPCs, various hidden tasks, special occupations, invincible skills, heaven-defying equipment, and no money to give him. - Description from MTL

Galaxy Returns To Be a DadChapter 1253 It's fun but people play people (Part 1)

“The tyrant who dominated Galaxy was reborn back six hundred years ago. Hey, whose child is this, how do you call my father? Looking at the clever and cute little Lolita in front of him, Yu Yue was a little confused. Galaxy returns, start with my dad! Others hope that their son will become a dragon, so I will train my daughter to become a female emperor. “ - Description from MTLNovel

VRMMO: Nine Rounds of ReincarnationChapter 3974 : no risk

The lover is forced to death, he enters the game of the catastrophe with terrible hatred; I wanted to get the best job, but got the worst game attribute, which can be called peerless waste; Heaven rewards those who have aspirations, he has finally reaped a reward after untold hardships; The best career, working with beautiful women and friends to fight against the devil, and rise to fame; Battle soul, martial soul, blood soul, and magic soul, let’s see how he chooses! The enemy is now, let’s see how he can turn the tide! In the face of private enmity, let’s see how he treats love, family and friendship! National interests, let’s see how he goes first to the country and then home! Disturbing the world, let’s see how persistent he is! Taoist, ninja, swordsman, knight, the combination of Chinese and Western, national characteristics; wonderful online games, everything is there. - Description from MTL

Urban Perspective Little Doctor~ No. 5386-5387
Urban Life

The country boy gained inheritance and started a happy life ever since. - Description from MTL

Gundam SEED’s Final DestinationChapter 457 : Internal meeting of LOGOS

I really can’t find a fanfic like this that I can read. It’s not all kinds of self-assurance or all kinds of pretending to accept the harem, and it’s just that the big guys have become brain-damaged. I saw that I was guilty of embarrassment. So there is this novel~ Of course, because of the old fan, and the limited writing, there will definitely not be many people watching, this… I recognize it! At the same time, in order to connect the protagonist’s entry, a little original plot has been added, but it does not affect the viewing of the original party, so you can rest assured. Of course, there is no problem with the passerby party. In order to ensure that the passerby party can watch it normally, I roughly set it to explain it, so even if you haven’t watched the anime, you don’t have to worry about not understanding it. But this makes the early stage not very good. . . . I’m… I’m in tears! Who makes my heart big! PS: In general, this is a work on a whim, so this article has not yet determined the heroine, even if there is a high probability, it will only be a single heroine! High probability! Not a harem! Not a stallion! Not insane! No system! Goldfinger…No! At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth reading of other readers, the main plots of this article are mainly based on two animations. Finally ~ this article will try to be as close to the original as possible! Finally, everyone is welcome to leave a message and discuss! I will never bark! - Description from MTLNovel

I Was Spotted By Grindelwald and Went To HogwartsChapter 349 birthday present

Principal: Gellert Grindelwald (President of the Wizarding Reform Association, first-class magician of the Merlin Order) To Mr. Sean Wallup. Congratulations, you have been accepted to study at Nurmengard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed is a list of required books and equipment. Semester is scheduled to start on September 1st, please return your responses by July 31st. Vice Principal (Female) Vita Rozier sincerely Looking at the second magic school admission letter he received, Sean fell into deep thought… There is a big problem in this magical world… - Description from MTLNovel

Terran Guardian~ Chapter 422 January 3 Breakthrough

Relived for the first time, Shen Changqing became a member of the Daqin Town Demon Division. At this time, it coincided with the turmoil of the monsters and the rampant weirdness—— Kill the ghost-level weirdness, and the thirteen Taibao horizontal exercises have been raised to completion! Kill the grievance-level weirdness, and improve the pure Yang Gong to perfection! Kill powerful monsters and break the limit of martial arts! Beheaded– A few years later, Shen Changqing became the guardian of the human race, all monsters and weird all bowed their heads! “One day, the human race will not die!” - Description from MTLNovel

Divine Beast CreatorChapter 1846 road ahead
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

This is the world of spirit beasts. Humans can sign contracts with spirit beasts or command spirit beasts to fight, or borrow the power of spirit beasts to fight. Relying on the power of spirit beasts, countries are established on various continents, and one day becomes a mystery. Of teenagers broke into this world. Spirit Beast Alliance: Why is there a new beast? fast! Quickly send someone to sign a contract with it. Divine Beast Hall: Lord Divine Beast, do you want to join our Divine Beast Hall? There are many of your companions here. Feng Yuan, who was rubbing the head of the beast, smiled and said to the stunned crowd, “Excuse me, it has already signed a contract with me.” I silently added a sentence “from when it was not a beast.” — Feng Yuan “Hmph~No matter what pet it is, it can evolve into a beast if I want to~” This is a story about pets, a story about a strong man who can cultivate a beast at will - Description from MTL

Rebirth of the Urban ImmortalChapter 3311 Merge the Great World
Urban Life

“One Generation Immortal Venerable” Luo Chen was attacked and reborn and returned to Earth. He is an ordinary person, facing the contempt of his girlfriend, the ridicule of his rivals, the miserable life of his parents, and the threats and provocations of the rich and young. He vowed to change the injustice of fate, stand on the pinnacle of this world, and tell everyone that Luo Chen had been here. - Description from MTL

The Mysterious World Under SteampunkChapter 1582 right and wrong

Similar to the Victorian world! Mysterious creatures under steampunk! Unknown treasure! And the lost legend! An artificial creature weapon travels into this wonderful world! Complete a wonderful life! - Description from Qidian

Rebirth of the World’s Richest ManChapter 2410 shot
Urban Life

Jiang Xiaobai, a 21st century economics college graduate, was reborn in 1979 and witnessed the arrival of that era with his own eyes. Unstoppable, everything grows wantonly, dust and dawn rise, rivers converge into rivers, unknown hills rise to peaks, and the world is extremely wide for a while………… - Description from Unknown

Wizard: I Brought the Wrong SystemChapter 362 7 steps away from the gun

Zhou Xu, who was still pregnant in October, awakened the martial arts system. I thought the starting line was 100,000 meters stronger than others. After he was born, he discovered that he was actually reborn in a wizarding world. “I’m cracked!” … - Description from MTLNovel

My Love Life with My Soft GirlfriendChapter 694 Brother, forgive me~
RomanceUrban Life

Sweet love essays, take you back to the school age! … In order to make up for the regrets in the previous life, after rebirth, Ye Fan transferred to the high school where Ning Xi attended without hesitation. Here, he saw the shadow in his memory. Ning Xi in the memory was lying on the operating table, exhausting the last breath of life and saying to him: “Ye Fan, in fact, I, I have always liked you…” In this life, see how he overcomes the soft and cute genius school girl step by step—— - Description from MTLNovel

The Strongest TrainerChapter 3435 You are too naive

Xiao Zhi, who traveled to the Pokémon world and became the original protagonist, how will he walk out of the path of an unreproducible strongman, and eventually become the strongest trainer, gorgeous ninjutsu, strange pupil power, powerful body skills, is in This world has left its own legend, it is still as unknown as the previous life. The end of the Kanto region, the end of the Naruto blast, the end of the Chengdu area, the end of the Naruto blast, the opening of the Fangyuan area… - Description from soxs

Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical FieldsChapter 2385 【2385】Come onHOT

Back in 1996, the eldest daughter of Oldman Xie’s Family, Xie Wanying, said that she wanted to be a surgeon, to which many people laughed at her . “ A Phoenix gives birth to a phoenix. And a dog gives birth to a dog. A truck driver’s daughter will be a doctor, when pigs learn how to climb trees. ” “I’m not just going to be a doctor, I’m going to be a cardiothoracic surgeon,”Xie Wanying said. Her sentence created a thousand waves in the medical circle. A relative doctor of their family even ridiculed her sternly and said: “Do you know how high the admission score for medical students is? Can you even pass the exam?” “There are zero female cardiothoracic surgeons in the country, if the top female doctors could not make it that far who do you think you are!” A group of people ridiculed: “You will only get admitted to a third-rate medical school and be a hygienist in a small county. Who will you marry in the future? ” But she proved them wrong, at the end of the college entrance examination, Xie Wanying entered the top class of surgery in the country with the province’s top prize in science. She entered the top hospital in the capital and was sought after by the director of the surgical departments while she was still an intern. “Student Xie Wanying, you must come to general surgery.” “No, you must go to our urology—” “Pediatric surgery lacks female doctors like Xie Wanying.” All her relatives Wechat moments:………. At this time, Xie Wanying independently completed the national youngest tetralogy of Fallot surgery, represented the domestic cardio-thoracic surgery association to participate in the international medical forum, and published the world’s first minimally invasive heart valve repair operation, which was a worthy feat considering she was the top female surgeon! - Description from Novelupdates

I Opened An Online Shop In Myriad RealmsChapter 2371 Chaos everywhere
FantasyUrban Life

Poor student Su Chen opened a Taobao shop in Myriad Realms, and kept receiving orders from all walks of life. Since then, he will deliver goods across the world and get super red envelopes! Travel through “Zombie World”, get a silenced AWM, load the chicken plug-in, kill the zombies, and protect my Chinese mountains and rivers with eight feet of blood! ! Go through “Kung Fu” and purchase the old beggar’s Tathagata Palm, Nine Suns Magical Art, and the Great Shift of the Universe, and become a peerless master! Through “Mr. Zombie”, the nine-uncle Lin Zhengying taught a Maoshan Taoist skill, and brought back a thousand-year-old beautiful zombie, who perplexed me every day to accompany her to fight the king! and many more! The superpowers are too arrogant and dare to offend China! Airdrop a group of starving and attacking giants and wreak havoc as much as you like! … Come to QQ Farm to grow vegetables, grab a skull as a pet, and Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao will be with you. I am really just an ordinary person… At most, there is a system. - Description from MTLNovel

Full-time OccupationChapter 1624 war

Reporter: What do your members of Team Happy think of your deputy captain Tang Yin? Ye Xiu: He used facts to tell us that he was dirty if he didn’t play tactics. And desperate luck… Su Mucheng: The best teammate, the fighter in the wingman, and the enviable luck. Wei Chen: As far as he is not offline, I would like to call him the strongest. And he definitely has a leg with the goddess of luck! …….. Tang Yin: I’m just a professional player by luck. Erha Book Friends Group: 1046704633 welcome everyone to come and play! - Description from MTLNovel

Huoye, Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a StallChapter 940 Qin Ershao protects his cubs, and the Fu family asks the third master to apologize

In the previous life, Qin Ruan was trapped in family fighting and was framed to death. When she returned from rebirth, she held her pregnancy list and leaned on her waist to the door of the famous Huo family in the capital. Huo Sanye, the grandson of the Huo family, is rumored to be decisive, glamorous and noble, moody, and unreasonable. The third master is going to marry a wife, and the other party is the illegitimate daughter found by the Qin family. As soon as this news came out, the whole capital was exploded! No one believes that an illegitimate daughter sits securely as the mother of Huo’s family, and everyone is waiting for their divorce. With the rebirth ability technique, Qin Ruan set up a stall under the overpass, disturbing the major forces in the capital to reshuffle the cards. The fourth generation golden grandson of the Huo family crawled out of Qin Ruan’s belly. Her true identity was gradually revealed, and no one underestimated her for a while. Year after year passed, Qin Ruan and Huo Sanye not only did not divorce, they also spread dog food on a daily basis. Everyone started throwing bowls, and they were overwhelmed by this bowl of dog food! —— small theater: Qin Ruan: “Brother, you hit a peach blossom. I’m afraid there will be a bloody disaster recently.” The famous actor sneered and turned away. That night, the actor was in embarrassment and begged Qin Ruan: “Miss Qin, save me!” Qin Ruan: “The boss, I think you are in a dark mood, I’m afraid you will die soon.” The business giant was so angry that she almost overturned her stall. But for two days, the gangster knelt in front of Qin Ruan, begging the master for help! From then on, upstarts in the industry to famous families and famous families have regarded Qin Ruan as a guest. —— The book is also called “The whole world is looking forward to our divorce”, “Huo Sanye is jealous again today” - Description from MTLNovel

This Side Effect is Awesomev3 Chapter 652 Five Elements True Immortal

The Fate-defying Book of Heaven can reverse the disadvantages and turn them into benefits, and change the fate against the sky to help you reach the pinnacle of martial arts! Ever since I got the Fate-Defying Book of Heaven and was able to absorb the side effects, I have fallen in love with Qishangquan, Tongzi Gong, Xingxing Dafa, Explosive Body Pill, Split God Pill, Ashes of Ashes… Day by day, the disintegration of the demons is displayed, and the sunflower collection is assiduously cultivated every night! - Description from MTLNovel

Rise of RurikChapter 988 3 games against Bremen

The soul goes through Scandinavia and becomes Rurik From the youth of the tribe to the leader of the tribe, then to become the prince of Novgorod, step by step in the forests and grasslands and thousands of rivers in Eastern Europe, dispelling obscurity and establishing civilization. - Description from MTLNovel

This Swordsman is Too SteadyChapter 50 Dragon Sparrow Sword Spirit

Lu Qingshan, the top ten well-known player on the “Nine Heavens” sword repair rankings, travels through the rebirth to the game world he has been fighting for. Swordsman, the career with the highest damage and the thinnest blood volume in “Nine Heavens”, so swordsman players are also known as “reckless”. In this life, Lu Qingshan still chose the profession of sword repair. It’s just that this sword repair seems to be a bit too stable??? - Description from MTL

Spoiler For The Multiverse: The Start of the Live Broadcast of MarvelChapter 258 The super power will disappear unexpectedly, the explosion channel

With the advent of the dimensional live broadcast system, the entire multiverse is in chaos. Iron Man: Ugh, it turns out that I can be so handsome in the future. Loki: How could I be toyed with by an trumped-up organization, there is such a Loki, impossible, absolutely impossible. Cedric Diggory: How could I be killed by Voldemort and turn into a vampire? Deadpool: Thank you so much, I was able to slaughter the entire Marvel Universe, this is really cool! Thanos: Why did a group of people come to my door and yell at me before I left? Why? The Flash: As a speeder, why are so many people faster than me, I don’t care, Captain Sparrow, teach me magic. - Description from MTLNovel

My Martial Arts Belt HaloChapter 364 Inner Demon Corruption!

At the end of the year, the world is in chaos, and the people are struggling to survive. Shi Yun came with two halos. An acceleration halo can speed up the practice of martial arts and instantly master the most profound martial arts skills. A world-shattering halo can be instantly broken when it encounters any martial arts bottleneck. With Shi Yun’s halo in hand, climb to the top of martial arts! … Laoyue has finished the books “The Master’s Profound Truth”, “Eternal Martial Dao”, “Longevity Seed” and “Old Master” are all excellent! Produced by Laoyue, guaranteed quality! - Description from MTLNovel

Guardian of the Star CyclonesChapter 3686 : Trap in Glacier City

I am from the earth, and I am a guardian. My name is Ye Yun. I picked up a wreckage. I set off from the earth cemetery and walked towards the stars and seas. The first universe also has my enemies! Calling my partners, there is no race, no planet, no world can stop our progress! We are dreaming and fearless. We are the terminator of the entire universe and the pioneer of this universe. Belief is not dead, fights endlessly! - Description from soxs

RejuvenationChapter 3584 underground room
Urban Life

Chen Fei, a mysterious young man who went up and down from Tianwu Mountain, entered the billowing red dust. With one hand, magical medicine can rejuvenate and cure all diseases; with invincible martial arts, rejuvenate and punish all evils. - Description from MTLNovel

Astral ApostleChapter 205 204 Clinging and Sectarian Dispute

The interstellar expansion of human civilization, the territory and territory traverse the starry sky. In the era of interstellar immigration, Zhou Jing accidentally awakened the power of shuttle between the astral realms and created the [Astral Apostle] as a carrier to carry his own soul, put it into different planes, and walk in various realms with different identities. The established life trajectory has ushered in a turning point, and each incarnation created is like a new life. However, he slowly discovered that it seems that human civilization is not ignorant of many planes… —— Diverse planes, diverse camps, their respective destiny collides with all worlds! And he is the only one who walks through it with ever-changing postures, the astral traveler! - Description from MTLNovel

Rebirth of the Urban Mad ImmortalChapter 4076 Top Ten Immeasurables (22)
Urban Life

The sword cuts the wind and thunder to cover the sun and the moon, mastering the universe and pounding the nether. There are six billion people in the world, and I am the only one called arrogant. The Celestial Qing Emperor was reborn in a bustling city with feasting, drunken, and ecstatic. Beautiful police flowers, charming stars, glamorous ladies, exotic princesses… From then on, a city loser in a previous life completely turned over and embarked on a peculiar road that shocked the world to panic and provoked all the beauties in the world. “The world laughs at me rampantly, and the world laughs at me madly. Look at the world after eternity. The world has gone through cycles of reincarnation, and I am still there, high above me, looking down on sentient beings.” - Description from MTL

She Shocks The Whole World After RetirementChapter 1016 Yuhuang: You will fall in love with me (six thousand more)

[A bursting heroine] VS [super-combat hero] In a fire, the nation’s first love was ruined, and the future was ruined! The fiancé thinks that her appearance is ruined, so he strongly breaks off the marriage; She wrote a letter of divorce, a letter of severance, and left gracefully! After Yu Huang left, everyone in the entertainment industry was saying— “I heard that after Yu Huang retired, he dyed his hair red, wore a veil, and went to nightclubs every day!” “Nonsense, how did I hear that she entered the detention center?” Everyone thought that Yu Huang was willing to degenerate, squatting in the game, and that summer when he could no longer make waves, Yu Huang once again appeared on the hot search—— Shengdu Ministry of Education: Warmly congratulate Yuhuang, a student from Yonghui High School in our city, who won the provincial champion with a high score of 7XX and was admitted to Shenyu College! That is the Divine Domain Academy that only admits ten top talents every year! Since then, the girl has started the road of counterattack, reborn in Nirvana, stunning the world! * Sheng Xiao, the first genius in the history of Divine Domain Academy, Lang Yan is unique and unparalleled in the world. However, because of his indifferent temperament, Bai couldn’t move, and was given the nickname Leng Nian Yan Luo. One day, someone caught him blocking Yu Huang in the corner, squeezed her hand tightly, and said to her, “You can predict the future, look at my future, is it full of you?” Yu Huang looked at it, then shook his head, “No, there are also a pair of lively and lovely children.” This book is also known as “Sister is a God You Can’t Climb”, “She Goes to Cultivation After Being a Celebrity” - Description from MTLNovel

In Charge of HeavenChapter 4850 6 Cosmic Teachings (2)

The youth of the earth are reborn into another world with the supreme treasure, possessing the heavenly body, the heavenly eye, and the heavenly wings; awakening three thousand souls, practicing three thousand heavenly arts, possessing three thousand dantians and three thousand times the combat power; obtaining the master of the heavens, in charge of the heavens , control the ancestral thunder of the heavens and the immeasurable calamities of the heavens; possess the twelve characters of the heavens, practice the twelve techniques of the heavens; create the kingdom of heaven, known as the emperor of heaven, lead the heroes of the heavenly kingdom, step on hundreds of millions of stars, and traverse the universe. The wife has the first queen and the second concubine, and her subordinates are accompanied by young and peerless geniuses such as the left and right two Tianzai, the four gods, the eight kings, and the ten great masters. Three thousand ordinary universes < three thousand god universes < three thousand holy universes < three thousand great Brahman universes < three thousand Taiyi universes < three thousand Tai Brahman universes < three thousand Taiwu universes < super Brahma universes < super non-universes < Dao universes. “Universe Clan List”, “Three Thousand Dao Body List”, “Three Thousand Different Pupil List”, “Cosmic Different Gold List”, “Cosmic Different Wood List”, “Cosmic Different Water List”, “Cosmic Different Fire List”, “Universe Land List”, “Universe Wind List”, “Universe Thunder List”. The five great treasures of transcendence, the ten great treasures of creation, and the three thousand great treasures of chaos. The five transcendental masters: the way of heaven, nothingness, primordial monarchy, chaos, time and space. Ten Masters of Creation: Fate, Cause and Effect, Wish, Reincarnation, Creation, Destruction, Time, Space, Life, Death. The kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of magic, the kingdom of witches, the kingdom of demons, the kingdom of dragons, the five kingdoms of the universe stand together; Emperor of Heaven, Emperor of Demons, Emperor of Wu, Emperor of Demon, Emperor of Dragon, the five emperors of the universe rule the roost. - Description from MTLNovel

Movie SaviorChapter 291 charitable organization

We are at the helm of the earth’s 2,500-year wandering voyage; We drive mechs in a world where monsters invade; We save mankind in a virus-ridden world; We recreate a pure land in the city where the zombies are diseased; We have found civilization in the wild after the natural disasters raged… Above the vast ocean, Zhang Tianyuan obtained an island, and since then became one of the players in the lord game. He looked at his own base that could open the portal to the movie world, and couldn’t help but fell into thought. If he can bring 7 billion people from “2012” and 3.5 billion people from “Wandering Earth”, will he win the game? - Description from MTLNovel

The Strongest Gaming LegendChapter 2996 important information

The world-class online game launched by the United Nations in 2020, Tianlin, is officially launched at the same time in all countries of the world. Su Ye was born again from 2025 to 2020, and he kept all the main developments in the past five years. What? You only have a black iron weapon, I have a bronze suit. What? The gold level of your pet, sorry, my god is a pet! What? A bottle of pharmacy 1 gold coin is too expensive, the boss gave me ten barrels! Su Ye Li Zhi: Since you are born again, you have to be the strongest player! - Description from uukanshu (translated)

Magic Industry EmpireBook 7: Chapter 152: Long term plan

A prestigious senior mechanical engineer in the industry, Xu Yi was sent to a world dominated by magic.In a world with an almost non-existent industrial system, how can Xu Yi display his value?When magic collides with modern technology, when magic merges with machinery, that is the beginning of this story.

Lust KnightChapter 405: Nature Spirit's Blessing (2/2)

Lucien, a guy who has nothing but the desire to save his mother. To get strong enough, he makes a contract with the demon of Lust. And now, only by making a great harem, will he gain the power to protect those dear to him.---------------------This story contains sexual content. Though it's still a fantasy adventure (no reincarnation or system).-------------------I am a beginner author. I'm not completely fluent with the English language, it's my second language. This story is written with the help of my friend, Malcolm_Massey, who edits my chapters to avoid grammatical and misspellings mistakes.--------------------More chapters, better release rate, and exclusive content on my p!atreon: pa our discord group:

Almighty Sword DomainChapter 1943 – Attack of a Saint!

Yang Ye’s entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves!How will he overcome the odds and rise up to protect his loved ones?This novel tells the tale of Yang Ye, a ruthless yet loving young man who’s driven by his desire to protect his loved ones. It’s set in a world where most only value strength and gain above all else, yet Yang Ye who’s shaped by his experiences during his youth proves to be unlike everyone else.

Cultivation OnlineChapter 983 - Sparring With White LotusHOT

Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him.In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living.Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds.---------------------Disclaimer: The MC is extremely overpowered and talented but also naive/innocent at first due to his illness. If you cannot wait for character developments and dislike OP MCs, this is not your cup of tea. Furthermore, the 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we are currently living on so do not use our common sense for this novel. This is pure fantasy, after all.---------------------My other novels: Dual Cultivation/ Inferior Cultivation System

Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the ApocalypseChapter 726: war of a magnitude never seen before: Fighting with courage!HOT

The legendary mana finally reached planet Earth, causing all living things to officially enter the path of evolution.Animals turned into terrifying beasts, some plants gained self-awareness, and humans who managed to withstand the wave of mana awakened the ability to acquire skills by defeating powerful enemies.The entire planet entered a new era where the old laws fell. The only law was the law of the jungle where the strongest devoured the weakest.Bai Zemin, an apparently normal college student, turned out to be an unparalleled genius in the path of magic. This caught the attention of a beautiful demoness who would become his partner in this journey to the absolute top.God, Angel, Demon, Dragon, Vampire, Werewolf; no existence will be worthy of being his enemy!***Discord: me:

The Schoolgirl Secret AgentChapter 1320 - Naïve Si Yi and the Flabbergasted Women

She is an international ace agent,An amazing doctor, God of Assassination, However due to a box she accidentally rebirthed and became an ordinary junior high school student. Weak and incompetent, That scum woman wants to put her head into the toilet. The gambling father, borrowed a lot of money and now they are being chased by loan sharks for debt? There is also a group annoying people in her life. The reborned Yunxiao sneers: I want to know how to write the dead words! She returned from the wind, high-profile attack, if people dared to bully me, they are courting death!

Beastmaster of the AgesChapter 1360 - Ye Chen And Wanwan

Even in his dreams, Li Tianming can’t stop himself from laughing! Why? Because, his family pets are all the Primordial Chaos Beasts of myth! That teeny weeny little chick over there is actually the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix that eats suns! His black cat is the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend that refines worlds with its lightning. The c*ckroach, well, it’s the Myriad Worlds Deathless Beast that possesses trillions of undying clones… Followed by his menagerie of pets, Li Tianming begins his ascension to become the number one beastmaster of the ages. He journeys across the many worlds, only one thing remaining constant. No one is ever ready for the likes of his pets! After all, who’s ever prepared to fight a chicken and its fellows…

Second Life RankerSide Story Chapter 20 - One-horn (5)
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he found a hidden diary in which was recorded “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead….”Obelisk, the Tower of the Sun God, a world where several universes and dimensions intersect. In this world, his brother had fallen victim to betrayal while climbing up the tower. After learning the truth, Yeon-woo decided to climb the tower along with his brother’s diary.“From now on, I am Jeong-woo Cha.”

Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive DrawsChapter 1027 - Critically Injuring the Golden Dragon Young Master With a Mere Glance, the Divine Dragon Island Goes All Out

Chu Kuangren has teleported to the cultivation world. With him was a game plug-in that gave him ten consecutive lucky draws right as he began. Congratulations! The host has pulled the Legendary-tier Banished Immortal Aura, the Legendary-tier constitution, Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, the God-tier constitution, Immortal Body, and one Legendary Winged Soldier… Join Chu Kuangren as he becomes a legend of cosmic proportions, and triumphs over every being in the world!

Princess is Glamorous in Modern DayChapter 764 - Bo Xiao’s PreferenceHOT

Having brought up her younger siblings in troubled times and guiding her younger brother to the throne, Xia Wanyuan is the most legendary eldest princess in the history of the Xia Dynasty.When this eldest princess opens her eyes, she finds herself in a world a thousand years into the future. While she is still called "Princess", it's only a nasty jeer imparted on her as a mockery for her arrogant connections within the entertainment industry. So what if you were rich? In the end you've fallen to a status far lower than any beast!In response, Xia Wanyuan promises that a day would come when they will sincerely call her Princess. Everyone laughs at her, waiting to see the day when she'll be abandoned by the wealthy and affluent.Handsome yet aloof, President Jun Shiling is known only for his success in the corporate world with a demeanor cold enough to cut through ice. He has just one thing to say: Take the one hundred million divorce fee and leave quickly.Two years later, the eldest princess is a two-time winner of a prestigious acting award. The darling of the fashion world, she has become a style icon who is also proficient in the four classical arts. As an all-knowing professor in both literature and poetry, she is also a professor in two departments at the most renowned institute of higher learning. The Olympics? Gold medals are a dime a dozen when considering her skills in fencing and shooting. Her name is spread all over the world and she is filled with an unprecedented glory never bestowed upon any other.The CEO who wanted a divorce at the start refutes on television: "How dare anyone spread rumors about our divorce? My dearest wife, can we have another child?"

Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real HeiressChapter 618 - Various Morals (1)HOT

Shi Jin was a desperate woman and just a pretty face in her past life. She was swapped at birth and brought up in a rich family, only to eventually die a horrible death.After Shi Jin is reborn, she becomes smart, finds herself a lot of powerful backers, advances her career greatly, and leaves the haters in shock. All eyes are peeled to watch her disgrace herself. The true daughter of the rich family believes that if Shi Jin were to stay, she could be used as an extra maid. Her ex-fiancé insists to stick to the wedding arrangements their parents had agreed to and marry the rich girl. Everyone in the Shi family believes she's done for in the entertainment industry the moment she left the family. Her anti-fans feel that the only way she can get by was to sleep her way up!Shi Jin receives a lot of bad press online after being caught eating with the richest man on earth. Everyone mocks her for using her body to advance herself in the entertainment business.The richest man on earth feels puzzled, “What’s wrong with eating with my biological little sister?”The paparazzi chase Shi Jin for three days and nights when she checks into a hotel with an international celebrity.The international celebrity comments, “Is there a problem with discussing the script with my biological daughter?”One fine day, Shi Jin ends up pinned against the wall by a mysterious global kingpin and is kissed until her cheeks flushes crimson.The paparazzi promptly put away their cameras and ask, “Relatives? Haven’t you gone overboard with the rehearsal?”The mysterious kingpin: “Do you have problems with me kissing my wife?”

Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I WantChapter 1020 - Purposely Seducing Her Man

“Are you still going to run away?”“No, not anymore.”He loved her to the point of paranoia, a compulsion that penetrated his bones and was impossible to cure.“Babe, you can only smile at me.”“Babe, I’ll get you everything you like.”After getting revived, Qin Shu’s eyes were as bright as snow and she had high intelligence. She held on to her handsome and rich husband, refusing to let go, devoting herself to protecting and pampering him. She worked hard to become stronger so that she could stand shoulder to shoulder with him.Before her revival, Qin Shu believed the words of her younger sister. She hated him, blamed him, and devised a thousand ways to run away from him.Yet, he loved her deeply, pampered her with all his heart, and allowed her to behave atrociously.

The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With MeChapter 683 - Free Publicity

It was only after Su Yayan's death that she realized that she was a malicious cannon fodder female character who became a scapegoat in a Mary Sue story. After an unexpected rebirth, Su Yayan kicked her scumbag boyfriend and his mistress aside and locked her arms around the guardian-like man that she missed out on in her previous life. Everyone in the capital's upper-class circle knew that the youngest Young Master Huo was a cold-blooded tyrant who did not care about his family. Until one day, he forgot to hide his identity and logged in as himself before joining his wife's live stream. Then, he showered his wife with confessions of love during the live stream. "My wifey's cooking is the best in the world. All objections denied!" "My wifey is beautiful, valiant, and talented. She's the most beautiful budding star in the live streaming industry!" "My wifey…" (Omitted thousands of words praising his wife.) Su Yayan was speechless. "Hubby, did you grow up eating cuteness for meals?" The audience, "…" What happened to be cold and heartless? Boss, you're breaking your character setting here! P.S. A male protagonist is an old man who was merely four years older than the female protagonist.