Military Novels

The Strongest Emperor of the Three KingdomsChapter 1588 Spatial overlap

Du Yu is a rebirth. He has the memory of twenty years later. He first seized the Zhenguo Emperor’s seal in the previous world, and then used the card bug to kill the level 100 world BOSS as soon as he entered the world of the Three Kingdoms. +The first kill reward is very explosive! Countless treasures, famous historical generals, historical military divisions, and all-powerful historical beauties can’t escape Du Yu’s palm in this life. Awaken to the power of the world, drunk lying on the knees of a beauty, Du Yu will be the strongest emperor in this life! - Description from Unknown

Doomsday~ After finishing this testimonial, write the last words.

The aliens came with hostility. Facing the invasion of aliens, human beings are weak like ants. So this is the end, the real end. But there is resistance when there is an invasion. For some, this is not the end, it is war. So this is war. Real war! - Description from Qidian

Planet Builderv2 Chapter 167 Chaos started

He Xingzhou learned that the Zerg invaded and the solar system was at stake. In order to resist the apocalyptic catastrophe, he stepped forward to warn the world! When He Xingzhou built a nuclear reactor live on the whole network and activated the Zerg gene, the whole country was shaken! Therefore, under his plan, the whole nation began to build the steel city, giant mechas, spaceships, battlestars… He Xingzhou: “Set a small goal, first build a Dyson ball around the sun.” [Black Technology] + [Industrial Upgrade] + [Interstellar Exploration] + [Dyson Ball Project] + [Stars] and many other elements, the latest sci-fi masterpiece of Fire Hole! - Description from MTLNovel

Shipborne Special Forces~ postscript

Whenever our ship encounters a tenth-level storm, my comrades-in-arms will not have the slightest worry, because they know that I still have me on board. - Description from Uukanshu

The Rise of Icelandv3 Chapter 309 Eating hot pot will kill you

In the seventeenth century, the gap between the East and the West began. Olaf, who was reborn in Iceland, pointed to Obalo in the southeast of the sea and said, “It will be mine!” - Description from MTLNovel

Soviet Godfatherv5 Chapter 296 New alliance (grand finale)

Putin the Great said: “Sergey Sha is my best friend and the conscience of Russia.” Tymoshenko said: “Sergei Sha is the love of my life.” Rebirth of the Soviets and become godfather. The story of a favorite of the Moscow State University who was sent to the KGB prison for a benevolent act and then tried to survive. - Description from MTLNovel

Shao Songv2 Chapter 32 cut off

Shao, one is to follow; the other is to guide. In 1127 AD, the Northern Song Dynasty perished. Immediately, Zhao Gou, the ninth son of the emperor, ascended to the throne in Shangqiu, inherited Song Tong, and changed Yuan Jianyan. However, within three months, Li Gang stopped the minister, Chen Dong was killed, Yue Fei was expelled from the army, Zongze was abandoned in Tokyo, and the Hebei anti-golden arrangement was completely abolished… After so much effort, the Manchu civilization finally unified the mind. , Set a brilliant anti-golden route to support Zhao’s family going south from Huaidian to Yangzhou But as soon as he set off, after paying homage to Taoist ancestors at the Mingdao Palace in Bozhou, the official Zhao fell into the world-famous Jiulong Well. After he got up, he didn’t recognize who his henchman was! I want to fight against gold! But where are my confidantes? ! This is a sincere cry from the soul nine hundred years later. After he reluctantly inherited the name of Song Dynasty, he wanted to lead the imperial court and the world on a new path. So it is called Shao Song. - Description from MTLNovel

Rise of RurikChapter 704 The new king of Denmark

The soul goes through Scandinavia and becomes Rurik From the youth of the tribe to the leader of the tribe, then to become the prince of Novgorod, step by step in the forests and grasslands and thousands of rivers in Eastern Europe, dispelling obscurity and establishing civilization. - Description from MTLNovel

Tomorrow~ "Next Tomorrow" is finished, please look forward to "I am not a savage"

The history of the late Ming Dynasty is messy and mixed, and it can be called a history written by some people with strong personal charm. Whether it’s Li Zicheng, Zhang Xianzhong, the rebels, or Chongzhen, Yuan Chonghuan, these powers, or Wu Sangui, Geng Jingzhong, these betrayers, everyone has a lot of stories, because of these wonderful stories, the end of Ming Dynasty The history of the country has become majestic and ups and downs. If you want to write this piece of history well, naturally you have to portray a living character. No matter what his position, we stand on the edge of the long river of history and watch. They are just waves in this long river. Looking at the world with a cold eye is what we currently need to do, and looking at history with a cold eye is also a pursuit of our current life. The long river of history has flowed under our feet, we can stand by the river, ready to welcome our history. - Description from MTLNovel