Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1905 - END - Bonus Chapter: Antelope’s Gift

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Chapter 1905 Bonus Chapter: Antelope’s Gift

There was no one around Guide Ancient City who didn’t know Carpenter Zhou.

There was nothing to say about his carpentry skills passed down from his ancestors. Thanks to these skills, such as making beds, cabinets, and even building houses, he could complete all of them using standard tenon and mortise structures without using even a nail, much less a nail gun.

Some old families would ask Carpenter Zhou for help when they moved to a new house or got married.

Carpenter Zhou’s craftsmanship was good and he was honest. He never bickered with others. If the client was rich and gave more, he would accept what he deserved with a smile. Poorer clients could pay less, and he would still accept it with a smile, without a care.

If the neighbors were really in trouble, he would provide them with meals and never complain.

He was such a good person, but the heavens didn’t bless him. He and his wife were already in their early fifties, but they were barren. This was Carpenter Zhou’s only regret.

Ancient City recently underwent renovations. The city officials wanted to restore this unique ancient city to its appearance back in its heyday. Therefore, the city leadership sought out Carpenter Zhou and got him to help repair some ancient houses and wooden buildings. While cleaning an old courtyard, Carpenter Zhou and a few workers dug out a broken wooden box from an ancient well.

At first, the workers imagined that they had dug up some treasure, but when they opened the box, they saw that it was filled with mud and water.

After pouring out the mud and water, they found a phone that could no longer be turned on. There were also all kinds of random stuff. Most of them were rusty. There was also something that looked like a rubber ball.

When they saw the phone, the workers immediately realized that it was not an antique treasure at all. They lost interest, believing that someone had thrown their rubbish into the abandoned ancient well.

Carpenter Zhou found the wooden box rather interesting, so he tidied up the things inside and brought them home. After cleaning them up, he placed the random items in the storeroom and only studied the wooden box.

This wooden box didn’t have any nails, nor did it use any glue. It was obvious that it was made with good workmanship. Carpenter Zhou had been a carpenter for most of his life, but he had never seen such workmanship. He held the wooden box in his hand and studied it all day.

That day, Carpenter Zhou was preparing to head out to work. His home was in Ancient City, so he could have slept a little longer. Furthermore, a master like him actually didn’t have to go so early. There were even many things that he didn’t have to do personally.

However, Carpenter Zhou had been

hardworking for most of his life. He really felt uncomfortable watching others work while he sat idle.

Carpenter Zhou couldn’t sleep well if there was still work to be done. He got up at dawn, put on his clothes, prepared breakfast for his wife, and placed it on the table. Then, he pushed open the door and prepared to head to the construction site to think about what to do


But the moment he pushed open the door, Carpenter Zhou was stunned.

He saw a fair and fat antelope standing at the door. That antelope exuded a godly presence.

Its white curly hair was as white as cotton. It was tall, big, handsome, and extremely clean.

Carpenter Zhou had seen antelopes on television before, but none of the antelopes on TV had such long curly hair. None of them were as fair and amazing as this one. What surprised Carpenter Zhou even more was that the curly-haired antelope was holding a child that looked to be a few months old in its


The child was wearing dungarees and the antelope held the strap in its mouth. Its big black eyes met Carpenter Zhou’s.


The curly-haired white antelope suddenly

opened its mouth and let out a cry. The child in its mouth also fell to the ground. Then, it turned around and fled, disappearing in a blink

of an eye.

The child fell to the ground and immediately cried out in pain. Carpenter Zhou hurriedly carried the child and checked if he was injured.

Fortunately, the child was not injured; it was just a fall.

Carpenter Zhou carried the child back home

and asked his wife to take care of him. After

dawn, he went to the police station to get the police to help find the child’s family. However, no one had reported a missing child despite the police’s investigations. When they heard that a curly-haired white antelope had brought the child to Carpenter Zhou’s house, all of them found it odd.

The Ancient City was only so big. The news of the antelope bringing a child to a barren couple quickly spread throughout the city. People said that the heavens found Carpenter Zhou a good man and got the antelope to give him a son. In the beginning, Carpenter Zhou did not believe in such things. However, as time passed, with no one coming forward to claim the child, they took care of the child. The old

couple liked the child very much, so they wanted to adopt him.

After a few months of not finding the child’s

parents, and with the help of the relevant department, the old couple successfully adopted the child. They named him Zhou

Yangyang, and the family of three started a new life.

Zhou Yangyang was not even a year old, but he did not cry or make a fuss. He was also good-looking. Other than being lazy and picky, he was really good in every aspect.

A child of this age should be at the age where

he should eat and play. The old couple was not stingy and bought him all kinds of delicious

food. They treated him like a treasure and doted on him every day, unwilling to leave him

for a moment, afraid that he would bump into something.

One day, Carpenter Zhou went out to work the

night shift. His wife rocked Zhou Yangyang to sleep. Seeing that the woman was sound asleep, Zhou Yangyang suddenly got up quietly and tiptoed out of bed. He opened the door to the courtyard and gently opened the main door. People in the know would know that this was a

child less than a year old, but those not in the know would think he was a recalcitrant thief. The door cracked open, and an antelope’s head sneaked in. It looked around and realized that there was no one else other than Zhou Yangyang before quickly entering. “Darn you, you actually have the cheek return? You didn’t bring me along when you


fled,” Zhou Yangyang said under his breath. His fluency and expression did not make him look like a child who was less than a year old.

“Ahem, you can’t blame me. You know my current situation. I don’t have any Essence Energy at all. I’m not much different from an ordinary antelope. If I’m really captured, I might be roasted into lamb skewers. How can I

not run?” the curly-haired antelope said awkwardly.

“Hmph, why are you back?” Zhou Yangyang said angrily.

“Hehe, didn’t we agree that if we find something, we’ll do fifty-fifty? You can’t have it all for yourself. You’ve infiltrated for a few

months. Have you found anything?” the antelope asked with a chuckle. “What’s there to find? That couple watches

over me 24 hours a day. I don’t even dare to

speak. How am I to find anything?” Zhou Yangyang rolled his eyes. Just as the antelope was about to say something, it heard a voice coming from the back room. It turned around and walked out, not forgetting to remind Zhou Yangyang, “Don’t forget who saved you when you first arrived. Remember to give me half of what you


The antelope crawled out of the door. Soon, Carpenter Zhou’s wife hurriedly walked out of the house. When she saw Zhou Yangyang sitting obediently on a small stool in the yard, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Yangyang, why did you run out by yourself? My baby, I was so worried.” The woman

carried Zhou Yangyang and kissed him on the cheek lovingly. Zhou Yangyang looked helpless. After being carried back into the house by the woman, Zhou Yangyang sat helplessly in the crib. The woman even gave him a puppet to play with.

Zhou Yangyang waited for the woman to fall asleep and snore before carefully climbing out of the crib and searching the room. According to his observations over the past two to three months, the item was definitely in the


He walked quietly to the door of the storeroom, but he realized that he could not reach the door handle. He muttered gloomily, “That darn b*tch. It’s fine if you exile me, but you even

made me an infant. I’ll teach you a lesson when I get back.” Zhou Yangyang had no choice. He looked around and saw a small wooden stool to the side. He had no choice but to move the stool

over. Just as he placed it at the door of the storeroom, he heard the woman’s snoring stop. There was also the sound of her body turning. She seemed to be getting up. Zhou Yangyang hurriedly moved the stool back

and sat down, pretending to be very obedient. But after a while, he heard the woman snoring

again. It turned out that the woman had only turned in her sleep. How can a woman snore like that? Zhou Yangyang lifted the stool gloomily and moved it to the door of the storeroom. His body was really too tiny and he didn’t have

any strength at all. Even moving a stool was


Just as Zhou Yangyang was about to step on the stool to open the door, the woman’s snoring stopped again. This time, it sounded like she

was about to wake up. Zhou Yangyang hurriedly moved the stool back and sat down obediently.

But after a while, there was another snore from

the back room. This made Zhou Yangyang so depressed that he almost blew a gasket. Gritting his teeth, he moved the stool over.

This time, Zhou Yangyang was determined to the door.

open I’m just a child anyway. What’s wrong with being curious? So what if I’m found out? It

doesn’t matter. I’m not going to put up an act anymore. I want to open the door! Zhou Yangyang stood on the stool angrily. Who cares

about that woman? I just want to open the door.

Zhou Yangyang

placed his hand on the

doorknob and was about to open the door when

he suddenly felt a large force at his waist that

lifted him up.

“Yangyang, what are you doing here?” Carpenter Zhou, who had just finished his

night shift, was back. He picked up Zhou Yangyang and kissed him on the face. Damn Earthlings, why do you like the faces of

your loved ones so much? Don’t you have a

face yourself? Zhou Yangyang’s face was filled with resistance and helplessness.

“Yangyang, you can’t open this door. Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble,” Carpenter

Zhou pointed at the door of the storeroom and


Zhou Yangyang thought to himself, As expected, the item should be inside. It seems

that this human has discovered that those

things are unusual. Carpenter Zhou’s words made Zhou Yangyang even more determined to search the storeroom. However, Carpenter Zhou and his wife were too

concerned about him and were afraid of any accidents.

They were in their fifties and had finally gotten

a son. How could they not care?

Any stir would have the couple immediately appear beside Zhou Yangyang. It could be said

that they never left his side, causing Zhou Yangyang’s plan to fail again and again. Zhou Yangyang nearly went crazy. If it weren’t

for the fact that he had turned into a baby, he

would have chopped the couple on the neck

and knocked them out.

After putting up with this for many more days,

Zhou Yangyang finally found a perfect


Carpenter Zhou went out to work while the woman washed clothes in the yard. Zhou Yangyang, who was pretending to be

asleep, secretly got up and carried the small stool to the door of the storeroom. He stood on it and held the handle. He even stole a few glances outside. After confirming that the woman would not come in, he pressed the

handle and pulled the door open. My babies… here I come… Eh…

Zhou Yangyang only opened a sliver, but the

door opened fully by itself. Zhou Yangyang

only saw cardboard boxes piled up inside. They

were so full that they were about to overflow.

The door

had been closed with great difficulty previously. Now that Zhou Yangyang pulled it open, the cardboard boxes inside instantly lost

their balance and surged out like a flood,

instantly drowning Zhou Yangyang.

“Ah… Yangyang…” When the woman heard the

sounds, she hurriedly ran into the house. When

she saw the situation, she immediately pounced forward and pushed away the cardboard boxes. She picked up Zhou Yangyang, whose face was bruised and swollen,

and said with an aching heart, “Yangyang, good Yangyang… Yangyang, don’t cry… It’s all Mommy’s fault… Mommy shouldn’t have bought so many things online…”

The plan

failed again!

Damn female Earthling… Why did you buy so much useless junk… You already bought it… so

why didn’t you even open it… It hurts so

much… Boohoo… Zhou Yangyang was


After recuperating for a few days, Zhou Yangyang’s injuries finally recovered under the

couple’s meticulous care.

However, because of what had happened, the

couple kept a

closer eye on him. They even locked the door of the storeroom to prevent

Zhou Yangyang from opening it again. Do you think that you can stop the number one

military advisor in the universe, Fengling? Earthlings, you are too naive. Zhou Yangyang

held a key in his hand and smiled sinisterly. glanced at the woman sleeping

Zhou Yangyang

soundly in the room. This time, he had come prepared. While the woman was asleep, he stuffed earplugs into her ears. The woman had been taking care of him day and night for the past few days. She was so tired that she slept

soundly and did not even know that she had

earplugs in.

He stood on the small stool again and opened

the door with the key. Then, he jumped to the

side elegantly and watched the boxes fall to the ground. He elegantly bowed, as though he was

making a curtain call.

A genius is a genius. Even if he becomes a

baby, he’s still a genius baby. How can such a small matter stump me? Zhou Yangyang

climbed over the mountain-like cardboard

boxes and arrived in the storeroom.

He finally saw the item of his dreams. At the

far end of the storeroom was a large wooden

box that should contain what he wanted.

Babies, I’m here! Zhou Yangyang came to the

wooden box and used all his strength to open

the lid.


Zhou Yangyang only saw a red object pop out

of the box and smash straight into his face. He

fell backward onto the cardboard boxes, his nose bleeding.

Inside the wooden box, a red boxing glove was shaking continuously. Below it was a thick and



Why did you buy such a thing… Zhou Yangyang

lay on the pile of cardboard boxes with a look

of despair. Tears fell from the corners of his


“Baby…” The woman’s devastating cry



As expected, Zhou Yangyang rested for a few more days.

Failure after failure made Zhou Yangyang

almost think that this couple had discovered

his true identity and were deliberately messing

with him.

However, no matter how he looked at it, it did

not seem like it. Every plan ended in failure and he was covered

in injuries.

When Zhou Yangyang thought that he had been

possessed by the God of Misfortune and was

about to despair, he was pleasantly surprised. Carpenter Zhou took out a wooden box for him

to play with. When the wooden box was

opened, Zhou Yangyang’s eyes lit up. He was

so excited that he thought he had finally been

doted on by God.

The items in the wooden box were things he


dreamed of. The phone, the Cosmic coin, Companion Egg…

the Earth

That night, Zhou Yangyang took advantage of

the fact that the couple had fallen asleep and

prepared to escape.

After quietly opening the door, the antelope

was already waiting outside. Seeing Zhou Yangyang come out, the antelope hurriedly rushed out of the shadows in the alley when it

saw that there was no one around. It hurriedly

asked, “Did you succeed?”

“What do you think?” Zhou Yangyang patted

the trash bag he was carrying proudly.

“Everything is inside. Let’s go.” Without another word, the antelope picked up

Zhou Yangyang and threw him onto its back

before running towards the city gate.

I’m finally free. Fengling looked at the small

courtyard that was gradually disappearing. For

some reason, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Zhou Yangyang was lost!

Carpenter Zhou and his wife nearly cried themselves blind. They searched everywhere for Zhou Yangyang, asking everyone they saw.

They searched everywhere, but they could not find any trace of Zhou Yangyang. The police helped search for him when they reported the

lost child, but they failed to find any clues.

Zhou Yangyang seemed to have disappeared

into thin air.

Carpenter Zhou and his wife seemed to lose

their souls. They were in a daze. They seemed

to have aged significantly in a few days. They

even sprouted white hair.

The woman found any child around Zhou

Yangyang’s age resembling Zhou Yangyang. Many times, she would pounce on him in

surprise, only to be disappointed that she had

been mistaken.

The couple could not let go of the child. In the

end, they pooled their family’s money


drove the pickup truck that Carpenter Zhou usually used to deliver wood. They planned to

go out and look for Zhou Yangyang. Even if

they had to travel all over the country, they had to find the child.

Carpenter Zhou drove the pickup with his wife. There was a small flag made from Zhou

Yangyang’s photo on the pickup. In the back

row were pots, pans, blankets, and other daily


The couple had just driven out of the city gate handsome snow-white antelope standing in

when they were stunned. They saw a

the middle of the road with a dejected child in

its mouth. It seemed to be smiling at them.

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