God of Fishing - Chapter 2720 - 2720 Follow Me to Slaughter Everyone in the City (1)

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2720 Follow Me to Slaughter Everyone in the City (1)

In the villages under the City of Scavengers, because of the deaths of Monarchs, Great Dao cracks appeared one after another. This made more and more people believe the words of the Seven Kill Army unconditionally.




Tens of thousands of villages and billions of human beings were stunned by the terrifying astronomical phenomena.

However, the Seven Kill Army all roared, “My fellow human beings, this is the emperor of our human race slaying Monarchs. Every Great Dao crack represents the death of a Monarch. I hope everyone doesn’t waste the painstaking efforts of Master Human Emperor. Now, quickly enter my Origin Sea and I will take you to witness this peerless battle.”

Although the people of the Seven Kill Army didn’t know why there were suddenly so many Monarchs, they knew that something unimaginable must have happened.

Someone was surprised. “A Great Dao crack represents the death of a Monarch? But I heard that there is only one Monarch in the City of Scavengers, the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch! How can there be so many Monarchs?”

Someone from the Seven Kill Army shouted, “They said there is only one Monarch, so there is only one? Think about it. Where have the resources you painstakingly accumulated every hundred years gone? Didn’t they all fall into the hands of the Ten Thousand Scale Race? They are using you to seize resources for them, so they are getting stronger and stronger. Wake up, fellow humans. We are counterattacking at this moment. Otherwise, do you think we are here to travel?”



Suddenly, after the cicadas chirped, a Great Dao crack that was far more terrifying than the previous ones burst out. Blood color filled the sky. Many people even vaguely saw the legendary terrifying ice through the Great Dao crack.

Under the instigation of the Seven Kill Army, with the support of the scavengers, and under the deterrence of the Great Dao cracks, the humans finally began to believe that the human race really had such a human emperor. The human race was really fighting back.

Therefore, a large number of humans entered the Origin Seas of the strong masters of the Seven Kill Army.

In just half an hour, almost 99% of the thousands of villages were empty. Only those who had gone out to hunt and hadn’t returned were left.

Of course, there were occasionally a few anomalies. Even if they saw the Great Dao cracks, even if human powerhouses explained the situation, and even if the people from the City of Wanderers arrived and revealed their identities, they were still unwilling to leave. There was even a small number of them who openly spread fallacies that the Ten Thousand Scale Race was invincible.

For example, in the villages in the top ten cities under the jurisdiction of the City of Scavengers, these villages had attached to these big clans. Compared to the human villages in remote places, perhaps their living conditions and level of resources were higher.

At this moment, there was a village called the Earth Dragon Village in the Ninth City. The number of Sea Establishers in this village was not something a remote village could compare to.

At this moment, more than thirty Sea Establishment Realm powerhouses were surrounding Yang Ke and the others.

One of them said, “It’s a conspiracy. It’s definitely a conspiracy. How can there be a Human Emperor in the Chaotic Wasteland? How can there be so many Monarchs who can die? This is simply nonsense… Besides, no one has stood up in ten thousand years or even a hundred thousand years, let alone killed Monarchs… Heh, what do you think Monarchs are?”

Yang Ke said, “It seems that your dignity has been destroyed by the Ten Thousand Scale Race and you don’t dare to pick up the dignity of the human race anymore. Forget it. Although you don’t appreciate this chance and refuse to leave, Master Human Emperor still wants to save you. However, he doesn’t mind your offense, but I can’t tolerate people like you who grovel and betray the human race for personal gain.”

Boom ~

Yang Ke drew his knife and looked around. “I ask again, are you leaving or not?”


Someone shook his head. “You mere five Sea Establishers really think you’re something? Do you know where this is? This is under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Flame City. Which village doesn’t have dozens of Sea Establishers?”

Even the village leader here said, “Yang Ke, if you surrender now, when the higher-ups investigate it, I may be able to save your lives.”

Yang Ke sneered. “I’m a member of the Human Emperor’s Seven Kill Army. Do I need you to protect me? Since you want to fight, I’ll let you experience the divine technique bestowed by Master Human Emperor.”

“Kill ~”

The Sea Establishers of the Earth Dragon Village also took action.

With a flip of his hand, Yang Ke held a saber in his hand. As his aura soared, saber beams rained down from the sky.

“Blade Inferno.”

Yang Ke sneered. Not everyone could come to persuade the human race in the top ten cities. This Blade Inferno drew all things into knives, and billions of knife lights shot out at the same time, forming a purgatory. Everything in the prison could be turned into knives.

In the entire Seven Kill Army, only three people could master this divine-quality technique, and he was one of them because he was one of the purest knife cultivators.

In the Blade Inferno, Yang Ke walked on the knives and said in a low voice, “I didn’t want to attack my fellow humans, but you have been enslaved for too long and have completely abandoned the dignity of the human race. You can give up and continue to flatter the Ten Thousand Scale Race, but you shouldn’t instigate others to think like you. Therefore, for the return of the human race, to restore the dignity of the human race, and to restore the hope in everyone’s hearts, I can only send you to hell.”

“Puff! Puff! Puff!”

In the Blade Inferno, seven people in a row couldn’t even withstand the first round and were crushed as soon as the purgatory was formed.

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