The Beautiful Time With You - Chapter 1128

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Chapter 1128: Small Theatre 6

Translator: DaoistLUbAbJ

The Heck! Are you kidding me?

Is his popularity that bad?

Forget it, I’ll go find someone else if I don’t want to help!

Just as Lin Jiage was about to exit his phone angrily, his grandfather sent him another voice message.

[ Lin Shi loves me the most ] : [ you guys go and coax Yaoyao. Don’t let her lower herself to that bastard’s level. ]

[ punch your son while he’s sleeping and eating: -LSB- got Dad dad. ]

[ never lose weight again ] : [ Roger that, Dad! ]

[ I love Fatty Beauty ] : [ Me Too, Dad! ]

Lin Jiayi: [ Yes, Grandpa. ]

Another three seconds later, Xia Shangzhou sent another message slowly: [ yes, Grandpa + 1. ]

Lin jiage found it hard to keep his eyes on the messages in the group chat anymore. He immediately logged out of the group chat and chose to look for his friend to heal his wounds.

There was no way that old Xia would be able to survive. It was obvious that he had already betrayed them..

With this thought in mind, Lin jiage gave Lu Benlai a call.

After a long while, Lu Benlai picked up the call, “What’s the matter, Boss?”

“Where are you? Do you want to drink?”

“I can’t. I’m accompanying my wife and child.”

I’m accompanying my wife and child… Why does that sound so familiar? And why does that tone of voice sound so boastful?

Lin Jiage racked his brain for a moment before recalling… isn’t that what he used to say?

Back then, when Leng Nuan left Lu Benlai, Lu Benlai was in a gloomy mood. From time to time, he would come over to invite him out for a drink, and that was how he responded with a light yet arrogant tone..

“Daddy, Daddy, don’t You Love Coco Anymore? Why haven’t you come over to keep her company?”

Just as Lin Jiage was lost in his thoughts, the tender voice of a young girl sounded from the other end of the phone. Following which, Lu Benlai said, “Daddy’s here.”Then, he pretended that Lin Jiage didn’t exist, he immediately hung up the phone.

This… he was the one who had always hung up on Lu Benlai. Yet, this time, he ended up hanging up on him?


Lin jiage chuckled twice before going to call Liang Jiusi instead.

After Liang Jiusi picked up the call, he heard Lin Jiage’s intentions, without any hesitation, he said, “I can’t, Brother Jia. I Can’t go out with you. Yueyue has just given birth and is currently in confinement. How can I leave? I have to spend time with my wife. My wife is the most important person in the world… Alright, boss, that’s it. The baby is crying again. I have to go change the baby’s diaper…”

Before Lin Jiage could say another word, the call was hung up.

Hearing the busy tone, he thought of Liang Jiusi’s words, and then he thought of the same words he had said in the past?

After Shi Yao gave birth to the third wheel, whenever they called, he would always say the same thing..

The Heck, isn’t that poisonous!

With this thought in mind, Lin jiage gave desolate year a call, but this time, no one picked up.

Then, he recalled that Huang Nian and he tiantian had gone on their honeymoon. Before they left, they said that their phones had been switched off recently, so they wouldn’t be able to contact them… this was exactly what he had done back then..

From the looks of it, no one would be able to save him now?

He had always thought that he had a good relationship with people, but why did they suddenly turn their backs on him at such a crucial moment?

Lin Jiage thought for a moment, and he felt that it was better to rely on himself than others. Thus, he knocked on the door once more while diligently admitting his mistake.


One day, two days, three days..

Lin jiage, who had been unable to return home for three consecutive days, was already on the verge of going insane.

In order to return home, he had tried every means possible, but none of them had succeeded. In the end, after much thought, he suddenly thought of his son, little light bulb.

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