Martial God Asura - Chapter 5413: The Bizarre Black Crystal

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Chapter 5413: The Bizarre Black Crystal

“What makes you say that?” Eggy asked.

“The stone monument didn’t just contain the formation deciphering method required to open this spirit formation gate; it also contained information about the challenges we’ll face inside. That lady was closely examining to the stone monument when we first arrived, so it should be safe to say that she has already deciphered the information.

“While it may seem like I didn’t spend much time examining the stone monument before clearing the formation, I have also deciphered the information too. We’ll be undergoing three tests here, and all of them pose considerable risks. The lady knew about this, but she urged me to enter the spirit formation gate instead of offering me any reminder. From that, I don’t think that she’s a trustworthy person,” Chu Feng said.

“What? That wench! To think I thought that she was a decent person. Let’s kill her then!” Eggy furiously roared. Those weren’t empty words; she was really planning on killing Feng Ling.


Chu Feng didn’t know how to respond to that. He didn’t think that Feng Ling deserved to die even though she was not trustworthy. In the first place, she wasn’t obliged to offer him any information.

“Are you thinking of sparing her because she’s pretty?” Eggy snapped when she noticed Chu Feng’s hesitation.

“Of course not. It’s just that she didn’t inflict any harm on me even though she didn’t remind me. I’m not a good person, but neither am I an unreasonable man. I don’t think what she has done thus far is deserving of death. Let’s first see if she’s going to play any tricks. If she attempts to do anything detrimental to me, I’ll slaughter her,” Chu Feng said.

“Fine. You make sense too.” Eggy relented.

Feng Ling was oblivious to the conversation that had transpired between Chu Feng and Eggy. Seeing that Chu Feng wasn’t moving at all, she asked, “Young master Chu Feng, are you not entering the spirit formation gate?”

“Miss Feng Ling, why don’t you go first?” Chu Feng asked.

“Very well, I’ll take the front. I’ll be leaving my back to you.” Surprisingly, Feng Ling didn’t reject the suggestion and stepped into the spirit formation gate right after.

Chu Feng entered the spirit formation gate after her. He was brought to a pitch-black space that was also unimaginably huge, similar to the spatial realm where he had encountered the red aura earlier.

What was worth mentioning was that the spirit formation gate behind him didn’t disappear, which meant that they could retreat from this place whenever they wanted.

“Why am I getting a bad feeling?” Eggy murmured.

“The stone monument states that there’ll be three trials here. First, a trial of martial power. Second, a trial of spirit power. Third, a trial of talent. I’m quite confident of the last one, but I can’t say the same for the first two,” Chu Feng said.

“And yet, you still chose to come in here?” Eggy grumbled.

“I feel like there’s a fortuitous encounter here, and I don’t want to miss it,” Chu Feng replied.


Loud rumbles sounded beneath their feet.

Spirit power converged to manifest a high pedestal that swiftly shot upward, eventually lifting Chu Feng and Feng Ling up with it. At the same time, a protective formation formed around the pedestal, enveloping the two of them within as well.

“What’s going on?” Chu Feng asked in bewilderment.

He found it weird that a powerful protective formation had shrouded them when they were here to undergo trials. While he was trying to figure out the situation, a trapdoor opened from the center of the pedestal, and a black crystal floated out.

Chu Feng’s heart clenched up when he saw that black crystal. He couldn’t tell what that black crystal was, but he felt irresistibly attracted to it. It was the same for Feng Ling too.

In fact, neither of their eyes had shifted away from the black crystal ever since it appeared from the hidden door.

“What’s that, Chu Feng?” Eggy asked.

“It should be a treasure from the Immemorial Era. I can sense a very old aura from it,” Chu Feng said.

“What’s inside it?” Eggy asked.

She also felt attracted to the black crystal even though she was looking at it through Chu Feng’s eyes.

“I’m not sure. I can’t see through it. However, it’s bound to be something formidable,” Chu Feng said.


Ghastly wails suddenly echoed from all around. They were still a far distance away, but the way that the noises were crescendoing hinted that the monstrosities behind the wails were swiftly closing in on them.

A spirit formation gate bearing the words ‘Martial Power’ manifested inside the protective formation. It transported one outside the protective formation, thus exposing one to the horrors lurking outside.

Clearly, this was a part of the first trial.

Chu Feng glanced at Feng Ling and saw that she had pulled her eyes away from the black crystal to assess the situation with a particularly powerful observation means. She was being discreet about it, but her efforts weren’t enough to escape Chu Feng’s notice.

Sensing Chu Feng’s gaze, Feng Ling quickly put on an unnerved appearance. She pointed at the black crystal and said, “Young master Chu Feng, there’s something off about that item. I was hopelessly attracted to it from the moment it appeared, though the attraction disappears as soon as I tear my eyes away from it. I don’t know why, but I feel a strong urge to possess it, even if I need to put my life on the line. Do you think that’s the item that cursed our friends?”

“I don’t know, but I think we should first focus on the situation before us,” Chu Feng said.

“Rest assured, young master Chu Feng. There were details about this on the stone monument. Altogether, there are three trials here, and the first trial is martial power. Wait here while I deal with that trial,” Feng Ling said.

She proceeded to exert her martial power, revealing that she was a rank one Half-God level cultivator.

Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that he was in an advantageous position. He was superior to her both in terms of spirit power and cultivation, which meant that he was likely able to deal with her if she attempted anything fishy.

Ding ling ling!

A white aura flowed out of Feng Ling’s body and rattled the wind chimes hanging by her waist. Her pupils and hair began to turn white.

“That girl!” Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed.

Much to his astonishment, he realized that Feng Ling’s cultivation was quickly rising. Rank two Half-God level, rank three Half-God level, rank four Half-God level…

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