Rotten Terrier

Status : Completed

Genres : Yuri

Chapters: 114

Last update: 9 months ago

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Mu Qingchen was a consort, and the first consort who dared to divorce his wife.However, she was struck by thunder on the day of divorcing her wife. Although she was not in serious trouble, her mind was suddenly filled with "contracted stalks, chest-wrapped stalks, female disguised as men stalks, dude stalks, and rebirth stalks." )[Snippet of contract stalk:Chang Shu patted the pillow: "It's late at night, go to bed soon."Mu Qingchen: "Hey, you have said that you will sleep separately for three years, why don't you hit the floor!?"Chang Shu: "We have all slept in the same bed for five years."Mu Qingchen: ==Smart and unparalleled, but suddenly playing horrible horseman vs. the perfect character princessUnscrupulous copywriting: There's something to be done in the martial arts world!The routine is wild, the whole story is terrible, and a consort satisfies all your imagination.(Because the plot needs it, so it is ABO setting-alpha is called the Lord, and omega is called the sub-county)Content Tags: Birth of a Child, Marquis of the Court, The Pride of Heaven, Sweet TextSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mu Qingchen, Chang Shu Supporting role: Yi Xiaobai, Chang Yuan, Xiang Ziyi, Lin Pinru etc. Others: Happy ending - Description from MTLNovel

Rotten Terrier