Museum of Demons

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Genres : Fantasy , Supernatural , Wuxia , Xianxia

Chapters: 1303

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The world is abnormal as a demonThe spirit of the thing is the essenceLingering soul is trickyStrange thingsSili Xiaoli, formerly known as Crouching Tiger, was set up by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to treat witchcraft and catch traitors.Resurrection of spiritual energy and mystery on a global scale, human beings are groping and embarking on the path of spiritual practice. The ghosts and ghosts hidden in the legends emerge one by one. There are still countless demons shaking in the shadows. It is a museum that no one cares about. The tiger waist card made Wei Yuan the last lieutenant of the present day, and took him to many strange things throughout the ages.The strange things of ancient and modern times, the son does not talk about strange powers, but does not speak or listen to it.Cut it temporarily.An eight-faced Han sword, cut all the sprites.Life and death are determined, and the way of heaven is deliberate.When Wei Yuan was finally able to lie down on a wooden chair and squint in the sun in the peaceful years, countless demons and ghosts had been sealed in the museum behind him. - Description from MTLNovel

Museum of Demons