I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

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Genres : Fan-Fiction , Fantasy , Game

Chapters: 1594

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Su Yu, who created a trumpet in the fully submerged trading card game "Yugioh: Linking the World", traveled to the game world inexplicably, and even brought his own NPC template.Time is back before the game is launched, and the player has another month to come. The nameless pharaoh is still sleeping in the body of the high school student Muto's game. The cross-epoch-worthy competition duel city has not yet started.When the game was officially launched, the player logged in and found that there was a brand new NPC in the game that was not in the original game.Su Yu: Should the players over there draw card packs? Fifty-one packs, five hundred and ten companies, fair prices, fair-minded!The players stared directly at the pot of lust marked as UR in the product list, and their eyes were burning, and the same thought came out in their mindsJust draw that card! - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Playing Cards In Duel City