Harry Potter’s Morning Light

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Genres : Fan-Fiction , Fantasy , Romance

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In the eyes of many people, Hefpaff College represents a mediocre idiot, while Slytherin is famous for its shrewdness, ambition, and sleekness.When Hefpaff stayed with Slytherin, it was like a badger and a snake in the same room, and it seemed that badgers would always be bullied by snakes.Compared with the dazzling other three hospitals, Hefpaff is mediocre, so many people forget Hefpaff's academic spirit: integrity, loyalty, honesty, and fear of hardship. People who possess these qualities may not be in harmony with each other. Tom Riddle was equally famous, but their souls were stronger than him.Professor Pomona Sprout from the valley is known for being good at the curse of food, and the gloomy and greasy Slytherin chief from the cellar often handles disgusting magic materials such as slugs. They don't seem to have Any communication and scandal arise, but here is Hogwarts, what can't happen even if there is magic?Female lead text. - Description from MTLNovel

Harry Potter’s Morning Light