Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 1012

Last update: 21 days ago

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When Xiao Lingyu was betrayed by her boyfriend, he kicked the scumbag and trampled on the scumbag, and then returned to his hometown with the jade pendant space, and began to plant-plant-plant, sell-sell-sell, build-build-build a farm kingdom on the road , The farther and farther you run!Until one day, under the peach blossom tree in Taoyuan VillageA fat, four or five-year-old little cute baby tried to raise her head, then raised her head, her chest was raised, uh, her neck hurts a bit, but she still raised her neck stubbornly, her big round black eyes narrowed slightly, very Curiously asked, "Who are you? How come you look so like me?"Looking at the little cute baby who is very similar to his own facial features and exactly the same as when he was a child, he is a tall, handsome, and extraordinary man with sharp eyes and asked in a cold voice, "Who are you again?"But in my heart, I wondered which bold woman?If you dare to do it, you must pay the price!However, before he made the woman pay the price, this little cute baby came over and took his hand and said with a longing look, "Uncle, I'm lost, can you take me home?"When the man awkwardly took Xiao Mengwa's little hand to the front of a farmyard, he only heard the excitement and excitement of Xiao Mengwa."Mummy, you can get married! I finally found a man who looks a lot like me!"Everyone, ""This baby, in order to find a stepfather for himself, is really crazy!People are cheating, this child is cheating mother!Dangdang one day, the man asked, "Son, why did you recognize that I am your father's land?"Little Mengwa supported her small chin, and then said, "Because Mommy said she would marry a man who looks the same as me! Who knows, looking around, I really found someone who looks the same as me! "Daddy, ""In short, this is a reborn urban little white-collar worker who was designed by others to accidentally get a space to go back to the countryside, plant the fields, raise children, and be taken care of by the man brought back by his son in the palm of his hand, becoming a generation of rich local tyrants. story. - Description from MTLNovel

Farming Space Makes Me Rich