Valkyrie Domination - Chapter 5160 about to act

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In the depths of the endless dark place, a figure quickly emerged and slowly fell.

It was Qin Chen.

At this time, Qin Chen was surrounded by the power of reincarnation. If he was not someone who knew the bottom line, he would even think that he had already broken through.

"That's right, I'm afraid I'll make a lot of money this time. This young master from the four sides is really my lucky star? It's really a wise choice to let him enter this dark place."

Feeling the terrifying power all over his body, Qin Chen's mouth curved into a smile.

The next moment, he slammed a punch.


The void vibrated, and a huge black gap appeared in the dark place in front of him in an instant, and the terrifying spatial shock around the gap surged, annihilating everything.

"The power of reincarnation is really strong. With this power of reincarnation, I am in the control of space one, how many times stronger than before?"

Qin Chen murmured, shocked inside.

At this moment, he finally understood what detachment was.

After reaching detachment and possessing the power of reincarnation in his body, he can control the power of the cosmic sea. The power of the cosmic sea is no longer a restraint for him, but a help.

Under such circumstances, urging any regular attack will be at least ten times stronger than before breaking through.

This is the reason why the detached strong man is truly powerful.

"Communication rules, utilization rules, evolution rules, not bound by the rules of the cosmic sea, it turns out that this is the so-called detachment, the so-called transmigration."

Qin Chen murmured, excited.

The breakthrough of the Young Master Sifang gave him a lot of inspiration, not only allowing him to absorb enough of the power of reincarnation, but also allowing him to have a deeper understanding of the transcendence realm.

In the past, although Qin Chen felt the power of the source of detachment powerhouses such as the ancient gods and gods, but on paper, it was shallow. This time, he personally realized the breakthrough of the young master of the four sides, and Qin Chen really understood what it means to be detached. .

As soon as he raised his hand, Qin Chen only felt that his whole body was very transparent, and an unprecedented terrifying aura lingered around him.

At this moment, he has a faint feeling that if he punches out, he can even directly blast the world.

"This time, I am more confident in breaking through the realm of detachment."

Qin Chen murmured and closed his eyes to practice.

Not only Qin Chen.

in a chaotic world.


The power of endless reincarnation and fate is surging. Qin Chen did not absorb the power of reincarnation in the chaotic world, and left it all to Sisi and the others, making them completely immersed in this terrifying force.

"Reincarnation, reincarnation, so this is reincarnation."

Honghuang Zulong and others are bathed in the power of this endless reincarnation, as if they have gained a new life.

The power of this reincarnation gave them a real understanding of the transcendence realm. "Gagaga, the power of this reincarnation is so strong, if I can break through this ancestor, wouldn't the mother dragon under this world be left to me to choose? Hmph, will I dare to see that little girl Ao Ling at that time? I'm pulling my ancestor's dragon ear, but I am

How can a dignified ancestor dragon be bullied by a female dragon? This ancestor is the head of the family. "

Honghuang Zulong thought in his heart and looked excited.


And at this moment, there was a sudden wave of amazing aura fluctuations in the distance.

Honghuang Ancestral Dragon hurriedly looked up and saw that above the endless sky, four silhouettes gathered, one by one bursting out with amazing breath, this breath, even faintly suppressed its breath.

"The first mistress, the second mistress, the third mistress, the fourth mistress?"

Seeing these four figures, Honghuang Ancestral Dragon suddenly widened his eyes.

These four were none other than Qianxue, Ruyue, Sisi and Wan'er.

"Damn, is there any reason for this?" Honghuang Zulong wailed. He was a chaotic **** and demon born at the beginning of the universe. It has been countless epochs and years since he entered the peak and supreme realm, and Sisi and the others are only emerging in this era. Jiao Chu, how to deal with detachment

In terms of perception of the world, is it more powerful than it?

"It must be Qin Chen who opened a small stove for them. Sigh, it would be great if the ancestor was also a woman. If you find a powerful man, you don't have to work so hard."

Honghuang Zulong cursed and hurriedly realized it again.

Whether it is to revive family status or something else, it must break through as soon as possible.

at this time.

Outside the dark place.

"It seems to be quiet inside?"

"Could it be that Young Master Sifang succeeded in breaking through?"

"Congratulations to the palace lord, congratulations to the four gods, there is another giant in my dark palace."

A group of strong people said with joy.

"Haha, you are too polite." Before Palace Master Anyou could speak, the Divine Venerable Sifang laughed out loud.

A double detachment, which is rare in the long history of Anyoufu, it can be called a good story.

"Hmph, these four gods are too presumptuous, making it seem like he is the palace master."

Seeing the arrogant and complacent appearance of the God Venerable Sifang, the Venerable Kong Kong couldn't help but snorted coldly, his eyes unhappy.

"Zhengkong, don't talk nonsense, he breaks through the detachment in the four directions, and it is also a great thing for my dark and secluded mansion."

On the side, Palace Master Anyou reprimanded, then smiled and nodded.

There is one more detachment in Anyoufu, which is indeed a big happy event for Anyoufu.

Sifang Divine Venerable laughed, but his heart sank slightly. "I don't know how many reincarnations that kid from Sifang has passed through? In half a month, three reincarnations should be fine, but four reincarnations are not enough. If it is only three reincarnations, then in the future..." Sifang God Venerable felt a little in his heart.

some regrets.

He had gone through three reincarnations that year, which was two times worse than the five reincarnations of Palace Master Anyou.

Although, today, he is in the double detachment realm like Palace Master Anyou, but the potential between the two is not the same. Palace Master Anyou is expected to touch the triple detachment, and he is afraid that he will only be able to reach the peak of the second level in this life. He is extremely ecstatic that other detachments can enter the second level, but he is very ecstatic about the ambitious Quartet God Venerable. say, this

It's not enough.

"According to the information, it is very likely that the kid has obtained the inheritance in the secret realm of returning to the ruins. If the kid from the four sides can obtain the inheritance from him, then my future may not stop at the second level."

A divine rainbow burst out from the pupils of the gods of the four sides: "That kid from the four sides, should he be about to act?"

A sneer was quietly sketched at the corner of the mouth of the four gods.

in the dark place.

The young master from the four directions was surging with the breath of reincarnation and slowly fell.

Below, Deputy Commander Luan Feng and others knelt on the ground one after another, with a respectful expression, "I have seen the young master."

"Very well, everyone, get up."

As soon as the young master from the four sides raised his hand, an invisible force was born, and in an instant, Luan Feng and others were lifted up, causing the eyes of Luan Feng and others to show shock.

Just half a month ago, the young masters of the four sides were still close to their cultivation base, but now, the gap between the two is like a chasm.

However, after absorbing a trace of the power of reincarnation, their strength has also improved dramatically, and they are more than a star and a half stronger than before.

"Young Master, should we go find that kid now?"

Luan Feng took a step forward, Hong Sheng said, murderous intent flashed across his pupils.

"It's indeed time to go." A sneer traced the corner of Young Master Sifang's mouth.

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