Thunder Martial - v2 Chapter 2237 heartless bell

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The moment he rushed out of the door, the green dot on the map turned into a red dot.

The gate closes by itself!

When the wind blows, the unintentional wind chime no longer makes a sound.

The next moment, all the wind chimes hanging under the eaves disappeared.

Wang Yiling's hand holding Wuxinling was trembling. At the previous moment, she really felt the threat of death.

If it was one step later, he would surely die!

After the tension, comes the excitement.

This is indeed a heartless bell!

As Wang Yiling shook lightly, no sound came out.

But everyone felt that there seemed to be an impact, which stirred up and made people's hearts tense.

The robe is automatic without wind.


Wang Yiling threw Wuxinling to Zichen.

Zi Chen held it in his hand, which was a little heavy, and he shook it lightly, but the bell didn't ring.

Nothing unusual either.

Tried again, still useless.

Then handed it to Zilan, Zilan tried to shake it, but it still didn't work.

The same is true for Wu Haoqi.

After that, it returned to Wang Yiling's hands.

Wang Yiling said: "This thing is very important to me, I am willing to..."

Zi Chen raised his hand and said: "Stop it, it will hurt your feelings if you talk about it."

Wu Haoqi seemed to be trampled on the tail, "Speak clearly, what is hurting feelings, what kind of feelings do you have to talk about with my Ling'er?"

Zi Chen is speechless, this guy is really a weirdo, no matter when he never forgets his identity.

"That's right, master, what's your relationship with Sister Yiling?" Zi Lan asked with her innocent eyes blinking.

Before Zi Chen could respond, a group of people came over and surrounded Zi Chen.

The members of the Liu family have been following Zi Chen, and the four of them are under surveillance.

All the abnormalities here are naturally seen.

"Hand over the things!"

Liu Jia said coldly.

Zi Chen looked at Liu Jia indifferently.

"The bell just now, take it out immediately!" Liu Jia spoke again, calling out the things he asked for.


"Naturally, it is based on strength and status!"

Liu Jia said with a look of disdain: "If you don't give it, you **** will only die!"

As soon as the words fell, Zi Lan made a move.

There are plants growing out from under their feet, engulfing everyone directly, and heading towards the sky.

This scene was somewhat unexpected.

Fortunately, everyone was not slow to respond and responded one after another.

Some people retreat, some people shoot.

But there were still thirteen people who were hit, and were hit to a position of 30 meters, and clusters of blood flowers bloomed.

The retreating members of the Liu family had serious expressions on their faces.

Someone has tried it before. Although the height of 30 meters is an absolutely dangerous place, the gravity here is far beyond the outside world.

This is also the reason why the person who sneaked for the first time failed to hit him to a high position.

But this unattractive woman with an outstanding figure was able to send thirteen people into the sky in an instant.

Both Wang Yiling and Wu Haoqi looked at Zi Chen, and only waited for him to say a word before starting to kill.

Although many people came to the Liu family this time, there were also many people from Chengshan Realm.

But the four of them are not weak, so naturally they are not afraid.

In a fight in this place, the outcome is really uncertain.

Because Cheng Shan will lose his biggest support in the air.

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

Suddenly, a loud cry sounded, "Someone got a baby."

The spear that Wu Haoqi had been coveting for a long time was taken out from the blacksmith shop, and no one knew how the other party succeeded.

But after taking it out, they started killing wildly on the streets.

The long spear was radiant and powerful, taking away lives wherever it passed.

This scene stimulated everyone, so that everyone was crazy and used various means to take away other things.

Seeing this, the members of the Liu family immediately said, "Go find other treasures!"

Obviously, he doesn't intend to waste time with Zi Chen.

The crowd retreated just like that, leaving four people looking at each other in blank dismay.

"How did you take that weapon away?"

Wu Hao was puzzled, he looked and looked around the spear, but he didn't dare to use it.

Zi Chen took out the map directly on the street, and saw that there were many red dots on it, including those shops that could enter and exit at will, most of which were also red.

This means that there has also become very dangerous.

"not good."

"What's wrong?"

Zi Chen said solemnly: "I'm afraid many people will die in the future."

"Why are you here? Hurry up and look for opportunities. Everything has changed here. Those rooms can be entered at will, and the risk factor is greatly reduced."

Zhang Qingshan and his party of seven passed by here, and after seeing Zi Chen, they immediately reminded them kindly.

"and many more!"

Zi Chen shouted.

Zhang Qingshan stopped.

"do not go!"

Zi Chen said in a deep voice: "The danger here is even far greater than before!"

"Oh?" Zhang Qingshan's expression changed slightly.

"Brother, don't listen to his nonsense, many people have got the baby, if we go late, we will get nothing." A young man urged dissatisfied.

At this time, the whole town was in chaos, and fighting broke out everywhere, obviously everyone was fighting for the treasure.

"Trust me, you can't be wrong!" Zi Chen said again.

Zhang Qingshan told the secrets of this place before, and just persuaded him with good words. This kind of kindness is rare, and Zichen also chose to repay it.

Zhang Qingshan looked at Zi Chen's dignified expression, and finally nodded, "Okay, let's rest here!"

"Brother, you're crazy, you're crazy, such a great opportunity, is it going to be wasted? Take out anything here, it's a treasure!" The young man said dissatisfied.

"Just stay here, I trust Boss Chen." Zhang Qingshan said.

"Brother, you actually believe in a profiteer? Don't you hate businessmen the most in your life?"

"Boss Chen is different from other businessmen."

"What's the difference? They're all profiteers!"

The young man couldn't understand Zhang Qingshan's choice, so he said: "Okay, if you don't go, then I will go!"

After finishing speaking, he rushed forward and entered a private house.

Zhang Qingshan wanted to stop it, but it was obviously too late.

At this moment, his eyes were full of worry.

To be honest, I have been to Zichen's small shop, and I can tell what kind of person the shopkeeper is from the prices of the dishes and wine.

Those adventurers outside the door are an excellent endorsement of Zi Chen's reputation.

Therefore, he chose to believe in Zi Chen!

"Haha, if you don't come, this treasure will belong to me!"

The laughter of the young people, resounding from the houses, obviously paid off.

There was a powerful aura coming from it.

The expressions of Zhang Qingshan's six people changed, and five of them looked at Zhang Qingshan with questions in their eyes.

Zhang Qingshan said: "Wait and see."

The young man came out, and he smiled at the six of them, "Look, you don't even want such a chance."

He held a long knife in his hand, which was full of light, and it was not ordinary at first glance.

There were smiles on the faces of several people, it seemed that the boss Zhang Qingshan was too cautious.

At this moment, Zhang Qingshan suddenly said with a serious expression: "Qinghe, what did you get?"

Zi Chen also said at this time: "Be alert!"

"Brother, can't you see what I got?"

Zhang Qinghe raised the knife in his hand.

Then, cut it horizontally.

The light of the knife is like a horse training, and it goes straight to the crowd.

"I'll go, what's the situation."

Wu Haoqi retreated quickly, looking ahead in shock.

There was a strange red light shining in Zhang Qinghe's eyes, and the whole person fell into madness.

Zhang Qingshan stepped forward, came to the front of the crowd, and stretched out his hand to block the light of the saber.


A green mountain appeared around him.


The Qingshan seal was broken, Zhang Qingshan backed up, and shouted at the same time, "Stop him!"

The other five shot immediately.

Wu Haoqi also wanted to go forward, but was stopped by Zi Chen, "This is a family matter, please don't meddle."

That young man has lost his mind.

Through him, one can see why battles are breaking out everywhere here, and it is true to scramble for treasures. In addition, people who have obtained treasures lose their minds and kill anyone they see.

Looking at Wang Yiling in this way, he seemed very lucky.

The front six fight one, and the battle is very fierce.

They were all from the Zhang family, and their combat prowess was impressive. At this moment, all six of them were fighting with their spiritual power, only the young man with the knife was full of murderous intent.

There are no green marks on the map, indicating that the entire town has become a dangerous place.

Now as long as you go to those rooms, you can take out treasures, but the result is that you lose your mind. Whether it can be recovered is another matter.

The six-on-one battle stopped after less than a cup of tea.

The young man stood there, motionless.

The six people dispersed and looked ahead nervously.

The battle continued until now, and they all focused on consumption, and did not hurt Zhang Qinghe.

But at the next moment, Zhang Qinghe's body decomposed and turned into fly ash.

The long knife fell to the ground with a crisp sound.


Zhang Qingshan shouted, his eyes filled with grief.

His eyes, UU reading www. stared at the long knife.

The younger brother's life was devoured by it.

Is this a blood sacrifice?

Will devour the first life that holds it?


Zi Chen's voice sounded, "Also, don't be impulsive."

Zhang Qingshan glanced at Zi Chen, retracted all his thoughts, and said with a wry smile: "I understand."

In fact, if you think about it carefully, you will know.

The things here are very extraordinary, and any one you take out is a treasure.

How can such a treasure be obtained so easily?

How can there be such a big deal in the world.

So that knife must not be moved.

Zhang Qingshan waved his hand, and they immediately understood and went to several other places.

After a while, I came back to inform that those who got the treasure first were all dead.

At the same time, the people who picked up those treasures also started killing people like crazy.

"It seems that there is only killing and death here. If you want to find the mantra, you have to go to another town." Zhang Qingshan sighed, "But the other one, no one has seen it for many years."

At this moment, another group of people came over, it was the members of the Liu family who had left before.

They went to various residences to look for opportunities, triggering a chaotic battle, resulting in a loss of more than half of the number.

Now there are only thirty or so people.

But all are strong.

A Chengshanjing's face turned livid, "I won't play tricks with you, the map is on your body."

"Yes." Zi Chen nodded and admitted.

"Sure enough, you are here"

Cheng Shan's eyes flickered with murderous intent.

"Hand it over immediately!"

He stretched out his hand and said coldly: "Otherwise, die!"

As soon as the words fell, Zilan made a move.

She is obviously not used to each other.

Spiritual flowers bloomed one after another, and green vines rose up, taking Chengshan up to the sky.

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