The Strongest Gaming Legend - Chapter 3053 arrival

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The latest website: Just because of an order from Su Ye, the entire Huaxia District boiled directly, like a monstrous wave suddenly erupted on the surface of the water that had been silent for a long time.

Almost all players started to act.

They want to contribute a part of their strength to this Dayu City War.

Part of the reason for this is naturally due to Su Ye's prestige in the minds of players in the Huaxia area, but the more important reason is the Demon God family.

For the past three years, the Demon God clan has oppressed the players in the Huaxia area, and everyone has long hated it. However, at that time, there was no strong enough strength to fight against the Demon God clan. Work hard to survive, while slowly accumulating your own strength.

Not long ago, the appearance of Su Ye brought hope to the players in Huaxia District, and let them see the hope of defeating the Demon God Clan in the future.

But now, Su Ye has sounded the horn to attack Dayu City, the base camp of the Demon God Clan, and the players naturally responded enthusiastically.

The public chat channels of the major cities in Huaxia District are full of remarks about the Great Yu City War at this moment.

"It's starting! It's starting! Brothers, it's finally starting! I'm going to besiege Dayu City with Fengshen!"

"It's finally time to settle the accounts with the Demon God clan. At first, just because I glanced at the Demon God, I was directly wanted by him in the entire Huaxia District, causing me to hide outside XZ for two years!"

"The Demon God family must be completely eliminated, not a single one will be left!"

"I'm really grateful to Fengshen for taking the lead this time. In the entire Huaxia region, he is the only one who can mobilize such a huge player force to wage war against Dayu City."

"It goes without saying that Fengshen has always been the strongest legend in our Huaxia region, and is an idol in the minds of many people."

"A capable person can be prosperous no matter where he is. Fengshen is the best example. Even if he is forced to go to the lost country, he can return with revenge in just three years."

"This time in the Great Yu City War, we are bound to win!"

The enthusiasm of the players in Huaxia District is very high.

Everyone is full of confidence in Su Ye, and they are also full of confidence in this battle in Dayu City, believing that they will win.

At the same time, players in other areas of Tianlin are also very concerned about the upcoming Dayu City War in Huaxia District.

As long as the players in Huaxia District can win Dayu City, it means that they will be eligible to enter the national war in one month.

But Dayu City, as the imperial city in the Huaxia District, has a completely different internal strength from that of imperial cities in other regions.

The people living in it are the Demon God clan.

The number of demon gods is unknown, but the only certainty is that the strength of each demon **** is very terrifying.

This time, the Great Yu City War, in a certain sense, can also be said that the players in the Huaxia area will rely on their own strength to fight against one of the strongest races in Tianlin - the Demon Race.

There are only two final results, either success or failure.

This also means that the process of this Dayu City war must be very intense.

Compared with the confidence of the players in the Huaxia region, the players in other regions are divided into two factions with distinct views.

Some believe that the Huaxia players will win.

"This time in the Great Yu City War, the Huaxia District should be sure to be sure, and there will hardly be any major difficulties, so you can easily order the Great Yu City!"

"Although the strength of the Demon God is powerful, these days, Ye Feng has led the players in the Lost Realm to easily swept the Demon Gods in the major cities in the Huaxia District. It is enough to see that the power Ye Feng now possesses, What kind of terrifying level has it reached?"

"Players in Huaxia District will win, I said that!"

"I just came back from the Tianlin Forum in Huaxia District, and I can already feel the terrifying power that can erupt when the players in Huaxia District are united in an instant!"

"The united China region is invincible!"

"Hahaha, soon, we can hear the good news that Dayu City was breached!"

These remarks are based on the current response of players in China. The players in China are too united, and almost everyone is preparing for the Dayu City War.

The more than one billion players in the Huaxia region united and twisted into a rope, and the power behind them was quite terrifying.

In addition, there is also a large part of it because Su Ye speculated in the face of the power displayed by the devil when he won the major cities in China.

Since Su Ye took the super floating city to walk out of the lost kingdom, the eyes of the players in the major areas of Tianlin have focused on Su Ye.

Under their observation, when Su Ye faced the Demon God, he almost always dealt with it very easily, and then won the victory easily.

The whole process went so smoothly that many players are already speculating and discussing whether Su Ye has become the first player to become a **** now.

In fact, not only Su Ye, but also the players who won the Lost Kingdom, everyone's strength level and equipment. Looking at the entire Tianlin, it is also the top group, and their number is 50 million according to the current announcement.

In addition, everyone acquiesced that there was a more terrifying power behind Su Ye.

At least now, many people have heard that the goddess of seal that has always existed only in the legend seems to have a pretty good relationship with Su Ye. This time in the Great Yu City War, the other party might be able to stand up to help him. .

But even so, there are still some people who have a pessimistic attitude towards the Great Yucheng war this time.

"I don't think that in the Dayu City war, players in Huaxia District can win. After all, Dayu City is the base camp of the Red Devils in the main world of Tianlin."

"I have studied the history of the Demon God Clan. A long time ago, they were strong enough to fight against the local **** system, and sometimes they even had the upper hand. This is enough to see how the Demon God Clan is. It's terrifying!"

"Those friends who are optimistic about the players in the Huaxia District, have you forgotten the Dayu City War three years ago? Hundreds of millions of players in the Huaxia District, under full preparation, did not even enter the city gate of Dayu City. Now the Demon God clan After three years of unscrupulous development in the main world of Tianlin, their strength will only become more powerful and terrifying!"

"The horror of the devil is far beyond the predictions of those of us. Although I very much hope that Mr. Ye Feng can lead the players in the Huaxia District to win Dayu City, I still have to say according to the reality, this time, he will not succeed. !"

"Players are just players after all, and they cannot form any form of confrontation with powerful demon gods. Those demon gods who were originally in the major cities in China are not powerful demon gods, so Ye Feng can kill them. I can't prove anything. But this time, when he attacked Dayu City, he faced even more powerful demon gods, even at the level of the supreme gods. You must know that the supreme gods belong to the ceiling of combat power in the entire Tianlin. , it is not something that players can defeat at all, at least it is unlikely now."

"War is a very cruel and serious matter. I hope everyone will not make any unrealistic guesses about the outcome of the war just by relying on Mr. Ye Feng's personal charm."

"I'm sure to lose, I'm sure to lose! I don't see any chance!"

"From the very first moment when their opponent was the Demon God, it was already doomed that this time the Great Yu City war would not be won, and the future national war would be destined to lack the powerful region of Huaxia District."

The result of the Great Yu City War three years ago really shocked many people.

At that moment, they also clearly realized how terrifying the Demon God Clan is. Many major forces in the major regions of Tianlin also began to regard the Demon God Clan as their imaginary enemies, so they did a lot of investigations against the Demon God behind the scenes.

As the mysteries were uncovered, everyone gradually began to realize what a terrifying and powerful race the Demon God Clan was.

And this time, Su Ye attacked the base camp of the Demon God family in the main world of Tianlin. In their opinion, the probability of Su Ye wanting to win is very low.

Another day passed.

Just when the heat about the Dayu City war rose to a whole new level, the super floating city that had been hovering within the scope of Luoyun City suddenly moved.

The super floating city left the range of Luoyun City and rushed towards the southwest.

According to the map, the player determined that Dayu City was in the direction of the super floating city. Just when everyone was discussing whether Su Ye was going to Dayu City, the players in the major cities suddenly received one after another. Order.

"All players, please note that the Dayu City war is about to start, and the temporary portal to Dayu City has been built. There are a total of 500 coordinate points, which have been announced in the Huaxia District Tianlin Forum. Players who participated in the Great Yu City War will go."

"During the Great Yu City War, everyone must unconditionally obey the orders and arrangements of the Great Yu City War Command and must not disobey, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious."

"Everyone, now is the time for everyone to show their ideals and ambitions. Please show your abilities and win Dayu City, so that our Huaxia District can move to the next big stage!"

Super floating city.

conference hall.

The Yefeng Squad and hundreds of people from different forces in the Lost Country and Huaxia District gathered together.

Everyone's identity, in today's Tianlin, can be said to be a top big man.

Their gathering this time was naturally for the Great Yu City War.

"If there is no accident, the personnel of the Dayu City War Headquarters are so sure." Su Ye glanced at everyone and said, "I hope everyone can play their own part in the Dayu City War in the future. Strength, let us win the Great Yu City War."

"Only now that we have won Dayu City, can we be qualified to represent Huaxia District in the national war that is less than a month away."

"Tianlin is a real world, and the future will definitely be interconnected with the real world we live in. When that time comes, it will be time to start distributing benefits to Tianlin."

"And this time the national war is the basis for allocating this piece of cake. The higher the ranking is, the more profits will be allocated, and the power it has will naturally be able to share more..."

Su Ye is very clear that the reason why everyone is sitting here safely and listening to himself.

Purely because interests come together.

Everyone has common interests.

So Su Ye didn't bother to talk to them about feelings and the like, and directly talked about his interests, so that they could clearly understand what was behind the Great Yucheng War this time.

"Before participating in the distribution of the big cake of Tianlin, we must first obtain the qualifications to be distributed. The national war is a threshold. If our Huaxia district cannot even enter the national war, then we will automatically lose participation in the cake distribution. Qualifications."

"I also know that many of you present have invested a lot of money in order to develop their own power. If the Great Yu City war fails, then there is no doubt that many of you present will go bankrupt or even be killed. Persecution is better than death."

"So, in order to allow us to stand at a higher place and see a better scenery, please work hard, take Dayu City, and let us ascend to the sky in one step."

The voice just fell.

In the conference hall, thunderous applause broke out instantly, and everyone's expressions revealed approval and excitement.

As Su Ye said, they really paid too much in order to make their power stronger.

Just to be able to get more distribution of benefits after the national war.

And if even the Great Yu City war fails, then they are destined to lose everything.

Afterwards, under the auspices of Su Ye, everyone put forward their own suggestions for the Dayu City War. After Su Ye level summed it up, he summarized some good suggestions. Based on these suggestions, the main action methods of the Dayu City War were determined. .

After almost everything was done, Su Ye finally made arrangements to transfer the positions of the internal staff of the Dayu City War Command.

Everyone, UU Reading got a suitable position.

after an hour.

The super floating city hovered in the sky on the outskirts of Dayu City. Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, Su Ye looked at Dayu City, which was shrouded in black smoke in the distance. With tantalizing secrets, there are endless dangers.

Dayu City in all directions.

There are a thousand gods that Su Ye has arranged in advance to sit in the town. These gods are responsible for protecting the temporary portals from being destroyed by the devil.

And the demon **** doesn't seem to want to destroy it, so far no demon **** has taken the initiative to walk out of Dayu City.

Now the temporary portal has not been opened, so even if the player knows the coordinates, he cannot directly teleport.

"Let 10 million cannon fodder in the island country come over!"

Su Ye turned his head and said to Rhodes.

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