The Glorious Summoner - Chapter 954 Happening

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Chapter 954

In the temple of Lingxiao City, as soon as Xia Ping'an appeared, he found that Han Xin, Cui Hao and Xue Rengui were all waiting here, looking at the faces of the three, the atmosphere was a little dignified.

"I have seen the Lord!" As soon as the three saw Xia Ping'an appear, they greeted Xia Ping'an at the same time.

"Don't be too polite!" Xia Ping'an waved his hand, "Let's talk about it in the council hall!" After speaking, Xia Ping'an walked out of the temple, and the three followed behind Xia Ping'an.

Just now, Xia Ping'an received a message from Han Xin on the island, and without delay, he returned to the cave directly, and then entered the temple.

The council hall is a side hall of the temple. The huge side hall is magnificent and covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters. It looks extraordinarily spacious. In this place, let alone three or five people, even three or five hundred people come here. Appears very spacious.

In the middle of the side hall, there is a huge sand table. There is a one-foot-sized city in the sand table. It is Lingxiao City, outside Lingxiao City, rivers and lakes, and thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

Xia Ping'an, who saw the sand table, nodded and looked at Han Xin, "Has the sand table around Lingxiao City been made?"

"Yes, based on the information obtained by the spies dispatched these days and the observations of the birds and cavalry, we have asked the craftsmen to make a sand table with a radius of thousands of miles around Lingxiao City!" Han Xin nodded.

In other places, it doesn't take so much effort to create a sand table. As long as you use the Jiuding map technique, you can display the map of the surrounding area, but this world obscures the secrets, and the terrain changes at any time. Xia Ping'an's Jiuding map The technique was suppressed, and the entire technique could only display the terrain within 50 miles around, and it would be pitch black after 50 miles. Therefore, it took a lot of effort to create the sand table in front of me.

"Okay, let's talk about the current situation, how is the situation in Lingxiao City, what information do we have, and what is the situation of Gru Divine Kingdom's dispatch of troops this time?" Xia Ping'an stood in front of the sand table, Shen Sheng said. The three said.

"The information and intelligence returned by the spies were sorted and summarized by Mr. Cui during this period of time. First, Mr. Cui will introduce the situation of the kingdom of God around Lingxiao City. General Xue is responsible for the defense of Lingxiao City and the training of farmers. , these two months have already achieved initial results, so General Xue will introduce the defense and training situation in the city, and finally I will introduce the situation and countermeasures of Gru Kingdom’s dispatch of troops, which will be decided by the Lord!” Han Xin cupped his hands and said.

"Yes!" Xia Pingan nodded.

"Cough, according to the information gathered from the spies sent by Lingxiao City during this period, I will first introduce the situation of the Divine Kingdom around Lingxiao City!" Cui Hao coughed lightly and picked up a long stick in his hand. Wooden pole, standing on the edge of the sand table, introduced Xia Ping'an, "The area where our Lingxiao City is located is called Baima Xuanguang Continent in the Divine Kingdom World. The entire Divine Kingdom World has thirty-six continents, seventy-two ancestral mountains, Each continent is boundless and accommodates countless divine kingdoms. Baima Xuanguang Continent is one of the continents, and its approximate location is the southern part of the divine kingdom world. It will change due to the addition or reduction of new Divine Kingdoms. Lingxiao City is located in the eastern wasteland of Baima Xuanguangzhou. The eastern wasteland belongs to the barren land of Baima Xuanguangzhou. Divine Kingdoms here are rare and relatively less dense, but it is conservatively estimated that the East There are more than 100,000 Divine Kingdoms in the wasteland, and most of the Divine Kingdoms in the Eastern Wasteland are below the fifth rank, and the Gel Kingdom is just north of our Lingxiao City."

The amount of information in this passage of Cui Hao is too large, so that Xia Ping'an has to chew and think about the following.

A barren land east of Xuanguang Continent of White Horse has at least 100,000 Divine Kingdoms. This Divine Kingdom is so huge that it is too scary. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of demigods from the void plane of the universe want to confer gods, and they all gathered here.

"How did the spies get this information?" Xia Pingan asked.

"The kingdoms of the kingdoms of the kingdom of God are just like the countries in the real world. They also have trade and material exchanges with each other, and personnel interact and communicate. These are the news that the spies sent by Lingxiao City have inquired about it in the country of Gelushen!"

"What is the strength of the Gru Kingdom, do you know?" Xia Ping'an asked with narrowed eyes.

"Gru Divine Kingdom belongs to the third-tier Divine Kingdom. The name of the country's lord is Gru. He is an alien summoner who has been in the land of the gods for more than 100 years. The Gru Divine Kingdom has seventeen cities and a total population of eight. More than one million, the people of the kingdom of God have reproduced to the sixth generation, and the total number of various troops is about 1.1 million!" When talking about the military strength and population data of the Gru kingdom, a solemn atmosphere suddenly shrouded In the council hall, Xia Ping'an's face suddenly became serious. This Gelu Kingdom is a behemoth for Lingxiao City at this moment.

At this moment, the ratio of the total population and the number of troops in Lingxiao City is actually very extreme. The proportion of troops is too high. The tasks of farmers and craftsmen are very heavy. In this state of almost all soldiers, the development of Lingxiao City is greatly restricted. The supply of resources is also very tight, but in fact, a kingdom like Gru Kingdom that can achieve a population-to-force ratio of eight to one is considered a basically normal state.

In the past two months, Xia Ping'an has added 1,000 farmers and 50 craftsmen to Lingxiao City when his divine power is restored each month. In this way, it can be regarded as a temporary relief for the ratio of troops and population in Lingxiao City. The problem of too high has made the atmosphere in the city less tense, and the labor intensity of the farmers has also eased a lot.

The peasants summoned in the kingdom of God can actually reproduce naturally in the kingdom of God. The descendants produced by the peasants can be summoned, and after learning, they can advance to various occupations, but they do not consume the divine power of the summoner. The premise is That is, if there are relatively favorable living conditions in the kingdom of God, various materials are relatively sufficient, and the proportion of troops in the total population is high, the characters summoned can no longer reproduce.

Therefore, the proportion of troops is a double-edged sword. The key depends on how the Summoner wants to choose. Exploiting military force can only be a short-term choice, and the overdraft is the future development potential. In the long run, no one knows when he will be enthroned , so it is the best way to increase the strength of the summoner to allow the people of the kingdom of God to naturally reproduce more and more.

If a Summoner's God has a population of one billion, then a Summoner who can summon hundreds of millions of warriors is definitely a terrifying existence.

"How are the levels of these kingdoms divided?" Xia Ping'an asked another question.

"The level of the Kingdom of God is based on five cities. Every time the number of cities owned by the Kingdom of God increases by five, the level of the Kingdom of God will increase by one level. There is no upper limit to the level of the Kingdom of God. If you have more than 500 cities. , then your Divine Kingdom level is level 100, but no matter how many Divine Kingdoms there are, it cannot ensure that a Summoner can be conferred God, and if the number of Divine Kingdoms of a Summoner is more, UU Reading will be feared by all parties. Siege, because everyone is afraid that there will be a behemoth in the Kingdom of God that can swallow everything, so it is not easy for the Summoner of the Kingdom of God to increase the level of the Kingdom of God, and the level of the Kingdom of God for the top summoner is difficult to exceed level 81! "

"This Divine Kingdom world is interesting!" Xia Ping'an rubbed his chin, "Apart from Gru Divine Kingdom, is there any other Divine Kingdom around Lingxiao City!"

"In the northeast of Lingxiao City, there are two other divine kingdoms. One of these two divine kingdoms is called Mingyue divine kingdom, and the other is called Feishan divine kingdom. Mingyue divine kingdom is a second-order divine kingdom, while Feixalan divine kingdom is a fourth-order divine kingdom. The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Gru and the Kingdom of the Bright Moon are an alliance, and the two are united to fight against the Kingdom of Flying Scythe, apart from these three Kingdoms, we have not heard any other information about the Kingdom of God!"

Xia Ping'an's eyes lit up slightly, "So, Gru Kingdom actually has its enemies, isn't it safe?"

"Yes, the relationship between the various Divine Kingdoms is also very complicated, because to compete for the resources and territory of the Divine Kingdom world, the neighboring Divine Kingdoms are either allies or hostiles!" Cui Hao said affirmatively, "For Lingxiao City, as far as we are currently concerned According to the collected information, thousands of kilometers south, west and east of Lingxiao City are all barren land, and there is no other kingdom of gods. At present, the threat of Lingxiao City mainly comes from the kingdom of gods in the north..."

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