Super Urban Master - v12 Chapter 102 surrender

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A second ago, Chen Shan was still saying that no matter how hard and advanced the spaceship invented by the Xinshu chaebol family, they could not get close to the mysterious light hole.

A second later, I saw a blurry shadow walking towards the light hole like a stroll in a garden.

Maybe I was too surprised, I didn't even hide my emotions, which also caught Chen Shan's attention, he looked for my gaze, then quickly reached out to cover my eyes, and said with a serious face: "I know you are strong , but you should listen to me! If you just look at it like this, you will definitely lose your mind."

Hearing this, I was taken aback for a moment, and then realized one thing, that is, Chen Shan couldn't see that shadow.

Only I can see it?

Is this because of my amazing eyesight, or is there something else hidden in it?

I asked in a deep voice, "Can't you see someone over there?"

Instead of guessing, it is better to ask him directly. I also want to see from his expression whether he is lying or if he really can't see that person.

After hearing what I said, Chen Shan frowned in confusion and said, "What nonsense are you talking about? How could there be people in that place? The temperature is so high that if you don't take a spaceship, even at this distance, people will feel hot, even at this distance. Forget about being there."

He said so, but Chen Shan couldn't help but glance over there.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and said more firmly: "It seems that you are under too much mental stress and have hallucinations. I think you should go to rest, and then get stronger and wait for the arrival of your own mission."

my mission? To be swallowed by the true self, to lose the self?

I didn't speak, just continued to stare at the place.

Seeing that I was stubborn, Chen Shan frowned angrily. After all, he didn't stop me anymore, but he was always ready for fear that I would be attracted by the light hole, completely lose my mind, leave the spaceship, and die. in the universe.

I don't care what he thinks, my eyes are still fixed on that blurred shadow.

At this time, the shadow suddenly stopped, as if he felt my gaze, he stood outside the dark vortex of light, and turned his head slowly.

And when I saw his face clearly, I couldn't help but staggered back two steps, my heart beating wildly!

The one standing outside the vortex of the light hole is clearly me, Chen Huangpi!

No, it should be that is the real me!

At this time, Zhenwo was wearing a bright red robe. He was tall and straight, handsome, and the hem of his clothes fluttered.

And the colorful rays of light shrouded his body, making him look like a nine-day black bird with a pair of colorful wings, independent of the world, so majestic.

There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were full of indifference, looking at me like he was looking at his prey.

He opened his mouth, said a word to me, then turned around and slowly walked into the whirlpool.

At this moment, the mysterious vortex suddenly turned into a diagram of gossip, which slowly opened to both sides from the junction of the Yin and Yang poles, and closed again after he entered.

The hole of light that makes all the new chaebol families fearful, but the true self regards it as a house...

No, maybe that is the house of the true self at all, so anyone who wants to get close to the light hole is regarded as an intruder by him, and naturally they cannot escape the end of being destroyed.

Standing there, I felt like I was sweating all over, and my mind was full of what the real me said when I looked at me just now.

He said: "Enjoy the last part of your life."

Ridiculous and cruel, he sentenced me to death.

But at this moment, I didn't even have any intention of resisting, and I even had a strong urge just now, that is to run towards him!

I thought I was strong, but just now, I had the idea of ​​wanting my real self to accept me and be willing to be a part of him!

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