Red Dead Redemption Dawn - Chapter 428 Arthur's request letter

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Latest website: Zhao An, who came back from the ranch at night, brought him a letter saying that it was sent to him by his friend, and Kane forwarded it to the ranch.

"A letter?" John looked at the letter signed by Arthur Highlander in front of him, and then did not hesitate.

He opened the envelope and read it carefully.

This is Arthur's request letter. The content in it is a bit interesting. Arthur asks him to help Detective Pinkerton and the Blackwater Township Police Department to withdraw the reward for Marston.

He will settle all the expenses to him at one time, and there is also a very generous return.

This request made John ponder over and over again. He has never helped anyone withdraw the bounty, and he feels that if it is to withdraw the reward of the Blackwater Township Police Station, it is not a big problem, but if it involves the Pinkerton Detective Agency, then the problem is somewhat different. Well said.

Detective Pinkerton in Blackwater was just a small branch, and even then there was no shortage of money in Detective Pinkerton.

And now it's Captain Ornn who takes over the Pinkerton Detective Agency in Blackwater. This guy has Kane investigated. He has a special disgust for the robbers on the list.

It's not that he is righteous, but that he simply likes to kill the robbers on the list. The higher the robber on the list, the more excited he will be.

In John's view, this is a kind of mental illness produced in the long-term pursuit of robbers, but he cannot say that the disease is bad or good.

At least in Kane's investigation, this guy doesn't have that kind of perverted hobby for ordinary people, and he hasn't heard of him killing the prostitute.

And this guy is very capable. How should I put it, John felt that if he was an ordinary person, he would be lucky to have such a police chief in Blackwater Town.

If he's a robber, he doesn't want to meet this guy named Ornn for the rest of his life.

He still doesn't know how much Marston's reward is, and he doesn't know how much face he still has to sell to this mentally ill patient named Aoun.

The letter detailed why Arthur wanted to rescind Marston's bounty.

Because he wants the only child of the gang to grow up like an ordinary person, instead of running around with them, and possibly being hanged on the gallows as a robber in the end.

For the first time, this guy Arthur showed in his letter that he was actually very good at writing, and he said John in a physical and emotional way.

John frowned and thought about the possibilities.

He didn't know whether the police department could directly revoke Marston's bounty. If it could affect Detective Pinkerton's kill list, he had to ask himself.

And he is in Rhodes now. The letter probably arrived in Blackwater Town yesterday, and arrived at his side again today.

John put away the letter and started asking for details about the ranch.

"What's up with the ranch?"

"There is no problem with the ranch workers. The only problem is that the funds are running out. Although the advance payment has been made, the funds may not be enough to pay those merchants next week." Zhao An briefly reported that the ranch is progressing smoothly and there are enough people. In the case of one day a day.

It has even started to buy raised poultry.

"Well, I'll give you some of the funds. I may go back to Blackwater Town tomorrow to deal with some things, right?" Thinking of the request in Arthur's letter, he decided to go back to see his ranch. And the situation of various industries, as well as the succession of the two cigarette factories.

"No problem, I have no problem with the staff or the situation of the workers." Zhao An nodded to indicate that he was fine.

"Okay, let's rest early, and get up early tomorrow." John took out a stack of US dollars from his backpack and handed it to Zhao An, then drove him to his room to rest.

The next day, John Rhodes' police station met with the new sheriff of Rhodes Township, a colleague of the Grays.

He asked the police station to patrol the ranch a few more times in the past two days, in order to give everyone a sense of security in the ranch. With the blessing of $100 from John, the new sheriff happily agreed.

After arranging these, he boarded the train back to Heishui Town.

By the time he got off the bus at the station, it was past three o'clock in the afternoon, and then he took another carriage to the manor.

Back to the manor at 4:10.

For his return to the manor, the gardeners just greeted him politely, without much surprise, and he often went out not once or twice.

When he returned to the manor, he took a shower, changed into his pajamas, and then went to the hall to lie down and let the servant make him a pot of tea.

The sofa at home was much better than that in the hotel, and before he knew it, he fell asleep for a while.

Then he was woken up by a greeting.


John opened his eyes, and what he saw was Kane's face where he could see the scar on his face.

"You're back~" Kane saw him wake up, and then came to two cups of warm tea. He also pushed one of the cups in front of him.

"Yes, Rhodes Town is making good progress, and then I got some opportunities to get a bootleg wine channel into Saint Denis City. What's the situation here?" John got up and asked casually with a teacup.

"Fortunately, the tobacco factory took over smoothly, but there are generally signs of corruption at the top of the tobacco factory. Kenny is leading his accounting team to check the accounts to see how much he has stolen and how much he can recover. Ms. Anna recently~ ~A little busy." Kane's words squeaked a little.

"What's wrong?" John felt a little uncomfortable.

"How do you say it~ This is your problem, it has nothing to do with us." Kane dismissed the relationship as soon as he opened his mouth.

"Tell me, what's wrong with her." John thought he might have guessed something.

"Ms. Anna hasn't returned to the manor recently, she's all working in Blackwater Town, since when you left." Kane said with a bit of schadenfreude.

"Well~ Then he didn't walk very close to anyone." John thought for a while and took a sip from the teacup, covering up the emotions in his heart and asking a little guilty.

"It's not enough, Billy, who doesn't have long eyes, will help you deal with it." Kane's tone was still gloating.

"How about Ofina? She's not back?" He picked up the teapot and poured himself another cup of tea.

"Ms. Ofina hasn't changed. It's time to eat and drink. There's no problem, they should be back soon after seeing the time." Kane said, and glanced at the wall clock on the wall.

"Are you going to go out this time? It's enough to have Zhao and Nick on Rhodes' side. Where do you need to keep your eyes on it." Kane rarely began to complain about the characteristics of John's hands-off shopkeeper.

"It still takes a while to go there, and there is a problem with the channels in Saint Denis," John explained.

"What's the problem?" Kane then asked with a cigarette.

"The bootleg wine business in Saint Denis is monopolized, and the commission is too high. I'm waiting there for a suitable opportunity to talk to them again."

"Who is so capable of monopolizing the business of Saint Denis City?" Kane asked in disbelief.

"Does the Italian mafia know? The leader of the party in Saint Denis is Bronte. He has dominated the underground of Saint Denis for at least ten years. He wants to take 30%, just to give me a ticket to enter the market." John was very dissatisfied with this, but He didn't have a good way. He didn't know any officials who had the right to speak in Saint Denis, and he didn't have any helpers he was too familiar with.

Brontë ran the city for ten years, and like Jon said, he even thought the guy could influence the election.

"Italian mafia? It's really ruthless. I've heard of those guys. They're all gangs created by a group of rich immigrants. They're developing quite well." town this place.

The subordinates are all dressed in suits that cost more than a hundred dollars, which is too far from them.

Just as the two continued to discuss, the others came back one after another.

And the cook of the manor is also preparing a grander dinner tonight, perhaps receiving the news that John is coming home.

Anna, who had not seen the manor for a few days, also returned to the manor.

She looked a little more haggard than a few days ago, and John stepped forward with concern and asked, "Why are you so tired these days, pay attention to rest~"

Anna just hugged him, then shook her head and said nothing.

On the other hand, Ofina was smiling at him. UU Reading looked at him and smiled from time to time, but didn't step forward to give him the hug she deserved.

The atmosphere of the meal can't be said to be good, but it can't be said to be bad, only average.

The more daring one was Jenny, her little head kept wandering back and forth between John, Anna, and Ofina, her eyes blinking.

After being stared at by John for a few times, he quieted down to eat.

After dinner, John went to the study for a meeting as usual.

After getting a general understanding of what happened these days, they disbanded and let everyone go back to rest.

But John lay on the sofa in the study after everyone left, and did not leave. Instead, he smoked and drank wine alone. The quality of the wine that could be put in his study was not bad.

For less than a hundred dollars per bottle, it is pure luxury to others.

But before he had finished a third of his drink, Anna came in in her home clothes.

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