Reborn on Top of Football - v8 Chapter 38 Change the dragon (eight)

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Benitez pounded the table and laughed, Florentino on the other side applauded and laughed, even the reporters applauded spontaneously. Wang Ai's debut in Real Madrid was also a rare, relaxed, talk show The same, and at the same time evocative way it ends.

However, media commentary the next day was polarized, with the pro-Real Madrid press naturally praising it as the most personable and funniest new player appearance ever. The pro-Barcelona media is generally bad-mouthing-"Obviously Wang believes that the important thing in Real Madrid is not the feet but the mouth, and we all know that Real Madrid's big-name stars like infighting the most. We are curious about the more fragmented dressing after the orator from the East joins. What kind of war will evolve in the chamber."

"Maybe this season's super giant battle will take place in the Real Madrid dressing room or maybe, um, in the way Wang likes to speak."

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Wang Ai read such comments in the hotel and intuitively understood how bad Barcelona is to Real Madrid. Isn't this a curse for me and Ronaldo to do it?

Listening to Wang Ai's ridicule, Huang Xin didn't even raise her head: "Didn't you know it a long time ago?"

"Yeah, I knew it a long time ago." Wang Ai went on to eat breakfast: "Maybe before, I was watching the fire from the other side, but now I am getting burned."

Huang Xin smiled and pushed over a bunch of newspapers. Wang Ai opened them and found German, French, Italian, British, Dutch, and Belgian ones. Look, it's almost enough to eat, and it's almost enough to watch.

Wang Ai got up and gathered the newspapers together and put them on the sofa aside: "If you buy newspapers more widely, 40% of them won't get good reviews. Many of these are cities where the clubs I used to play for are located, and I still have many business cooperations there. .”

"The rain is coming?" Huang Xin turned on the computer again.

Wang Ai leaned over: "Those who climb to the top will lose all. How about the Internet?"

Huang Xin turned back and said: "When I got up, I took a look and it felt good. I looked for seemed really good! Look at this one, one named Louis, he said, 'I fell in love with Wang, and I found that he is the most beautiful person. People who are suitable for Real Madrid... Can anyone tell me whether the No. 25 jersey is in stock or not!'”

Wang Ai was also very cheerful. Huang Xin flipped through the comments below and said casually: "I just came to such a big club, and you won't participate in training in the morning the next day. Is it really okay? That Benitez said A little impersonal?"

Wang Ai shrugged: "Who is divided?"

Huang Xin turned around after hearing the sound: "Young?"

Wang Ai lowered his head and smiled: "It's not that I'm an exception, but that Super Giant is an exception. What the head coach brings to the club is uncertainty, but what Super Giant brings to the club is a certain and visible large sum of money. A large sum of money is included in the camp. Money that is expected to be collected and even factored into expenditure expectations. In the club's system, the super giant is much deeper than the head coach, unless it is Ferguson."

"Then you should respect him too, otherwise it will damage your image, especially in China."

"Don't worry, I told him personally. In fact, during the negotiation, he knew that there was a stipulation in the contract that I would not participate in the training in the morning. I thought I didn't tell him once. It was enough to save face." Wang Ai didn't take it seriously: " He won't be so stupid that he can't understand my kindness, in fact, our cooperation in Inter Milan was okay."

"When I was in BJ, I didn't know your specific situation, but I said he was not a good person?"

"How should I put it?" Wang Ai's expression brought memories: "My feeling, although he is quite cold, he is actually a soft hearted person with a little lack of self-confidence. Maybe it has something to do with his early experience? He is actually related to Mu Rinho is similar. He is an amateur player. He retired early and switched careers to learn other things. It must be that he has no confidence in this industry, right? Maybe he loves it later? Or he still thinks there are stock assets in football? He came back, but it was not smooth. Mourinho's results were astonishing as soon as he made a shot, but he was dismissed repeatedly and led the team to relegation. This may have destroyed his fragile self-confidence at the time. I remember one year he simply did something Didn’t do it but went to Italy to study, do you think Mourinho would do this?”

Huang Xin understood when he heard this: "So, he intentionally cut off the relationship with the players? Artificially created a stern temperament to protect his authority as a coach?"

Wang Ai nodded: "Almost, I heard Terry said that when he went to Chelsea in 12 years, he always liked to talk about how I was in Liverpool. This is a lack of self-confidence, so he subconsciously uses past achievements to convince people. Like I won't tell others about my past at all, I just say what I want."

"It's true to say so, then you have to give enough respect and pay attention to every detail. Because this kind of person will always subconsciously doubt himself, and then rack his brains to find evidence to prove his judgment."

Wang Ai nodded seriously: "We got along well when we were in Inter Milan. Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to make fun of him casually. By the way, sometimes he likes to... Play us, the absolute main force of the team."


"Uh, it's okay to call it a stab, but it's not malicious, but it's a way to make you uncomfortable... Uh, it can be called a beating, anyway, that's what it means. Maybe he is more sensitive, and he will notice that we, the absolute main force, have something to do. The self-expansion at the time, if it was Ancelotti, he would chat with him and slowly get rid of it, Mourinho would do the same in the early days, everyone played together, and consolidated his authority with friendship , It’s a pity that he became more and more irritable and rebelled after his methods became rougher. But Benitez reminded him in this way, it’s a pity that most football players don’t have this brain and don’t think so much, at most I would think that the coach doesn't like me, but why don't I know."

Wang Ai spread his hands when he said this: "Benitez always communicates with the players in a language that they cannot understand. Maybe he is afraid that he will hurt himself if he speaks too clearly? Anyway, I understand. He also beat me when he was in Inter Milan. A few times, but I did well, I actually do well usually, so he was very satisfied."

"You two are actually a bit alike." Huang Xin said suddenly.

"Huh? Oh!" Wang Ai nodded: "It's true to keep a distance from others, maybe he also noticed it?"

Huang Xin was thoughtful, and after being silent for a while, he suddenly pointed to the computer screen and said, "Have you read this article? It's on the official website of the "Guardian", "From a football challenger to a wealthy thug-the story of a dragon", which is about Are you? Let me's really you!"

Wang Ai finished scanning the article with his shoulders in his arms: "The left's nothing, it belongs to the tide of changing my overall reputation, so it will pass."

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