Reborn Just To Be a Big Shot Family Freeloader - Chapter 905 studious monkey brother

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  Chapter 905 Studious Monkey Brother

  Although Xiao Zuo thinks that it is just a skill of barbecue, his mother will definitely not be unwilling. There were neighbors who wanted to learn from her before, and his mother taught them.

  It’s just the same seasoning, the same meat, and the same method. The meat roasted by others is not as delicious as his mother’s roast.

  But Xiao Zuo didn't agree immediately, after all, he had to get his mother's consent.

   "Then I will ask my mother, she agrees, and I will invite you again."

  Actually, Xiao Zuo is quite curious. The young man in front of him has a handsome face, but he doesn’t look very big. Although most monks are young, this youthful feeling cannot be fooled.

  Although he looked young, he was already a holy man, which made Xiao Zuo very confused. How old is this young man?

  The most fascinating thing is that this person turned out to be a master of spiritual food. Isn't it difficult to advance to a spiritual food master?

  However, this is a spiritual food master, he was lucky enough to be able to eat the craftsmanship of a real spiritual food master.

Moreover, this spiritual food chef in the holy land actually said that his culinary skills are comparable to those of the most famous spiritual chef, Jue Lie. Judging from the reactions of the people around him, it is obvious that he is not bragging. The mother's handicraft is so admired, Xiao Zuo is immediately proud of it.

  Brother Hou continued to cook after he finished speaking. The little fat man and Xiao Zuo continued to chat, and they also gave Brother Monkey roasted meat and snacks for Xiao Zuo to taste.

  After Xiao Zuo tasted it, he couldn't help nodding, he almost couldn't pay attention to the little fat man's words.

  It's really delicious!

  He felt that his mother would definitely agree to teach the secret method of barbecue to that holy boy.

  After all, her mother didn't care about teaching others, and, in exchange, she could get that young man a few skills as a spirit cook. Not only is it not a disadvantage, but it is also an advantage.

  You must know that for Master Spirit Food, other people's craftsmanship is a unique skill, which is related to practice, and generally will never be passed on to the outside world.

  The reason why his mother is so good at barbecuing meat is also the ability passed down from her ancestors.

Little Brother Zuo chatted with Little Fatty for a long time, and the little Fatty also asked about what he should inquire about. When Little Zuo was embarrassed to stay for a long time and asked to leave, Little Fatty thought that Brother Hou still had to learn crafts from his mother, so he He packed a bunch of spiritual fruit snacks and barbecue, and asked Xiao Zuo to take them out.

   "Let your mother also try my brother's cooking skills, and learn from your mother about barbecue, don't forget to ask."

  Xiao Zuo hurriedly said: "Senior, don't worry, I will ask when I get back, and my mother will definitely not refuse."

Although when he came, he brought two boxes of spiritual fruits and barbecue, but he reciprocated the gifts and returned more gifts, and he knew that the lowest in his family was also the master level, so the snacks and fruits and barbecue were the worst. , The raw materials used are all grade five or above.

  Xiao Zuo felt that the value of what he ate and took was far more than the accommodation fee at his house, and he was very embarrassed.

  Xiao Zuo brought almost half of the barbecued meat, full of belly. Babai watched Little Zuo leave everyone with the things packed by the little fat man, and remembered that little Zuo seemed to like watermelon very much, and she wanted to mix some of the barbecue he brought with him, so she put down her hand and was eating watermelon. The gnawed fruit jumped off Qixun's lap, and took out two large watermelons from the accompanying space, supported them with spiritual power, and sent them to Xiao Zuo.

  Xiao Zuo was walking out, when suddenly two big watermelons half the height of a person appeared in front of him, and he was startled.

   "Ah, this?"

   Just as he was hesitating, he saw a fat, black and white civet cat with flesh all over his body, running to his side, tilting his head, and yelled at him in a super cute way: "Meow."

  Xiao Zuo:?

  It’s so cute, but what if I can’t understand cat language?

Qixun used to have a little Kunpeng on her head and a giant panda lying on her knees, gnawing beautifully on the small wings of the Thunderbird roasted by her second brother. gone.

  He raised his head and looked around in a daze, and took a closer look. Yan Jiadun was supporting two big watermelons with his spiritual power, and was meowing at the bottom of his little brother Zuo's trousers.

Qixun caressed his forehead, ran over quickly, and said to Xiao Zuo who didn't know what to do: "Little Zuo brother, these two watermelons were given to you by my family, what, she wants to eat your mother's roasted meat, haha , Well, don't be surprised, this little thing is a foodie, and the roasted meat is really delicious."

  Little Brother Zuo is confused, I know that my mother’s grilled meat is delicious, but it’s so delicious, do even spirit beasts like to eat it so much?

"Yes, yes, this, is the cat's name Babai? Babai, can I ask my mother to bake some more tomorrow and bring it to you? As for the two watermelons, there is no need to send them. The left and right are just low-level ones. Monster meat is not worth anything."

   "Meow meow." Accept this watermelon, and promise to give me meat tomorrow, don't forget.

  Xiao Zuo understood Babai's meaning now, and was very surprised. This fat civet is too intelligent, right? Well, the spirit beasts that have reached the seventh level are indeed enlightened a long time ago, and some intelligent seventh-level spirit beasts are no different from humans.

   It's just that there is no contractual relationship between them, so this civet can transmit voice to his consciousness?

  Brother Zuo suppressed his shock, squatted down with a smile, and rubbed the little cat's brain: "Okay, I will definitely send you some more tomorrow."

  As for the watermelon, although it is only a first-grade spiritual fruit, it is as sweet as a spring, so delicious. There was no watermelon in the spiritual fruit that the little fat man packed for him, and he still felt a little regretful that he would not allow his parents and grandfather to taste it.

   Now it's all right, the little civet gave him two big ones directly!

   Waiting until Little Zuo left, Qixun silently picked up Babai who was eager to follow Little Zuo: "You greedy cat! Isn't Second Brother's roasted meat delicious?"

   "Hey!" The second brother's grilled meat is delicious, but he always eats the same flavor. Don't you want to change the taste?

  Xiao Zuo came home, his mother saw that he was carrying two big food boxes and two big watermelons in his arms, she hurriedly stepped forward to pick up the two food boxes, and asked, "Why have you been here for so long?"

  She was worried.

   After all, although fighting and hurting people are not allowed in the city, the testers are all geniuses, so they are inevitably arrogant.

  Even though her son had said before that the trainees in this field were excellent, how could she not be worried if her son had been away for such a long time and did not come back?

Xiao Zuo smiled and said: "When I went, those seniors were having a meal, and they also ate barbecue. The fatter Saint Realm senior invited me to eat some together. I saw that he wanted to inquire about something, so he didn't refuse. That's why I delayed returning until now."

   It is not a bad thing to be left to speak by the seniors in the holy realm, and Xiao Zuo Niang was relieved.

Xiao Zuo smiled and said: "Mother, these are all gifts from the seniors. They are all high-grade spiritual fruits, barbecue meat, and some snacks. I'll try them for you. By the way, these two are watermelons. Don't look at them. Yipin, but I have never eaten such a delicious spirit fruit, it tastes like a sweet spring liquid, and it tastes very good."

  After the two entered the room, Xiao Zuo opened the food box, and Xiao Zuo Niang looked at it and was surprised: "These are too expensive."

  Wicked beast meat is okay, there is no shortage of it in every city. But these spiritual fruits, there are several kinds of seven or eight grades, it is really not something people like them can afford.

   Just these spiritual fruits are enough to live in his house for several years!

  (end of this chapter)

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