Reborn in Hong Kong: The Tycoon Grows Up - v2 Chapter 1683 Stock market and property market four

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At this stage, Bao Zixuan, the richest man in the world, makes a sudden visit to Japan; it is absolutely extraordinary. Some time ago in Northern Europe, although this kid deliberately kept a low profile, he still made a lot of noise. There was no fanfare this time. Could it be that there is some conspiracy here?

At the level of Bao Zixuan, he will not do anything in vain, there must be a reason. It's not that he has nothing to do, and he has to come to Japan to solve it. Especially in this period of time, it is really intriguing.

Mie Yeyasu glanced at the secretary and said directly: "Miyagi-kun, what do you think the world's richest man is coming to Japan at this time?"

Now is not the time to express your own opinions, but to test your subordinates; listening to opinions is a required course for a successful manager. This senior leader is obviously testing him; let's see how much he knows about the Black Cloud Group. This is not only an opportunity, but also a part-time job.

If the answer is not satisfactory to the leaders, it is estimated that the future of the Bank of Japan has basically come to an end.

Miyagi Thirty-eight knew from his name that his father gave birth to him only at the age of thirty-eight. His family background is not very good, in order to let him study; several sisters dropped out of school early to work, which can be said to be the family hope.

Fortunately, the guy is quite competitive, he just relied on hard work; and his ingenuity was admitted to the University of Tokyo, one of the best universities in Japan. Originally, I had the opportunity to study abroad as an exchange student, but because my family conditions did not allow it;

It was not very smooth at first, after all, every place pays attention to identity and background. He is a commoner and wants to make a name for himself in society; not to say impossible, but very difficult.

It was not until he met Mie Yeyasu, a life mentor after entering the society, that he began to show his prominence. At this time, not only became the secretary of the other party, but also belonged to the most important team member around him. For Miyagi Thirty-Eight, who has no identity background, without the support of nobles, it is estimated that it is difficult to do much.

Whether it's a test or anything else! In short, this thing must be done well. Once the boss questions your ability, then don't talk about the future.

Miyagi Thirty-Eight organized the language in his mind, and said very seriously: "At present, the whole world knows that the Japanese property market and stock market are very hot; and Bao Zixuan is the first foreign businessman to invest in Japan on a large scale. The real estate and stocks held by the two companies, Cloud Group and Blackstone Fund, are worth more than tens of trillions of yen; they have become their largest assets."

"And he himself is optimistic about the direction of Japan's economy for a long time. He has said this more than once in public interviews. But everything has a limit, especially investment."

"In the early days, before the Black Cloud Group really rose, or when it didn't have the strength it is now; more real estate and stocks were obtained from Japanese companies through patent licensing. Later, with the entry of the Blackstone Fund, it opened up. Buy, buy, buy model; as long as it is a fancy real estate or real estate, it never considers the price.”

"But it suddenly stopped buying a year ago, and even sold off. Although the scale is not very large, it is only relative; because in the past year, Bao Zixuan's companies have sold stocks and real estate in the Japanese market to cash out. It has exceeded 5 trillion yen."

"At this moment, coming to Japan can only explain one question; I am going to personally inspect the Japanese market to see if it is necessary to continue investing. Although I have studied science and engineering, I have control over the economy; Bao Zixuan is definitely at the top level."

"As the richest man in the world, the channels for getting information are naturally wider. But after so many days of research, I found that he has a set of his own economic theories. That is to judge whether a country is worth investing in through the scale of industry and the potential of science and technology. ."

"The country that invests the most in black cloud companies is Japan, which has even surpassed the United States. Of course, it is only relatively speaking. If the market value of factories and companies is counted, it is natural that the United States has more investment. There is a lot of investment in Japan, mainly in the past ten years. time; due to the rate of land appreciation in Japan.”

"The more in-depth the investigation, the more frightening it becomes; there is even a shuddering feeling. Bao Zixuan first purchased real estate in Japan, or it can be said to be an exchange; it can even be traced back to the launch of the Walkman ten years ago."

"That is to say, the layout has been in place for more than ten years, which shows that I am very optimistic about the development of Japan's economy. But why it started to sell in the last year, it is very likely that I have made enough money, or I feel that there is no profit to be made."

"Bao Zixuan often warns his employees, don't always think about earning the last coin; people are not enough to swallow an elephant. Therefore, this person looks very aggressive, but at the same time is relatively conservative."

"Of course I'm also very conceited. It's not a derogatory meaning here; after all, they have that capital. Therefore, the arrival of Bao Zixuan will definitely directly affect the next steps of the Heiyun companies."

After that, I didn't dare to say anything more. After all, as the president of the Bank of Japan and a world-renowned economist, Yasushi Mie has his own judgments and considerations. As long as the situation is reported clearly, as for the specific operation, it is not within the scope of secretarial work.

Avoiding suspicion is one aspect, and the most important thing is that there are too many interests involved here; if one does not handle it well, it is likely to become a scapegoat. For this boss, Thirty-Eight Miyagi knew his true thoughts. I am also more supportive in my heart; of course, if there is objection, or there is a trace of doubt, it is impossible to appear in the secretarial team.

Now that he has become a husband, he is no longer a hot-blooded young man. The Japanese economy is mainly controlled by major consortiums, so there must be no problems with these consortia. As long as they don't fall, the fundamentals of the Japanese economy will remain.

And anything you do requires the support of these people; otherwise, it will be hard to do anything, but at least it won't go smoothly.

Therefore, chaebols belong to the kind that can never be offended. Maybe a Japanese person knows this. As the central bank of the country, the Bank of Japan makes any small decision; it will deeply affect the domestic economy. At this moment, the Japanese consortium has already killed the red eye, and even ignored it.

If the Bank of Japan takes action rashly, or without prior notice; the interests of the consortium will be damaged, and the life of the initiator will never be easier.

Of course Mie Yeyasu knew what his subordinates were thinking, and he didn't particularly care. It is human nature to be wise and protect oneself! As the most promising subordinate, you can't just be an executor. At critical moments, you must have the ability to handle affairs independently. If you don't have this, it will be embarrassing.

Of course, he was also thinking, Bao Zixuan appeared in Japan at this time; he also deliberately kept a low profile, presumably he wanted to personally judge whether Japan is still worth investing in.

If the other party decides not to invest, it will inevitably sell a large number of stocks and real estate; there are not so many takers in the market, and the price will inevitably drop. It is also able to cool down the rapidly rising property market and stock market, which is not a bad thing.

But watching the other party make so much profit from Japan, as the president of the Bank of Japan is really unwilling. After all, so much money comes from the hard work of the Japanese.

As a Japanese who has experienced reconstruction after World War II, he is well aware of the efforts and dedication of the Chinese people in recent decades. Now being the second largest economy in the world is the best proof.

It is difficult for anyone to accept that the wealth accumulated by the Japanese people for decades is taken away by outsiders. But now the major consortiums have not made any restraint, could they directly introduce policies; then the major consortiums must suffer the most, and it is estimated that his days as president of the Bank of Japan will come to an end.

Mie Yeyasu said with a smile: "Miyagi-kun, don't have any concerns, there are only the two of us here; you have been in charge of investigating the situation of the Heiyun company, and what choice do you think Bao Zixuan will make in the end."

The first is to bring the distance closer, and then it is to ask you to give an opinion. In fact, Mie Ye Kang must have an idea, but he just wants to get corroboration from other people.

I really don't want to answer, but now the boss has said it for this sake. Naturally, you can't pretend that you don't know anything. If you do, it will only make people alienate you.

It can be said that this person in front of him has become his only backstage, or even a great noble person who has risen in his career; he must not make the other party feel any unhappiness, let alone make him think that you and him are not in the same heart.

Miyagi Thirty-Eight is also in Fan Jiu's heart. If anyone can see through Bao Zixuan, then not to mention becoming the richest man in the world, at least he will achieve financial freedom. Everything is speculation now, and if the judgment is wrong, the future will also be lost.

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