Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 6508 . Qiu Lao (5)

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Chapter 6508

However, it was not good enough for the Qiu family to focus on training, because his parents and elder brother were not very talented, even if he was a direct descendant of the Qiu family, but the Qiu family had always followed the requirements of the ancestors, but the more successful the people were. less and less!

What he didn't tell Su Ruoxi just now was that hundreds of thousands of years had passed since the ancestors of the Qiu family came from the lower realm!

If it wasn't for the resources left by the ancestor at that time, if it hadn't been remembered the teachings of the ancestor, cultivated with one heart, and kept a low profile, it would be hard to say whether it could exist today!

However, even so, hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and the Qiu family has kept a low profile and slowly declined!

If a family wants to prosper forever, it is indispensable for the talented disciples of the younger generation, but the Qiu family is descended from the world because of their ancestors!

Disciples with good talent focused on cultivation and forgot the continuation of their descendants, resulting in the descendants of the Qiu family becoming less and less talented. By the time the Qiu family realized the seriousness of the matter, it was too late!

After his father, mother, and eldest brother perished because of the exhaustion of life essence, he also left the Qiu family and traveled outside alone. Because of coincidence, he did not perish, but broke through to the strength of the Lord God!

It gave him a glimmer of hope, but unfortunately it backfired, just when he broke through to the peak of the main god, thinking that he finally had hope, but he didn't expect to be seriously injured because of robbing resources and poisoning!

In the end, he was accidentally rescued by Alliance Leader Jiang of the Dan League, and he survived. Since then, he has stayed in the Dan League to retreat!

However, although Qiu Lao is in retreat in the Dan League, the cultivation resources he needs are all earned or bought by himself. After all, the leader of the Jiang alliance is kind to him and doesn't owe him anything. He can't let the other party provide him with resources. !

It can be said that since the death of his father, mother and elder brother, every resource of his has been obtained through his own efforts!

Looking at the spar in the ring in his hand, Qiu Lao has never seen so many spar in his life, but now it is in his hand!

He understood that if Su Ruoxi told him outside, he would never want it, and he might not even choose this room!

It is because of this that Su Ruoxi also said in the jade slip that it was not given to him, but a reward for guarding Lingxia Pill Tower. It was also used to activate the cultivation method, and it was not for him to spend money. !

There is no excuse for him to refuse. Su Ruoxi's behavior made Qiu Lao's calm heart make waves, not because he was curious about where Su Ruoxi's spar came from, not because he was curious about Su Ruoxi's identity background, But it was because of Su Ruoxi's delicate thoughts, that Qiu Lao was moved...

Qiu Lao put the ring in the dark compartment on the wall of the training room!

Then I got up and walked forward. It was a very spacious bedroom with a big bed. Everything was new. There was a bathtub behind the screen of the bedroom!

There are two guest rooms next to the bedroom, there is a door from the bedroom to the wall between the guest rooms, it is possible to go directly from the bedroom to the guest room!

On the other side of the guest room is the training room, and the door of the guest room can be directly entered from the outside!

In the training room next to the guest room, the door outside is fake. If you want to enter, you need to open it!

It means that the room on the left is now what Qiu Lao said, and without Qiu Lao's consent, no one should want to break in at will, giving Qiu Lao a better private space!

Qiu Lao turned around and was full of emotion. From childhood to adulthood, to Danmeng, this is the first time that he has such a good cultivation environment, which makes Qiu Lao feel a little dreamy!

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