Paragon Of Sin - Chapter 1115 1109:Round Two,Anln Jured Mortal

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The true dragon's roar was a mythical legend even those at the Resonant Soul Realm feared. It was sacrilegious for the True Dragon Transmutation Method, an art that was designed to generate a lineage of dragon-blooded cultivators that may eventually free the captive dragons of the Auric Sea, to be named as such.

The majesty of a True Dragon could not be easily displayed in any art, spell, or method. If the dragons beyond the Sealed Regions knew of this act, they would eradicate Anu's grandmother's lineage from existence. However, to Wei Wuyin, the sole cultivator of the Sealed Region, no, the sole being in the Sealed Region, to possess a True Dragon Bloodline, this fit him as if it was his destiny to obtain it!

The method's name had manifested into reality; a human had been transmuted into a True Dragon through it, tapping into the foundational strength of this legendary, mythical power. So when this Spiritual Spell was used by Wei Wuyin, backed by the purest Draconic Energy that originated from his True Dragon Bloodline, by lungs that resembled a True Dragon, its truest might was unleashed!


The pupils of Highlord Bluecloud and Kun Yiming expanded in an instant. They felt as if time had been distorted, as if they were moving through space at speeds faster than light, yet their bodies remained unmoved as a glacial chill and blazing heat assaulted them; their hearts pounded with an instinctive fear that threatened to cause them to explode!



Astrological Forces.

Astronomical Forces.

The Void.

All were affected in their senses, contorted to a bizarre degree that made them feel as if they weren't alive or dead, dreaming yet not, and their thoughts were no longer consistent in their Sea of Consciousness.

Kun Yiming was lost; her Mystic Soul was instantly overwhelmed, causing her Spiritual Strength to collapse and her consciousness to start fading as the stress of her body was no longer contained. Her Silverflow Wings were insidiously dim, but at the last moment, a silvery rune with a hue of blue formed at her glabella, and her Silverflow Wings quivered slightly as she spatially shifted away.

Highlord Bluecloud and Kun Yiming had jointly left behind a fail-safe spell rune to secure her safety in the event of her life being threatened, yet this was activated with Wei Wuyin's first true move, greatly exceeding their expectations.

The closed-eyed Venerable Slayingsword remained unmoved. As the roar's fluctuations threatened to impact him, a triple-layered Spiritual Ward of silver, blue, and white light flashed beautifully and encapsulated him in an egg-like structure.


It experienced deep and eerily numerous spiderweb-like cracks on its surface. Fortunately, it remained strong, and none of the True Dragon Roar's power could influence Venerable Slayingsword. The edges of his eyes that exuded wispy sword light intensified.

The spiritual force of the roar had disintegrated the grey clouds. It had temporarily lost its controller, so it could no longer reform. All that Spiritual Power had been lost, a sad event.

A dry cough permeated the world. A grey figure garbed in white robes soon emerged.

"He's alive!" The girls were unaffected, protected by the Defensive Array of the Original Dawn Palace, a result of numerous upper-level Earthly Saints' joint efforts. It was impregnable.

Xiang Ling was the one who shouted energetically, her eyes reflecting a sign of immense relief.

"He's injured." A grim-toned voice followed—it belonged to Lin Xianxian! While sharing her perception, she still had the most clarity of the bunch.

Wei Wuyin floated within the Dark Void, his skin covered by beautiful flexible hexagonal dragon scales. He seemed subtly slimmer, yet his body felt as if it possessed enough power to flick away large-sized planets with utter ease. There was a newfound domineeringness within his movements, and it caused the hearts of a few of the girls to shake with an equally newfound passion.

They blushed as they found themselves thinking inappropriate thoughts while Wei Wuyin was seemingly fighting against enemies trying to kill him!

Lin Xianxian was right; Wei Wuyin had three fist-sized holes in his back, and the Essence of War's robe was slowly restoring itself. There were tiny fissures in those areas that penetrated deeply into his body; silvery light lingered within as if chaotically destroying anything it came into contact with, preventing recovery. At the left-side corner of his lips, a strand of grey blood leaked.

Wei Wuyin touched his lips with his right hand, rubbing the liquid with his fingers and feeling the warmth of his own blood on his scales. A flash of complex light flitted through his True Dragon Eyes; their vertical pupils reflected the particular glint of the grey blood.

"Heh," Wei Wuyin chuckled softly. He was a Mortal, and this was an undeniable fact. This was easily forgettable since he had, just three days ago, fought against three Ascended beings and one-sidedly beat them down as if they were rude children. They even seemed to flee from his hand.

But that was far, far from the truth. Despite hitting the Soul of Mysticism Venerable Bluecloud with world-rending strength, penetrating through his Mystic Ward, and directly hitting his body, he hadn't been able to deal any severe or lasting damage. The refined physique of an Ascended was not weaker than his True Dragon Transformation. Moreover, he was harnessing his Draconic Void Force, Elemental Origin Force, and converted nearly five hundred thousand miles of ambient power into his strikes, yet he still wasn't able to do more than cause him to leak blood and send him flying.

And he was JUST a Spirit-type Cultivator.

If one paid attention to that fight, Wei Wuyin hadn't defeated any of them. Instead, they exhausted themselves and got caught in traps due to their carelessness. It was either due to their shock, confusion, inability to jointly combine their strength, or simply acting stupidly. For example, Kun Yiming was dead set on escaping, not fighting.

As for Venerable Slayingsword, he was swinging his sword without much conviction until the last moment, and by then, Wei Wuyin forced him to redirect his attack due to Kun Yiming's carelessness. And Venerable Bluecloud hadn't unleashed a single spell.

This was a real battle, and it showed Wei Wuyin a truth that was hard to swallow yet also undeniable: He was only a Mortal. It sounded strange to point out something so obvious as if it was a profound realization, but regardless of his outstanding foundation, the principles of cultivation and its resulting benefits were deemed invincible for a reason.

He couldn't even react before Highlord Bluecloud unleashed his Mystic Aura, seizing the entire world, and while mighty, his only response was the World Armor. This was also what Su Mei experienced. Despite being powerful, a Transcendent Starlord had much faster unfurling speed than her, forcefully causing her and all the other geniuses to rely on World Armor. And that only reduced the disadvantages, not eliminated them.

It's not that he didn't try, but the unfurling of a Worldly Domain was disgustingly slower than Mystic Aura. Then, he was suppressed by the Mystic Aura, preventing it from even escaping from his body like a gigantic hand crushing against it.

While his foundation was phenomenal, he was bound by the limits of the Mortal Dao. Due to the suppression, he actually lost track of Kun Yiming. It was hard for his True Void Dragon's Spatial Sense, Celestial Eyes, or Spiritual Sense to perceive through the turbulent Mystic Aura due to its Mystic Dao qualities that he couldn't sense, and he hadn't noticed that Kun Yiming had vanished nor sensed her attack coming from behind him because she was an Ascended and his Worldly Domain no longer trained her.

Yet that wasn't all!

While it took a long time to describe, Highlord Bluecloud had unleashed his Blue Sky, Grey Clouds Spiritual Spell at almost the same instant as his Mystic Aura seized control, and Wei Wuyin was assaulted on a spiritual level in a flash. If it weren't for his four Astral Souls working in tandem by themselves to defend against it, he would've lost his senses entirely, likely even self-detonated. If he was at the typical standard of a Transcendent Starlord, perhaps even a Mystic Star Phase cultivator, he would've instantly lost in that single move.

The advancement to Demi-Mortal Lord or the spiritual power of a Spirit-type Ascended being were not to be underestimated.

"This is the stage I set for myself, huh?" Wei Wuyin's dragon eyes lifted to see that Highlord Bluecloud was slowly coming to, but his Mystic Aura was still dominating the scene without any gaps. This suggested that he was using a segregated Mystic Rune to maintain his Mystic Aura so that, should he suffer mental damage or spirit disorientation, Wei Wuyin wouldn't find an opportunity to free himself during that time or unfurl his Worldly Domain.

This was calculated planning to the utmost, a sign of a true cultivator who could devise perfect counter-strategies against their opponent if given enough time.

The three holes in his back weren't bleeding, but Kun Yiming's Mystic Power ground away at his physical cells, attempting to infect and devastate his body's organs and Astral Souls. It contained genuine killing intent.

Fortunately, while the Mystic Aura was still permeating the surroundings, he still had an opportunity born from Highlord Bluecloud's temporary absent-mindedness, and the tactics of his older brother ingrained in his soul erupted.

He formed a hand-seal.

Using their connection, Kratos and Ori linked, while King and Eden began to unhesitatingly send copious amounts of astral force into their Astral Cores. This was a single moment, a hard-fought opportunity for freedom, and he was going to fully seize it!

One hundred and sixty-two centimeters of Kratos and Ori's astral force were instantly used!




Yet, forty centimeters of Astral Force, half from Eden and half from King, were also used!



He could no longer hold anything back.


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