Paragon Of Sin - Chapter 1114 1108: Round Two,Onslaught Of Ascended Power

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A violent rush of Mystic Aura rolled forth! It didn't belong to the all-slaying swordsman nor the winged illusionist, but the cloud-riding Daoist. Venerable Bluecloud made the first move, exerting the fullest extent of his Mystic Aura to barrel towards Wei Wuyin, mightily sundering chaos mana, ambient solar essence, and mixed energies in its path.

This was a genuine Mystic Aura belonging to a Demi-Mortal Lord, and it was incomparable to a Soul of Mysticism cultivator—far, far stronger and endlessly more tyrannical! It enveloped tens of thousands of miles in a flash, instantly encapsulating and dominating the immediate territory.

'So you've learned.' Wei Wuyin's facial expression showed the faintest of smiles, leaking out the tiniest inkling of pure anticipation. Venerable Bluecloud had learned from his initial mistake, allowing Wei Wuyin to dictate the battlefield and seize the initiative in an instant. As an Ascended being, his Mystic Aura was incomparably faster at expansion than Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain. If they hadn't absent-mindedly watched as Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain expanded to its utmost limits, solidifying completely, underestimating Wei Wuyin's power, then it would be typically impossible to fully unfurl or envelop an Ascended in a Worldly Domain.

Venerable Bluecloud demonstrated perfectly why that was the case; with his Mystic Aura infused into the environment, sundering space while simultaneously sending the ambient mana, essence, and energies into complete chaos, Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain would find it absurdly difficult to form or seize control should it be able to. Simply put, Venerable Bluecloud was preemptively destroying his Worldly Domain on multiple fronts.

Additionally, the two other Ascended beings kept their Mystic Auras condensed, ensuring that their powers don't interfere with each other's, allowing Wei Wuyin to turn the situation around. A sign of great coordination and planning, however minor it may seem.

Wei Wuyin, however, wasn't helpless before this aggressive tactic. The tyrannical Mystic Aura contained incredible force, enough to crush any ordinary Timelord into a bloody mist at best or wipe them out of existence entirely at worst.

'Su Mei.' Wei Wuyin thought of this inventive figure who conceived a portion of a Worldly Domain's true power alone as he began to utilize the recently excavated power of the Sealed Regions—World Armor!

By using the explosive initial torque of unfurling a Worldly Domain repeated, overflowing waves of worldly light danced upon his skin and clothes. The world-crushing pressure exuded by Venerable Bluecloud's Mystic Aura was perfectly defended against, not even wrinkling Wei Wuyin's robes.

Venerable Bluecloud's thick brows formed the slightest frown. Wei Wuyin's Worldly Domain wasn't just terrifying, it possessed ridiculous power likely stemming from an even more ridiculously developed Domain Seed. He, as a Demi-Mortal Lord, was unable to suppress Wei Wuyin with a single move despite seizing the initiative! The world would never believe this.

The seven women all had varying expressions, but shock was certainly within their eyes within a single instant. The aura of Venerable Bluecloud was foreign to them, but most had experienced the might of Ascended beings at different times, and they easily discovered that this degree of intensity belonged to something below an Earthly Saint and above a Venerable—a Highlord!

Their heartbeats revved up, and with each passing breath, their bodies grew colder. Unfortunately, they couldn't exchange speech as the fight had just begun, and the pace that it was occurring was simply too fast.

Wei Wuyin perfectly defended against the first assault, but that was merely the beginning!


Kun Yiming's Silverflow Wings quivered; she vanished with explosive momentum, her figure growing indistinct as her aura was fuzzy and confusing to the senses. She seemed to merge with space and Venerable Bluecloud's Mystic Aura, her existence became difficult to pinpoint.

Spatial Merging!

An ability exclusive to those at the Grand Convergence Spatial Resonance and Spatial-type Way of Mysticism! Her Silverflow Wings had executed such a profound power that Venerables and Highlords without a Spatial Soul rarely grasped! When she disappeared, Wei Wuyin's Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity glinted fiercely, and his expression slightly changed.

Kun Yiming's figure at an indeterminate time had split off, her fuzzy aura that was rocketing towards him was a deliberate distraction of an insubstantial clone. If Wei Wuyin was an ordinary cultivator without the Celestial Eyes or Void Dragon Bloodline, he wouldn't have noticed this clone.

However, the genuine Kun Yiming circled, subtly charging up Spatial Power while merging with space and Mystic Aura, perfectly capitalizing on the newfound abilities of the Silverflow Wings and coordination with Venerable Bluecloud to disguise her actions.

Wei Wuyin felt a tinge of respect in his heart from this tactic as he tried to find her with his silvery eyes. However, he needed to prepare himself. With a soft breath, he tapped into his fleshy beating heart.


A draconic roar emanated from his body, pulsing out a wave of Void Force that shattered the illusory spatial clone of hers. At the same time, Wei Wuyin didn't dare to hold back.

Draconic Transformation!

True Dragon's Armor!

The Martial Art of the True Dragon Transmutation Method was executed, and his body was transformed into that of a hybrid—a humanoid True Dragon! As he did, the hexagonal scales of his body glistened with Draconic Force, a physical-type astral force originating from his bloodline, and reinforced his scales by eighteen times their normal strength!

Venerable Bluecloud was already forming roughly a thousand hand-seals while all this was unfolding, completing them within a mortal's blink of an eye! While Venerable Slayingsword kept his hand on the hilt of his sword, his eyes closed while faint wisps of ghastly sword light leaked from the edges.

He perfectly resembled an unsheathed sword.

Venerable Bluecloud executed a Spiritual Spell! Blue Sky, Grey Clouds Spell! His intense spiritual power began to spread throughout his Mystic Aura which had already taken control of the environment as a hue of deep blue conquered the space. Without warning, grey-colored clouds shimmered into existence around Wei Wuyin, thousands of them the size of a mountain, and they merged into a total whole that resembled a tiny lunar satellite!

Wei Wuyin was instantly enveloped by the spell, trapped within the wad of grey clouds that thrummed with a spiritual vibration that resembled a claw against a chalkboard.

Venerable Bluecloud was a Spirit-type Cultivator, and his first genuine move targeted the Spirit! If this was an ordinary Soul of Mysticism cultivator, they would find their ability to commune with their Spirit of Cultivation severely limited, enduring tremendous pain as they tried to prevent the vibrations from infecting their Mystic Soul and forcing its collapse.

Kun Yiming got directly behind Wei Wuyin, separated by a thousand or so miles, and her eyes flashed with a shocked light at how easily Wei Wuyin had dealt with her spatially merged illusory clone. Typically, a cultivator would muster a defense to guard against her direct assault, only to be surprised by the disorientation spell. However, she didn't deviate from the plan.

She formed a single hand-seal, holding it as her Silverflow Wings began to exude silvery light that was deeply concealed by the ambient space, preventing the leaking of any type of aura or energy lest one could sense the depths of Fixed Space. Her eyes flickered with killing intent as she gathered a little over twenty percent of her Mystic Power, the absolute limit she could do in an instant, her meridians were already screeching in pain and her Mystic Soul cried out.

Venerable Slayingsword floated behind Venerable Bluecloud, hand on the hilt, eyes closed, and his aura was subdued. It seemed as if he wasn't going to make a move.

Within a world of grey spiritual clouds, Wei Wuyin's eyes suffused with silvery radiance. His gaze never left Venerable Bluecloud.

The Dark Void quivered slightly as Kun Yiming condensed her Mystic Power to an extreme. Before her hand-seal, an eight-inch silvery feather with dots of grey light manifested. There was a pervasiveness to it, emanating profoundly destructive power that caused fixed space to collapse with every pulsating wave of its barely contained might.

? "Go!" She roared in her heart. The feather acted according to her will, and it shot forth at a perverted speed that mortals could never react to. It penetrated through the grey cloud instantly.



The grey cloud was thrown into chaos, scattering after impact, and indirectly causing the spell to dissipate.

Venerable Bluecloud formed dozens of hand-seals, pumping renewed spiritual power into his spell, once again the grey clouds surrounded Wei Wuyin but with a stronger vibration that shook the spirit.

Kun Yiming loosened her hand, formed another hand-seal, and generated another silver feather that had an extra centimeter in length. Her eyes went bloodshot as throbbing pain struck her from every cell in her body as Mystic Power condensed instantly. She silently roared out, sending another feather forth!




Unleashing three feathers in almost an instant, she exhausted nearly seventy percent of her Mystic Power, her breath was heavy, and her Silverflow Wings trembled, not because of its over usage but due to her shivering body! She held nothing back as she unleashed a repeated onslaught of attacks!

Each time, Venerable Bluecloud would infuse greater spiritual power that would cause the clouds' vibration to grow increasingly stronger, losing little of its power despite Kun Yiming's attack!

By this point, the audience of seven beauties could finally react. The one and only Ascended being had unsealed her cultivation base, once again allowing her Mystic Power to reinvigorate her body, enhancing their rate of perception and senses!

Lin Xianxian!

She was intending to help! However, her pale expression betrayed her heart's overabundance of justified fear. Each feather of Kun Yiming could slay her two times over. While she knew that this was largely due to her drawing power from her armament, the might could threaten typical Demi-Mortal Lords.

Moreover, she wouldn't even be able to breach Venerable Bluecloud's Mystic Aura to reach Wei Wuyin, clearly aware of her limits. Since she had joined Wei Wuyin, she had acted as a maid through and through, and the benevolent resources of Wei Wuyin were given to her daughter. Her own cultivation had stagnated these years, so she hadn't improved at all.

She gulped.

Instantly, she heard a voice, and her eyes shone with momentary disbelief. She didn't hesitate to form a hand-seal, her Spiritual Strength slithered into the bodies of each woman, connecting their Spiritual Sense and allowing them to communicate and sense the events via a spectator spell, a minor version of what was used during the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit.

To these mortals, all they saw was colorful light flashing in an instant. Some hadn't even processed the formation of a lunar satellite-like cloud forming yet. They were too delayed. When they caught up, sharing her perception, their eyes widened as they quivered in horror.

"Wei Wuyin!"


They cried out.

At this time, as if timed perfectly, the world shook.



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