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This shocking big melon immediately detonated the starry sky, even more explosive than the emperor rewarding the green hat king, and Rum giving his wife!

Is the Lord of the First Light's business scope so wide?

Even the eyes of the Bose Legion looking at Tiffany were wrong, scanning up and down, and even began to act recklessly!

Where is there any prestige at all?

Jiang Nan widened his eyes:

∑(°口°?) "As for Tianli?... The person Tianli has always liked in his heart is actually Tiffany! Hey, have you been chasing after me so hard?"

"I'm sorry... for breaking your goddess fault!"

At this moment, Tianli was struck by lightning, and the hand that pointed at Tiffany was trembling!

(?? Mouth?)? "You, actually did such a depraved thing? Thanks to me being so kind to you and chasing you for so long!"

"Are you actually going to be a courtesan? Are you worthy of me? You and I made an agreement at the beginning that when I get on Star Swallowing, you will marry me. You and I will fly together, only envying mandarin ducks and not immortals?"

"You are so good! You can't wait for me to go to the star, you will go directly to the star, right? How many of them will you go to?"

Tiffany's face was red and purple, and she couldn't speak!


Jiang Nan curled his lips: (?°??°?) "Don't tell me it's wrong, you're not going anywhere, don't you always steal other people's Tiffany's underwear? Take it home and store it secretly, and take it out to admire in the dead of night !"

(¬?¬〃) "It's okay to appreciate it, but you still use it... 噫~"

The biggest secret of Tianli was immediately revealed!

Tiffany can be regarded as having caught the point of counterattack: "You still have the nerve to talk about me, I was forced to do nothing!"

"What about you? I said why I can't find those little vests I like, so you stole them all?"

"Say, what did you take it for?"

Tianli's face also turned red:

(︶优︶?) "I, I, I..."

This is considered to be a complete explosion. The news that broke out from the intimate Da Nan Nan, is it more explosive than the other?

Where is the law of the Lord of the Herrschers? The image collapsed in an instant, is it a big pervert?

Now it can be said that everyone in the starry sky knows it!

They were so excited by the quacking and chattering, where would they go to listen to such explosive gossip on weekdays?

Immediately became a loyal fan of this program!

The distortion of human nature and the loss of morality are no longer enough to describe the explosiveness of these secrets?

The discussion on Qunxing Network has gone crazy, and various posts are flying all over the sky!

And Mingsha and Xianguo looked at Tianli in shock!


Everyone has a shocked expression!

Is your circle really chaotic? The Bose family is already rotten to the bone, right?

At this moment, everyone on the side of the Carbon Alliance was shocked by Jiangnan's manipulation!

God meow your secret my heart!

Is this hand really poisonous? As a human being, who doesn't have any secrets in his heart, who hasn't done some bad things that can't be seen?

The reason why a secret is called a secret is because it cannot be known to others!

But when the secret is brought under the spotlight, known by everyone, and discussed!

It is no longer a matter of social death, the spirit will be traumatized, right?

Wang Youzhi directly gave himself two big mouths!

?△?* Horse riding! Why didn't I think that the war horn can be used like this? "

"It's really useless for me to use this thing? How did the big brother grow his brain?"

Yang Jian's expression is very strange, he seems to be more suitable for using the war horn?

After all, the eyes of the sky are not open in vain!

Naraku said in surprise:

(#?)△●#) "This, this... There is no good person here?"

After cooperating with this circle, I just accept a little bribe, can I be regarded as a good employee?

Leaving aside the ten thousand races in the starry sky, the Bose clan alone has completely exploded!

What kind of things are these high-level people in the clan?

Can such a shameless leader of the faction, the elders group, really lead the Bose clan to go further?

Not only did they lose their own face, but also the face of the Bose clan!

Gu Li clutched his heart, rolling his eyes in anger!

(?????ど) "You... you bastards! Shut up Jiangnan! Rum, kill me all the Eighteen Star Warriors!"

Since Jiang Nan is playing like this, it means he still cares!

How can Rum, who has already lost his face, care about other things?

Do it now!

However, E Jiangnan sneered and looked straight at the moat:

(???????) "Heh~ Do you dare to try to kill one?"

"Dear listeners, do you still remember that the Bose tribe made a lot of trouble because of the Seed of the Universe incident?"

"Then... do you want to know what the seed of the universe is used for? How is it made?"

Cutting:! !

It immediately opens the four-dimensional body, hiding the whole person in the four-dimensional world!

I was shocked, **** it!

Is it possible that Jiangnan can really see through other people's inner thoughts?

Mind reading?

Where did he get this ability?

Even the existence of swallowing stars can't prevent it? There are a lot of secrets in my heart, if all of them are exposed by Jiangnan, what's the deal?

"Shut up! How dare you?"

Jiang Nan sneered: "What's the matter? Think you can prevent being seen through by me?"

"Do you want to take a gamble? Bet on whether I can see the secret in your heart?"

"So that old guy is called Xunzu? Jieli? Tsk tsk tsk~"

Even if Jiangnan didn't see the secret in Guli's heart, Jiangnan knew all about this shit!

Mind reading is just an excuse!

Cutting eyes narrowed: (? Yi??) "I told you to stop talking!"

He can almost be sure that Jiangnan knows the truth about the Seed of the Universe, because he has seen through his own thoughts?

Damn it, this matter must not be exposed, otherwise it will be a big mess!

The Bose tribe took advantage of the serial war to harvest more than two billion years of leeks on the Great Hunting of the Universe, and used the lives of countless elite pillars of all races to support the Chuangjie Daxu, so as to gather the seeds of the universe and give them to Xun Zu Break through the world realm?

Once this matter gets out, the Age of Thousand Stars will collapse on the spot, and the Bose Clan will also become the target of public criticism, besieged by thousands of clans in the starry sky!

The drama at the end of the Eternal Age is about to be staged again!

Jiangnan pouted:

(?°?д°?) "Which onion are you? The mouth is on my body, so I can say whatever I want? Don't you want to know too?"

"Right, right?"

"Let him say" in a barrage of madness! "Let him live"!

After all, who isn't curious about the Seed of the Universe? The Boji War started because of this!

Cutie narrowed his eyes: "Do you really dare to say it? You don't want to live a good life? I said, I, the Bose, are not afraid of Star Wars!"

"Some secrets are destined not to be revealed. You know what I'm talking about!"

Jiangnan smiled slightly:

(???????) "The Bose tribe is indeed not afraid of Star Wars, but what they are not afraid of is only melee combat, not hostility to the world?"

"Also, some people don't seem to want the war to start now, otherwise the war will have already started at the beginning, and the sequence of offensive and defensive battles will not be carried out!"

" you think I dare to say it?"

While speaking, his eyes wandered in the starry sky, as if he was looking for a certain figure!

Gu Li's eyes darkened completely, history must not repeat itself!

Damn it!

"It's not good for your human race to start a war, and you don't want to end the serial war like this, do you?"

"what do you want?"

Jiang Nan grinned, Goose Box, he gave in!

(?°???°)? "Let's get rid of the Eighteen-Star Martial Slave Seal first. I haven't thought about the rest yet. I'll tell you when I think about it?"

Gritting his teeth, he stepped on the horse!

Going around in a big circle, they got rid of all the ugliness of the Bose clan, and even forced the Bose clan to a situation where war is about to start and the rules of the times are about to be broken!

Just because of those **** servants?

This guy really cares!

But the Bose tribe can't restrain Jiangnan with these things at all. Even if they kill Jiangnan, there is no loss to Jiangnan, it's just that the rescue failed!

Jiangnan's attitude towards slaves is very simple, I will try my best to save them, but I definitely don't want to cut my own flesh to save them!

Cut meat to feed eagles? That's too saintly, Jiang Nan is just an ordinary person, he can't do it!

But now, Jiangnan is just doing his best!

I tried my best, but I couldn't save him, so I had no choice but to say I'm sorry and accept my fate!

The situation is still under control, want to take the initiative from me? You want to fart!

"Your Secret My Heart" is just one of Jiangnan's methods, and there are even more disgusting ones in Jiangnan!

But there's something good about Guli!

He didn't want to start a war in Jiangnan, so he couldn't open his mouth and push too hard. When the limit of the Bose tribe was exceeded, they didn't care!

For Jiangnan, no matter what method is used, as long as the goal is achieved!

Cutie took a deep breath, suppressed his restless emotions, and the glazed horns on the top of his head flickered, obviously communicating!


And at this moment, the silicon master suddenly interrupted!

\\[┐?~?┌] "I will sell 1,000 base planets based on silicon, and all the prices negotiated before!"

"We are also more interested in asking Jiang Dalou to tell the secret of the Seed of the Universe!"

Cutting:! !

(? °? Yi °?) "Silicon Master! Are you endless?"

Silicon Master: ?[┐‘_‘┌]? “What’s wrong? Is there any problem? I’m also a loyal listener of your Secret My Heart show!”

"I'm interested in secrets and want to know, so it's okay to pay for it, right?"

He really wants to know!

In any case, if Bose is not willing to do something, the silicon base should do the opposite!

Jiang Nan smiled brightly: ?(〃?????) "I didn't expect this show to be so popular. Not long after it started broadcasting, the sponsors threw money at them!"

But the problem is... As long as it is mentioned, the base planet becomes meaningless, right?

Not to mention the base planet, even serial wars are meaningless, so there is no need to play fake ones, just fight for real!

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