Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 961 - The Journey Was Completed Step By Step!

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Chapter 961: The Journey Was Completed Step By Step!

Hearing Meng Chao’s words, the rat soldiers all remembered.

Although the rat soldiers of the Ironhide Clan had indeed charged forward with great momentum, they had been scared out of their wits.

However, as long as they followed the breathing and exerting force method taught by Meng Chao, dodging left and right, leaping and shifting, they had never been caught by the other party.

Even if they occasionally took a punch from the other party, after being stimulated by Meng Chao’s flesh and blood, they could subconsciously tremble slightly and disperse all their strength!

After the farce ended, they did not feel tired at all, as if they had just gone through a warm-up!

“Your body size is only half of your opponent’s, and the burden on your body and energy consumption are also only half. The duration of the battle is naturally much longer than your opponent’s.”

Meng Chao said with a smile, “On the other hand, your opponent doesn’t understand science to begin with… a reasonable training method. He doesn’t care that his joints and tendons are much weaker than his master’s, and he crazily builds up his muscles on his body.

“Moreover, I estimate that their master, the young master of the Ironhide Clan who just passed the coming of age ceremony, is very eager to become famous in this battle. Therefore, he has added a lot of special training to his domestic rat soldiers.

“It’s fine if there’s no special training. All kinds of unreasonable special training contents have been added. The joints and tendons of the domestic rat soldiers, which were already overdrawn, are now in danger. All of them have suffered internal injuries of different degrees, with cracks that are invisible to the naked eye.

“Believe me, although I can’t see through their ‘iron skin,’ I’ve come to this conclusion after analyzing the subtle differences in their walking posture before and after sprinting.

“In that case, the tactics we have to choose are very simple. The two words are nothing more than ‘drag’ and ‘hang.’

“The space on the arena will only be wider than the Hall of glory. We can simply hang our opponents from a distance and run in circles. We can constantly provoke our opponents into sprinting in a straight line and only dodge at the last moment, so that our opponents will have the illusion that they will be able to break our muscles and bones if they run any faster. Unknowingly, through repeated changes in direction and speed, we will exhaust our opponents’ physical strength and enlarge the cracks on their joints and tendons.

“I estimate that in less than thirty to fifty sprints, our opponent will be foaming at the mouth and be at our Mercy!”

Meng Chao seemed to have finished his speech as he looked at everyone confidently.

Everyone’s slightly trembling gaze went past his shoulders and landed on Ice Storm’s body behind him.

On Ice Storm’s head, a “volcano” formed from the condensation of ice and frost appeared.

She could not take it anymore!

Did this black-haired, black-eyed guy know her identity? Did he know who was the commander of this team?

He actually set up a strategy openly in front of her!


Ice Storm popped out her claws from her fleshy palm. She gritted her teeth and said, “Even if you created this farce to observe the enemy, why didn’t you tell me beforehand?!”

‘And get my consent?!

‘Do you still care about me, the commander?!’


Meng Chao muttered, “I don’t think you’ll agree, Lady Ice Storm. After all, it’s too embarrassing.”

Ice Storm felt that the iceberg of anger above her head had cracked.

If it were not for the dozens of gladiators and hundreds of rat soldiers who were peeping at their corner with curious eyes, she would have pounced on him at all costs and scratched his face, then, she grabbed his neck and shook him hard, spitting at the angry icicles on his face.

“So, you also know that it’s very embarrassing to be chased up and down by people with these crooked people? How dare you do that?! You’re embarrassing my people. Who cares who your ‘Reaper’ is? This is my team!”

“Please calm down, My Lady.”

Faced with Ice Storm’s murderous gaze, Meng Chao did not know if it was because his nerves were slow or if he was really certain of victory. He calmly said, “I think that you should pay more attention to this young master of the Ironhide Clan’s charging attack.”


Ice Storm was about to reveal its true form and pounce on Meng Chao to bite him.

However, it was once again disrupted by Meng Chao’s unrestrained train of thought.

“Charging attack?”

She was confused. “How do you know what charging attack this fellow can do? You’ve only seen him once, right when we were gathering our respective servants!”

“That’s right. Seeing him once is enough.”

Meng Chao was confident enough to say this.

Even though he was heavily injured and his strength had fallen to rock bottom.

However, after returning from the apocalypse and experiencing so many soul-stirring bloody battles, the experience of surviving hundreds of battles was enough for him to instantly understand the depth of a young master who had just started out.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this young master of the Ironhide Clan has legs that are thicker and sturdier than ordinary wild boar warriors. Moreover, there are a bunch of intersecting tendons protruding from the back of his legs.”

Meng Chao said, “Based on the degree of expansion of his flesh and blood and the overall framework of his bones, it’s impossible and unnecessary to train these two huge tendons just to support his body and perform normal tactical movements.

“I’ve seen similar tendons on the legs of many monsters… totem beasts. Without exception, these totem beasts all have very terrifying power-storing skills. When they sprint, they can increase their speed to the maximum and raise it to another level!”

Ice Storm was simply dumbfounded.

Just by looking at the two huge tendons protruding from the back of the opponent’s legs, did she know the opponent’s attack pattern?

This, how was this possible!

“Actually, we can use this point.”

Meng Chao ignored Ice Storm’s gaze and the claws that popped out of her meat cushion as he continued, “If it were professional gladiators who knew each other well and knew each other’s trump cards, they would be even more cautious when making their moves and would not easily use big moves that required charging and cooldown time.

“Our opponent is a young master who is eager to become famous in one battle. It is easy for him to get hot-headed. Just now, our performance was weak enough to give him the illusion that victory was in sight.

“He is confident that he has never shown his face in the arena. Once he is given the opportunity, it is very likely that he will take the risk and launch the charging attack in an attempt to win the battle beautifully.

“My suggestion is that Leaf, Spider, and I will run around in circles with everybody and walk the rat servants of the other party.

“Of course, we will put on the appearance that we have lost everything, which will cause the opponent and the audience to burst into laughter.

“Then, Lady Ice Storm will pretend to be furious and anxious. He will be anxious to finish the battle with the young master of the Ironhide Clan before all the servants are annihilated.

“It’s very normal for him to show flaws in his impatience if he wants to finish the battle as soon as possible.

“As long as the opponent seized the flaw and launched a full-strength attack, Lady Ice Storm, who has been prepared long ago, will naturally have a hundred ways to deal with the opponent.

“At this moment, the opponent’s domestic rat servants are almost foaming at the mouth. Let’s make a comeback and break the opponent’s fighting will with a thunderous attack.

“I think that under the situation where master is severely injured, these exhausted domestic rat soldiers won’t be able to hold on for long and will collapse completely.”

Ice Storm took a deep breath.

The fury in her head turned into chaotic thoughts.

In the beginning, when Meng Chao said that he had a way to make this team, which had only been trained for five days, to “win without injury.” She thought that this mysterious guy was pretending to be shocking again.

However, after listening carefully to his tactics, Ice Storm subconsciously began to think about the feasibility of putting this tactic into practice.

Such a “subconscious” made the female snow leopard warrior shiver deeply.

The other party was just a rat who was covered in wounds and couldn’t even walk steadily.

But as a matter of course, he treated an ace gladiator and a noble young master as chess pieces.

No, not pawns, but puppets with strings tied around their bodies.

Even tens of thousands of audience members were taken in by him.

This was not a battle.

It was a puppet show that was completely controlled by his will and destined to end!


Ice Storm was lost for a moment and could not help but ask, “Who exactly are you? Are you the most terrifying demon king in the eternal night abyss?”

Meng Chao interrupted her in time and smiled, “Lady Ice Storm, please believe me. I’m also someone who wants to go up the arena with you guys and fight side by side. I Won’t take my own life as a joke.

“After all, I still have many places to go, many things to do, and many people to see.

“I am, there’s no way I would die in such a place!”

As usual…

Ice Storm was once again convinced by Meng Chao in a daze.

She didn’t know how she managed to survive the preparation time under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Even the path that she was used to, from the Hall of Glory to the main arena, seemed to have become incomparably long, and she couldn’t finish it no matter how much she walked.

It wasn’t easy for her to reach the end of the path, and when a dazzling light and a strong smell of blood appeared in front of her, Ice Storm heard the cheers of a tsunami.

The cheers were boos.

They were boos directed at her.

Ice Storm calmed down with great difficulty and once again stirred up a storm.

Oh, my God!

She had fought in the Blood Skull Arena for two years. From the “Mud Challenge” at the bottom level to the qualifiers to enter the main arena, she had never been booed by so many people!

Even if she lost all three battles in the group battle and caused a large number of supporters to lose everything, there were still many die-hard fans who would not leave her.

But now, it seemed that the entire Blood Skull Arena was cheering for her opponent, and using the most outrageous obscenities to express their disdain for her.

“What happened in the Hall of Glory must have spread to the audience.”

Ice Storm thought in despair, “Now, all the audience knows that my team hasn’t even set foot on the arena yet, and they’ve already been scared away by my opponent, chasing after them until they’re in complete chaos!”

For the first time since she became a gladiator, she stood at the exit of the tunnel in a daze. She was conflicted in her heart and didn’t know how to take the final step.

“You’re not clowns who make fun of others, nor are you fighting for these unfamiliar audience members. Since that’s the case, whether the audience cheers, laughs, or curses, what does that have to do with you?”

It was at this moment that Meng Chao’s calm voice rang out from behind Ice Storm once again. “Remember, a person’s right or wrong and victory or defeat do not require the approval and support of anyone. As long as you believe that you are right and that you will definitely win, even if there are billions of people mocking you, opposing you, or blocking you, what does it matter?

“As long as you take a step forward with your left foot and then take a step forward with your right foot, one step at a time, you will be able to complete the journey.

Ice Storm was stunned.

In that second, two bright flames blossomed on her snow-white face.

In the next second, she was furious from embarrassment.

She thought that Meng Chao had seen through her inner struggle and comforted her.

Just as she was about to turn around and fly into a rage, she realized that Meng Chao was comforting Leaf, Spider, and all the wild rat servants.

After all, this was the first time Leaf and the others had stepped onto the arena, and they were fighting fiercely under the watchful eyes of tens of thousands of warriors of the clan.

They were met with unprecedented, overwhelming opprobrium.

It was inevitable that their joints would stiffen, and their faces would turn pale. They did not even know how to walk.

“It’s fine. It’s normal. It was the same when I first went to the battlefield. If I really can’t do it, I’ll just think about the things that are important to you and worth risking my life to protect.”

Meng Chao smiled and continued, “Do you know why I didn’t choose those muscular men but chose you?

“Because compared to those muscular men whose eyes were empty and only had thoughts of killing and being killed, there was still light in your eyes… and something that you wanted to pursue and protect.

“I don’t know what you want to pursue and protect.

“All I know is that you should fight for the light in your eyes and the thing that you want to protect even at the cost of your own life. You shouldn’t fight for these noisy audience members who are like flies!”

These last words made the rat soldiers laugh.

While laughing, Leaf thought of his mother, who was holding onto the mandrake soup, his brother, who had taught him how to practice martial arts, as well as Anjia, who was nowhere to be found.

Spider thought of the woman and the little ones.

Ice Storm and the other rat soldiers also had different but equally shiny pictures in front of their eyes.

As they laughed, their eyes lit up.

Dozens of rays of light were like dozens of sharp golden blades, tearing apart the overwhelming cheers.

Meng Chao and Ice Storm looked at each other.

This time, there was no anger, unwillingness, or doubt in the female snow leopard warrior’s eyes.

There was only a faint sense of shame and gratitude.

“Go, Turan warriors from the starry sky who rule the Earth and are blessed by their ancestors, for –”

Ice Storm raised her arms and shouted the traditional toast before the gladiators entered the arena.

In the traditional toast, the last sentence should have been “for glory.”

However, after hesitating for a moment, she took a deep breath and changed it to, “For the things that all of you, who have sacrificed their lives, want to seize and protect!”

Therefore, under the new toast and the boos of the tens of thousands of spectators, the wild rat squad, which looked like a crooked melon that had just been chased around by people in the Hall of Glory, entered the arena with its head held high and its chest puffed out!

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