Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 78 capitalist abner

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The latest website: on the platform of the steam train station in Beldan City.

Miss Pasha, who has long dark blond hair and dark blue eyes, raises her wrist to look at the watch every few minutes, but she is not waiting for the train that is about to enter the station.

Seeing this, another actress next to her joked: "Don't look... your Byers is a very punctual gentleman, since he said he would come to see you off, he will definitely not be late.

"I still remember the last time he rushed over just after patrolling to deliver you dinner on time. He didn't even have time to wash off the blood stains on his body. The director thought he was pretending to be a dead body and scolded him a lot. pause."

Ever since Byers knocked down a shocking horse and rescued the beauty in the crew of "Tudor Dynasty", Pasha has unknowingly fallen into the "sense of security" given to her by the other party, and the two have developed smoothly. became a couple.

And after she started dating Byers, Pasha's career as an actor also flourished.

She first served as the third female lead in another big production that was rushing to shoot, and because of her "sleepless" ability, her "dedicated" performance in continuous shooting for four days and four nights moved the director, so she was able to Acting as the heroine of Loen in this movie that the lord called "New Year's blockbuster".

You must know that although her acting skills are good, her appearance is not very outstanding, at least she is much worse than those famous female stars, not to mention the maids in the lord's mansion.

If there is no recommendation from Mr. Director, even if the girl in this anti-war war film disguises herself as a man and goes to the battlefield to find her brother, she doesn't need to be very beautiful, she will not get the chance to audition.

All this is the support of Mr. Director and the good luck brought by Byers.

Pasha ignored her companion's jokes. She knew Byers' punctuality better than anyone else, but if Byers failed to be on time, what it meant was what she was afraid of.

After all, Byers is a member of the patrol team, and has already fought several encounters with the Feysacs. Although they won all of them, the way he was covered in blood that day when he came to deliver dinner to her was deeply imprinted on her. in mind.

Fortunately, the thing she feared most in her heart didn't happen. Just as the train bound for Backlund was pulling into the station, Byers also appeared in front of her eyes.

The two young men who had fallen in love immediately ran to each other and embraced. With a "click", a reporter faithfully recorded this scene of true feelings.

On the tower of the platform, Abner also watched this scene condescendingly. His eyes examined the blood descendant of "Eternal Blazing Sun", Miss Pasha, wanting to see what "destiny" was still involved in her body.

"After I chose "Wisdom Angel" instead of "Elder Rude Talk", the blood of Eternal Blazing Sun should be useless to me... She has already become an 'abandoned child'.

"However, the fate of this lady still intersects with Adam, Hermes, Herabergen, and even me..." Is she still in the arrangement of a certain existence?

"But, what's the use value of her Sequence 9?"

Frowning, Abner felt that it was better to stay calm first, as long as he stared at it, no matter who was plotting behind him, it would surface sooner or later.

After thinking for a while, he took one step back to his mansion in Beldan, and notified "Nightingale", "Scroll" and other directors of several film and television companies to come to the meeting.

The head maid of the Witch Maid Corps, the original "Desperate Nightingale" Pannadia, who can only condense her true form within the mansion, the current Miss "Nightingale" soon brought a group of maids into the office.

Due to the large shortage of talents in the territory, these witches who were "brainwashed" by Abner and recruited, with both knowledge and excellent management skills, were naturally used and became the temporary leaders of various projects in the city.

Miss "Nightingale" first reported her income and expenses in the past few months, and finally she talked about the new movie "Rose of the Battlefield" that will be released in Peking University:

"Although the plot of the story is roughly the same, the budget of this movie has exceeded several times due to taking into account the national conditions of different countries and shooting four different versions... and you have publicly stated before that you will sell all the tickets for this movie

The housing income is donated to charitable foundations to relieve civilians in war... This will cause huge losses, and investors may be dissatisfied because of this. "

Abner glanced at "Dwayne Dantès" who was ranked first on the list of investors, shook his head with a smile and said, "Don't worry, the investors of this movie won't be dissatisfied because of this...and , we may not lose money.”

"Do you have any new ideas?" "Nightingale" cheered up and asked.

Abner didn't answer immediately, but looked at the witch named "Scroll" by him and said, "The miniaturized 'projector' should have been put into production, right?"

"Scroll" was originally a "Witch of Pain" from Bayam, with the characteristics of mixed blood. She is currently in charge of the industrial projects in the territory.

The lady in her thirties got up and saluted before replying: "Thanks to the technical support of 'Morning Star City', 10,000 units have been produced...but the energy is a kind of The jelly-like substance produced only by Ms. Eleanor has basically been used up, so it is impossible to continue to produce more.

"In addition, those packaged with 'Eleanor glue'...well, 'battery', it is only enough for a small projector to work for about half a month...Of course, if it is only used for two or three hours a day, then Six months or even a year is possible.

"However, it will need to be replaced with a new 'Eleanor Gum' battery after that."

The name "battery" was named by Abner... although "Scroll" doesn't know what it has to do with "electricity". "Maybe it's to mislead the competitors?" "Scroll" thought.

After listening to the report on the "small projector", Abner tapped his fingers on the table and thought for a moment, and then said: "Send 1,000 units to each of the four major countries, and keep the "hunger and The latest Battlefield Rose is sold as a bundle.

"Copy films of other films will also appear on the market after the new year.

"In addition, let the technical department modify the 'battery', the performance of this 'battery' is too good now, at least two-thirds must be cut off!

"The first batch of people who bought a small projector certainly didn't mind buying a few extra "batteries" for backup! "This kind of continuous consumables is the most profitable."

After finishing speaking, Abner turned to "Nightingale" and said with a smile: "Based on this, you can edit the "Battlefield Rose" into multiple versions.

"Such as 'Original Music Album', 'Full Edition of Four Kingdoms', Deluxe Supreme Edition', etc....

"I'm sure someone would be happy to collect all these different versions and show off to friends at home. "In this way, the loss at the box office should be able to make up for it."

"Nightingale" was dumbfounded when she heard that, she never expected that the film could have so many operations besides "box office". She used to think that selling character accessories was already outrageous...

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