Mr. Xiao's Unconditional Love - Chapter 657 - : Birthday Present

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Chapter 657: Birthday Present

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There was only a wall lamp in the room. On the log floor, there were scented candles. The fragrance was soothing and pleasant.

Hua Rui was wearing a loose linen t-shirt with a large collar. She was sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat. Her shoulders, which were originally a little baby fat, had lost their innocence and childishness. She was tender and had a more contoured feeling, which showed that she was mature and capable.

In the past few years, only Ye Qiao knew how to use the word ‘reborn’ to describe Hua Rui.

Hua Rui smiled brightly, took a sip of the red wine, and then swallowed it.

“I’ll ask him out tomorrow!” she said straightforwardly, then turned to look at Ye Qiao seriously and said, “Ye Qiao, thank you for the past few years!”

Ye Qiao immediately made a gesture for silence and said, “No need to thank me! One is my brother, and the other is my… noble little consort!”

The woman standing at the window was wearing a white shirt and had wavy hair. She was holding a glass of red wine in her hand, and her smile was so seductive that it could bend a flower’s stem!

“If it weren’t for Ye Cheng, I would be willing to be your consort!”

“Go, go, go! If you don’t want to live, I do!”

She threw a pillow to Hua Rui, who avoided it. The two women chatted until late at night.

* * *

Ye Cheng had just arrived at the gate of the base when he was stopped by an off-road car honking. Not long after, Lu Beixiao walked to the car with a paper bag in his hand.

“Didn’t you say that good horses don’t go back to the past?” Lu Beixiao said faintly and stuffed the paper bag into the car window.

“Who went back to the past?!” Ye Cheng retorted with a proud look on his face. “Brothers, go back for a blind date!”

Lu Beixiao reached out and took a cigarette from Ye Cheng’s ear. He held it in his mouth and said, “Light!”

“Reporting to my sister when we get back. You’re smoking again!” Ye Cheng said as he threw out his lighter.

“Before Hua Rui came back, you didn’t go on blind dates. Now that she’s back, you’re going on blind dates. Who are you putting on airs for? Don’t go back and bully Hua Rui out of the country again! Stay single for the rest of your life!” Lu Beixiao said sarcastically as he smoked.

“You’re the only one of us left!” Lu Beixiao added.

“F*ck you! Do you believe that I’ll successfully go on a blind date today?!” Ye Cheng said unhappily and was about to step on the accelerator.

“Put away the things in my paper bag. Don’t spoil it! Give it to my babies!” It was a gift that he, as the father, gave to his two children. Their birthday was approaching.

Ye Cheng took a look. It was a plane made of bullet shells and a tank model.

It could be imagined that the grim-faced Hades Lu sneaked to the shooting range in the middle of the night while his team members were asleep to pick up the bullet shells himself. Then, he welded them into the model in the middle of the night..

F*ck, he also wanted to have a child that hurt so much!

When he thought of this, he was extremely angry with that little thing, Hua Rui! He could have gotten married and had a child early, but she had to go abroad to further her studies. He had to wait for two years, but in the end, it was another two years. He was a 30-year-old man, and he was still single!

Gritting his teeth hatefully, Ye Cheng sped up again!

When he thought of how Lu Xiaogun and Lu Xiaowu were already three years old, and his eldest uncle did not have a child yet, his heart was filled with bitterness!

* * *

Lu Xiaogun and Lu Xiaowu’s eyes lit up when they saw the gifts that their father had asked their uncle to bring back!

“Daddy is so nice! Both of them are mine!” Lu Xiaowu held the plane and tank in her arms and said loudly.

Lu Xiaogun’s face was dark as he glared at her. Lu Xiaowu turned around and wanted to run away, but Lu Xiaogun still glared at her and did not chase after her.. After a few steps, Lu Xiaowu turned around and came back with a pout.

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