Modify Super God - Chapter 587 Try to be as low-key as possible!

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"No money for what?!"

The face of the very ugly old man changed: "Don't you want to watch our performance without paying us?!"

When the surrounding villagers heard this, they immediately surrounded the sides and rear of the commercial vehicle with various agricultural tools.

Seeing that his side is not weak, the old man's face changed again, and he kindly suggested: "If you don't have money, you can also use the valuables on your body to pay for it."

Pointing to the bracelet on Fujiwara Ai's wrist, the old man smiled and said, "It's pretty good like this bracelet."

Not to mention, this old man is quite discerning.

Although this bracelet is not made of gold, the metal used to make the bracelet is a special alloy that was finally developed by the Alliance after the world changed.

Gear made from this alloy is not only very strong, but can also enchant some useful functions!

Just when Sui Yu praised the old man for his vision, the old man continued: "Such a bracelet can be worth 50 yuan at least!"

Fifty? !

Even if you add 10,000 at the back, 500,000 will not reach one-tenth of the real value of this bracelet, right? !

Now Sui Yu can see it clearly, these guys are the robbers!

And they can obviously lead people to rob you of everything, but they not only carefully prepared a unique folk dance for you, but also set a robbery limit!

They really...

I cried to death!

It's really a role model in the industry, and it's so touching!

However, Ai Fujiwara obviously didn't care whether these people were industry role models in the field of robbery. Seeing that the bracelet that Sui Yu helped enchant in her hand was about to be taken away, she suddenly had an idea and shouted to the old man and the surrounding villagers: "Warning you, I'm a female driver!"

"What's wrong with the female driver?!" A male villager yelled, "I'm afraid of you, female driver?!"

Seeing that these people were so stubborn, Fujiwara Ai strengthened the iron wall skills that covered the entire commercial vehicle, and then kicked the accelerator hard.

"Hey! I accidentally used the accelerator as the brake!" Stick Read

Following Ai Fujiwara's fake exclamation, the commercial vehicle suddenly started, and then crashed into the barricade made of wood.

In an instant, the heavy-looking wooden fence was knocked over by a commercial vehicle, and then, under the bewildered gaze of the villagers, the unharmed commercial vehicle vanished!

"Is the fence lighter?"

The girl in the national costume just tried her best to avoid the misfortune of being run over by the car. Seeing that the fences built by the villagers did not stop the car, she whispered: "Is the quality of the car so good now? "

Hearing this, the awakened old man stomped his feet and quickly took out a two-kick from his arms.

Quickly ignited, the second kick roared into the air and exploded in mid-air, followed by a huge explosion.

The loud noise spread quickly, and it could be heard clearly within a radius of three to five kilometers.

Seeing that the second kick did not fail. The old man waved and said, "They can't run! Chase!"

Yes, as the old man said, Sui Yu and the others can't run away!

At this time, Yue Yeshan joked that Fujiwara Ai said that what she said just now was to attract blackmail to women, and she was careful to spread it out to cause female confrontation and be violent on the Internet!

So Fujiwara Ai shook her beautiful long hair and said with a smile: "Then treat me as a long-haired male driver! Anyway, there are more and more women wearing high heels these days, and I am not bad!"

"Be careful!"

Fujiwara Ai turned around, and the commercial vehicle drove into a rural area.

And just when a few people were joking, Xiaohe pointed to the front and loudly reminded Fujiwara Ai to be careful!



It turned out that just when everyone was joking, a dead tree by the road suddenly fell down and just stopped on the dirt road.

Although there are still many village roads around, but the width is obviously unable to open to traffic!

And that's not the worst!

The worst thing is, just when Ai Fujiwara had to stop the commercial car, the horsepower of the commercial car really couldn't hit the big tree, and a large group of dark-skinned men, women and children suddenly appeared on the surrounding village roads. A farm tool that can be used as a weapon rushed over!

A closer look reveals that there are actually two earthen shotguns inside!

Although the alliance cannot ban guns, it is still not as free as the US-Imperial Union to buy guns. It is not easy for private owners to own guns.

Obviously, these villagers are definitely carrying guns illegally and have not gone through any procedures!

"Come down for me!"

"Run without buying a ticket?!"

"Get off! Get off!"

As soon as they got around the commercial vehicle, the "villagers" started to beat the commercial vehicle from all directions with various farm implements in hand!

Although it is guarded by Fujiwara Ai's iron wall skills, and this commercial vehicle is already bulletproof, people inside this level of attack need not worry at all.

But now time is life!

Once this place is occupied by the Black Knights, in order to prevent the enemy from driving straight in, there will be a nuclear bomb!

At that time, God knows how many people in the nearby villages will die!

War is cruel!

Kindness does not hold the army!

No matter how much beautified on the TV series, the real war must be heavy casualties and extremely cruel!

Once the war breaks out, the most unlucky people will always be the common people, and all the common people in the vicinity will suffer along with the robbers in this village!

In this case...

Thinking that the surrounding villagers were no longer villagers but robbers, Sui Yu gave an order: "We have limited time, keep a low profile and solve this matter quickly!"

"Low-key, right?" Xiao Hei nodded slightly: "I understand!"

Pressing a button, the storage compartment behind the seat is opened, and Xiao Hei takes out a micro punch and several pistols from it.

Yue Zishan also took out a rifle shotgun from the storage compartment, plus... a few grenades!

Well, low key!

For this group of heroes, it seems that as long as you don't put on the hero's suit, it will be low-key!

But in general, Xiao Hei is really a black belly!

And just when Sui Yu sighed that Xiao Hei was too black-bellied, UU reading actually understood what he meant by "low-key"...

"Where are you escaping?!"

With an unpleasant scream, the old man who took the lead in blocking the road just now came back with the villagers who blocked the road!


After taking a machete, the old man rushed to the side door of the commercial vehicle with a black film on it and could not see the inside of the car from the outside, raising the knife and about to chop!

Right at this moment, the side door of the commercial vehicle suddenly slid open, and the barrel of a shotgun that followed closely withstood the old man's eyebrows!

This is Yue Yeshan getting out of the car with a shotgun!

And I have to admit that Yue Yeshan, who is aiming at this time, is really a woman who doesn't want to be a man, that's really handsome!

At the same time, the car door on the other side slid open, and Xiao Hei, who was holding a micro punch, shot and fired as soon as he came out!

Da da da! Da da da!

In an instant, two men with soil shotguns were shot and killed!

According to the standards of the United States and imperialism, for those who threaten their safety with guns, they should empty their magazines.

However, Xiaohei's marksmanship is superb, and three shots can accurately kill people, so bullets can be saved.

Although Mumu took a pistol, she was too scared to get out of the car, and it seemed that the battle was impossible.

This girl Fujiwara loves to hold her head and squat for defense, so Sui Yu asked her to stay in the driver's seat and continue to protect the commercial vehicle with the iron wall skills.

He himself, holding a pistol in each hand, pushed the door and walked down from the co-pilot.

Bang bang bang!

Four shot and killed the four villagers who were smashing shovels and shovels with fierce expressions on their faces!

No mercy!

Perhaps they were outraged to see Xiao Hei shoot and kill their most important relative, so they attacked.

But the robber must be ready to be killed the moment he decides to rob!

After all, it's the age of the league now!

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