Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8145 Feng Tian Xing, you lose!

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As Feng Tianxing said to retreat, Void also gave up the attack, and continued to waste time here with Feng Tianxing.

As for the attack, he used the rogue method of reflection to target Feng Tianxing. If he really wanted to force Feng Tianxing to nowhere, and then resorted to other methods, the outcome would not be known yet.

In a sense, no matter what race the master is, he will always hide part of his strength.

But so far, Feng Tianxing has not shown his trump card.

Void was worried that if Feng Tianxing was in a hurry and really wiped him out, how would he report the situation on his side to the upper level of Void?

It should be known that he was the only void creature that came to attack.

Even if combined with another void creature nearby, they still only have one brain and consciousness.

If it is eliminated, it means that all his army is destroyed.

Let Feng Tianxing do nothing, no matter how you think about it, it is not allowed.

"Forget it, go ahead, I won't attack."

Even though he said so, Void still felt that something was abnormal, and then sent a consciousness clone to report to Void's higher-ups.

Only this time, the consciousness avatar he sent was not noticed by Feng Tianxing, and he went all the way until the last time the void avatar passed through a certain road. Suddenly, the roaring thunder swept over and smashed the avatar into pieces .

After all, Void had a bit of an advantage this time. Although he didn't do anything, he secretly left a little attention to observe the movements of his conscious avatar.

He clearly saw the scene of being swept by the thunder.

Realizing that he had been tricked, the void creature was not angry, but just let out a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, according to the speed at which information is transmitted between the void creatures, it is unlikely that the high-level void will not have any news to send back.

Looking at this Thunder again, one can tell who did it at a glance.

The void creature standing in front of Feng Tianxing raised his head with a serious expression.

"You eliminated my first clone, and just set up a trap to eliminate the second one." Twenty rounds have passed since Feng Tianxing's subordinates tried at this moment, except for the skills and means, even the treasures have been one by one. Temptations are all useless, nothing can obviously restrain the void creatures in front of them


As if they were born to stand at the top of the food chain, fearless.

Even if he found out that his clone was destroyed, he was still so calm, which made Feng Tianxing's heart a little more stressed.

"You're right, why, are you going to do it now?"

Void nodded silently.

Do it?

It must be done. After several rounds of probing by the opponent, he can see the clues. Almost every demon can come forward to fight. This is completely different from the situation he expected at the beginning.

This is the general attack launched by Feng Tianxing.

If you don't fight back at this time, it would be a bit too stupid.

But as soon as he moved, Feng Tianxing greeted his subordinates directly and retreated several miles away.

Feng Tianxing raised his hand and waved.

"Thank you for your sparring, I need to make some special preparations now, if you want to chase me and kill me, then you can try."

As Feng Tianxing retreated, the void creature gave up the pursuit after a brief hesitation.

Feng Tianxing is too dangerous, and his methods are hard to guard against. He must have planned his retreat before this attack.

Under various trade-offs, Void chose to sit and wait for death.

Now that Feng Tianxing has retreated, the general attack will be over, and his crisis will be temporarily lifted.

If you can maintain a moment of peace, you can maintain a moment of peace.

Even if they don't get support from the top of the void, the other voids will not be caught in a hard fight.

As Feng Tianxing's army retreated, Void suddenly stretched out a huge tentacle pointing directly at the sky, and a faint tremor spread to all directions with a strange sound.

Feng Tianxing suddenly looked back, looking at the tentacle that was hundreds of meters thick, and felt tangled in his heart.

Now if you use all of your own hands, maybe you still have a chance.

But even if he wins, it must be a heavy price if he doesn't know how to deal with the void most effectively.

If there were better means, Feng Tianxing would never make such a choice.

But the crux of the problem is also here. At this moment, Void is obviously calling other partners. When other Void creatures arrive, his end will be the same.

Unless all the demons in the jurisdiction are transferred together.

In the blink of an eye, Feng Tianxing made a choice and turned his head suddenly.

"All demons obey orders! He must not be allowed to summon other void creatures!"

"All demons attack! Immediately!"

After finishing speaking, Feng Tianxing directly turned into a thunderbolt and swept up, and although the demons who followed were a little surprised, they still followed closely.

Just when Feng Tianxing was about to arrive, Fengming's voice came.

"Master! I just found out that there is a scar on its outstretched tentacles! It is above three thousand meters!" Feng Tianxing immediately looked up after being reminded by Fengming, and saw a deep scar on the huge tentacles. Although the void creature has deliberately turned the injured side away from Feng Tianxing them, the gap in the wound

But he couldn't hide it.

In the next moment, Feng Tianxing directly exchanged the consciousness and body of the demon clone.

The prisoners of heaven and Admiral Ming here have already made preparations and waited anxiously.

"When does Admiral Feng want us to attack?"

Feng Tianxing looked up, and on this side, the huge scars on the tentacles could not be covered.

Feng Tianxing smiled suddenly, and raised his finger to point at the huge tentacles.

"Admiral Feng has an order to attack that wound! Interrupt his call for help!"

Admiral Ming couldn't hold back any longer, and immediately let out a low growl.

"Brothers of the Demon Race! Whether today's battle can stabilize the situation depends on us!"

As Admiral Ming flew out, followed by more than 20,000 demons, the prisoners took a last look at Feng Tianxing.

"If Admiral Feng has other orders, please let me know as soon as possible."

After finishing speaking, the heavenly prisoners also rushed into the sky.

They have held back this battle for too long!

With the sudden attack of the demons on both sides, the void creature was caught off guard, and it was too late to retract the tentacles!

Attacking from both sides, under countless attacks, the tentacles of the void tore open the cracks little by little.

But this speed is still not enough!

A combined attack of 220,000 demons is still not enough!

The void creature laughed.

"Feng Tian Xing, you lost!"

"At your speed, interrupting the time of my tentacles is enough for me to ask for help dozens of times!"

"When other voids come, I will definitely break through your admiral's mansion! Feng Tianxing, do you think that what I said to you that day was just a casual mention! You have already been planted by me! Join my void army! Hahaha !" The hearty laughter of the void creature stung everyone's ears.

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