Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 7953 poisonous in water

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Feng Tianxing's remarks directly broke Kaqiul's understanding of him, he shook his head forcefully, looking at Feng Tianxing sitting beside the spring, Kaqiul was at a loss for words.

He didn't know what to say.

The entire battlefield was as Feng Tianxing said, but he had never experienced that the battlefield could be so cruel.

Regardless of everything, as long as the opponent dies, you can do whatever it takes.

When Feng Tianxing saw that Kaqiul was no longer speaking, he took the initiative to get up and said.

"Just watch it from the side, I will do the rest, and I will bear all the charges alone."

As he said that, Feng Tianxing popped out his sharp claws and cut a slit in his arm, and jasper-like blood dripped into the water.

Feng Tianxing closed his eyes.

Although the poison left the body, he was still in Feng Tianxing's perception, controlling them to go down the river and into the buckets of water.

Either taking a shower, taking a bath, or drinking it all, Feng Tianxing could feel that his poison was being digested and absorbed by this huge number of demons one by one.

But this is not enough.

A Demon Race team of 20,000 people, even if Feng Tianxing used his own blood to motivate them, it would not be possible to poison everyone with just a few drops of blood.

Bean-sized blood slid down his fingertips, Feng Tianxing's scales were no longer the same as before, they began to become sluggish and bleak, and even the edges of the scales turned into ashes and fell.

"Young Master Feng is enough, stop."

Seeing Feng Tianxing in such a state, Kahur hurried forward.

Feng Tianxing didn't have any intention of stopping, and continued to push blood to gush out of the wound on his fingertips.

"Master Feng!"

Seeing that Feng Tianxing's body started to shake a little, Kahur became anxious, and hurriedly stepped forward and pressed Feng Tianxing's wound.

"Enough! General Shera will not agree to such a victory!"

Feng Tianxing's eyes are a little dazed now, and he is struggling to focus his eyes on Kahur, Feng Tianxing pretends to be relaxed.

Reaching out and breaking Kajur's hand from his own.

"I have my own discretion. With my current physical condition, it would not hurt to lose another 20% of the blood."

How could Kaqiur let go, he is in good shape now, and after Feng Tianxing opened his hand, he quickly pressed Feng Tianxing's wound.

"Young Master Feng, why are you struggling! Enough, really enough, it's enough to defeat them, and leave the rest to the soldiers."

Feng Tianxing looked slightly dazed.

Yes, enough, long before the two breaths, the poison was enough.

As one of the twelve bloodlines of the ancient times, the poison jade bloodline, with half of his own blood, in exchange for 20,000 demons to be weak and unable to move, this is not too much.

But how could Feng Tianxing be satisfied with this.

He wants to kill these demons, and the hatred spreads in his heart.

It's these demons, it's them, who destroyed the once happy home of the human race, occupied other people's homes, and lived their lives so confidently.

I also want to continue the Demon Race for a long time by learning the methods of the Human Race.

This is not fair at all!

When the human race was powerful, they never fully penetrated into the Demon Race, let alone slaughtered the Demon Race. Now the Demon Race has done everything they can.

The human race is lingering in the dark places where the sun does not see the light.

In fact, his anger had already been ignited, and now there is an opportunity for revenge, how could Feng Tianxing miss it.

He wants the human race to rise again, and he wants that peaceful world.

To the demons, there is only one word to kill, kill them, kill them all!

Return everything that the human race has encountered in these long and dark years to the demon race. The kindness of the human race at the beginning will no longer be there!

Even if he bears the scorn of being spurned on his back, Feng Tianxing will not hesitate.

Looking at Kahur who was close at hand, Feng Tianxing's eyes flashed with a strange light.

"Yeah, originally I needed to give myself some strength to protect myself, but since you are here, I naturally have no scruples."

When Kahur heard this, he immediately felt bad, but in the next moment, Feng Tianxing flicked his tail and sprinkled a cloud of blood into the water.

Weakness swept Feng Tianxing's body in an instant, his body seemed to weigh thousands of pounds, unable to move a bit.

Kaqiul was shocked and scared in his heart, he quickly supported Feng Tianxing and wanted to take him away.

Feng Tianxing still did not mean to leave, but took out a dark green bottle from his arms, but now he has no strength to open the cork anymore.

Holding the bottle in his hand, Feng Tianxing raised his head and looked at Kahur.

", the crime...I'll...take it."

Kajul was almost going crazy at this moment.

He didn't understand Feng Tianxing's stubbornness, and he didn't understand why Feng Tianxing had to choose such a method. The weak demon in front of him was a dummy in his eyes, and a demon that he feared.

The omnipotent devil.

In the eyes of Feng Tianxing's killing intent, wanting to choose someone to devour, Kahur still did not let go of the grudge in his heart after all.

Because his hometown is downstream.

At this time, the voice of the demons came from below.

"What's wrong with the captain, what are you doing patrolling in the middle of the night?"

"I don't know, let's see anyway."

Seeing that he was about to be discovered, Kahur quickly picked up Feng Tianxing and was about to run away.

Feng Tianxing watched the water source get farther and farther away from him, and an inexplicable force came out of nowhere. With a flick of his fingertips, the bottle smashed towards the stone near the water source.


The dark green liquid poured into the water in an instant. This was not perfect, but it was enough.

The demons in the lower reaches could not escape this calamity.

Feng Tianxing seemed to have seen the scene of the demon creatures being charred, the corners of his mouth raised, and the strong consciousness finally couldn't hold it, and he fell asleep.

And in the demon camp at the moment, a demon glared at his subordinates.

"Who is in charge of checking the water source! Come out to me!"

"To be so slack!"

In the pool, a demon corpse was soaked in the water. A few minutes ago, he just jumped into the pool and washed his body.

Now, he is on his back, floating in the water.

It is not difficult to see from his purple skin that the water is poisonous.

"The order goes on, all the demons are not allowed to drink water today! Before checking it out, absolutely no one can drink water."

This small accident disrupted all Feng Tianxing's plans.

A large number of demons began to find where the water source went wrong.

But just looking at the water source, how could it be possible to find the problem.

The real threat is above their heads, on that cliff.

Today, Kahur and Dan held their breaths, silently observing the situation below.

Once the demons below have the possibility of coming up, the attack has to be advanced.

The outbreak of battle at this distance is undoubtedly a disaster for the six thousand demons hiding on the mountain. The two of them just observed here, and they were already too breathless to take a sip.

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