Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - Chapter 1047 - The People From the IT Association Really Came Knocking  

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Chapter 1047: The People From the IT Association Really Came Knocking

Liang Conglin was only stunned for a moment before he immediately returned to his senses and shook hands with him. He moved aside and let him in. “I am. Please come in.”

John looked past him into the suite and did not see the young man. He looked surprised and greeted him politely. He did not enter and said to him directly, “I won’t go in. It’s like this. I’ve been entrusted by a… gentleman to come and get something. If it’s convenient for you, can you give me the information?”

Tian Jing and the others surrounded him.

At the mention of the information regarding the chip in their hands, Liang Conglin’s expression gradually became serious. He said gently, “May I ask who you are…”

The man was tall and had an extraordinary bearing. His speech was very imposing. He patted his forehead and smiled. “Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m the vice president of the IT Association, John.”

He took out a business card from his pocket apologetically and handed it to them. “This is my business card.”

Liang Conglin and the others took the business card from him.

He was indeed from the IT Association.

He wasn’t an ordinary member, but the vice president!

The IT Association was quite powerful. They had the most advanced technology and connections in the industry. They were feared no matter where they went.

The vice president of their association was naturally not a simple figure.

But the other party was too polite.

From the moment he knocked on the door until now, his attitude towards them, from giving them his business card to introducing himself, was so polite that it could even be considered respectful!

Liang Conglin was very sure that the other party’s politeness was not for the sake of Qing University, but for another reason.

The only reason he could think of was Qiao Nian’s friend!

The so-called information was actually some research data in a leather bag. This data was enough to prove that Jiang Zongjin and the others had started researching chips long ago.

John took the leather bag and glanced curiously at the people from Qing University.

They were staying in a suite in Jin Chen.

He couldn’t help but feel curious. Before he left, he stopped in his tracks and asked, “Principal Liang, although it’s very presumptuous of me to say this, I’m personally very curious and have to ask you. You and your team clearly have this connection. Why didn’t you use it in the beginning?”

The Red Alliance had always been cold and mysterious.

Hengfeng Corporation’s daughter alone could strut around with the Red Alliance.

If they could get the main member of the Red Alliance, Slim Waist Control, to come down and get the information, why didn’t they say so in the beginning?


John saw the few of them looking at each other as if they had something to hide. He was a person who knew his limits. He had asked purely out of curiosity.

Seeing that Liang Conglin and the others did not answer, he did not hesitate and only said with a smile, “I’ll take this document up first. Wait for the good news!”

The reason why Hengfeng Corporation could be so unreasonable and overbearing was that Qing University had no evidence to prove its innocence. Secondly, it was because they had the power of the Red Alliance.

Now Qing University had the evidence.

The Red Alliance suddenly did not give Hengfeng Corporation any face.

Then, they had nothing to fear!

As soon as John left, Liang Conglin closed the door.

The professors had yet to recover from their shock. One of them held the burning business card in his hand and said in shock, “Principal, what’s going on? Didn’t Professor Jiang’s team send news that the situation isn’t looking good? The IT Association is on the other party’s side. Why does it suddenly seem like a different attitude altogether now? They even asked us to wait for the good news. This means that Professor Jiang and the others should be fine, right?”

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