Lord of Ashes - Chapter 937 Red quality [human body potential stimulation device (magnetic energy embedded...

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Speaking of the 30-second cooling time, Zhang Yanhang was a little disappointed that the promotion to the red quality this time still did not reduce the cooling time of the Four Stars. After all, 30 seconds is indeed a bit long for him today.

Although the additional attribute on the divination tarot card can help reduce part of the cooling time, it can't cut it too much. It can only reduce the cooling time by 22.5%, that is, from the original 30 seconds to 23.25 seconds. It can only be reduced by 6.75 seconds.

But fortunately, he will upgrade the level of the divination tarot card again soon. At that time, the cooling time of the skill must be reduced again, for example, to less than 20 seconds.

"In addition to the cooldown time, the stun time of the red-quality All Four is also increased by 0.4 seconds this time, from the original 4.4 seconds after hitting the enemy to stun it for 4.8 seconds, and the distance reaches more than five seconds. Only 0.2 seconds away gone."

Speaking of the stun time, Zhang Yanhang can't help but think of the cooldown time. If one day the stun time can be further increased and the cooldown time is further reduced, is it possible for the cooldown time to end before the stun effect ends? ? This is the so-called infinite vertigo.

Although he has never experienced the stun effect before because he would directly kill the enemy in seconds every time he uses the Four Stars, but presumably in the future, this stun effect should finally be able to exert a certain effect on the gods who are more and more difficult to kill due to the blessing of divine power Yes, it can definitely assist him to kill the enemy more easily.

Moreover, although infinite dizziness sounds like a bug, Zhang Yanhang feels that there is a high probability that it can be completed. After all, the level of divination tarot cards has been steadily improving.

"Compared to the four elements, the impermanence of all elements has been greatly improved this time. The total damage bonus to living enemies has been increased from 39.6% to 52%, which is equivalent to another 12.4% increase in total damage. The bonus is much higher than last time."

Zhang Yanhang remembers that the last time he upgraded to orange quality, it seemed that the increase was only 8.5%. This time, it was 3.9% more than the last time, almost half the increase. It is indeed a relatively rapid increase, probably because it is about to be upgraded to legend. quality too.

"Moreover, although on the surface there is only a 52% total damage bonus, in fact, because the damage of all things' special attacks is doubled, this 52% total damage bonus can be regarded as a 104% total damage bonus. Any attack can directly double the damage."

Of course, fixed damage cannot be increased. After all, the reason why fixed damage is so powerful is that it is difficult to be affected and remain in a fixed state forever. Only special bonuses can add fixed damage.

But the damage other than the fixed damage can still be added at will. This time it is actually equivalent to increasing his overall damage by 24.8%, which is a quarter of the overall increase, which is still very good.

After all, this is only a single quality upgrade that can increase so much damage bonus, Zhang Yanhang is now looking forward to the legendary Four Great Jiekong Jingshi Quan.

In view of the fact that all the enemies Zhang Yanhang has encountered so far are all biological enemies, and he has not encountered other types of enemies yet, Zhang Yanhang feels that this special attack on biological enemies is indeed very practical.

To be honest, at first Zhang Yanhang thought that enemies like Kurenzo’s magnetic energy heavy tanks and electromagnetic rail train guns must be mechanical enemies, but he didn’t expect that there were still flesh and blood tissues parasitized by viruses inside, so they were also attacked by humans. Determined as a living entity enemy.

Of course, in theory, it is not controlled by AI, but silicon-based life that is self-aware and capable of self-reproduction like King Kong in disguise also belongs to the ranks of life forms.

However, at present, robots with self-awareness are still relatively rare. Most mechanical enemies are just tools and weapons mass-produced by the assembly line.

"But although I am really looking forward to the legendary Four Great Jiekong Jingshi Fist, I don't have the qualifications to upgrade at all. After all, after upgrading to the red quality, I need to gather seven to continue improving the quality of the Four Great Jiekong Jingshi Fist. A red quality weapon."

Zhang Yanhang really has no idea how to get together the seven pieces of red quality upgrade consumables. After all, it is so difficult for him to put together the six pieces of orange quality upgrade consumables, let alone the red quality upgrade with more quantity and higher quality. Supplies are gone.

Moreover, compared to the orange-quality items that have basically begun to be popularized by Zhang Yanhang's side.

The red-quality items that represent the late fifth stage are still proper high-end items. He had only obtained them when opening the ashes treasure chest and the lord's treasure chest before. The few red items he opened were not enough for him to use, let alone anything else. It is completely unrealistic to convert it into an upgrade consumable.

As for the ordinary treasure chests, the highest quality treasure chests he has obtained now are only the dark gold quality treasure chests dropped by the ancestor virus infected people, and at most, only the orange quality human potential stimulation devices can be opened.

Therefore, it is unrealistic for Zhang Yanhang to immediately upgrade the quality of the Four Great Jiekong Jingshiquan to the legendary level. It can even be said that he does not have any completion conditions at all. After all, even if all the red quality equipment on his body is added up Not seven pieces.

"In other words, it is obviously already of red quality, but the requirements for the use of the Four Great Jiekong Jingshiquan are still only maintained at a relatively low level, probably around the early stage of the fourth order.

Originally, the requirements for using the Four Great Jiekong Jingshiquan were 70 points of strength, 65 points of agility, and 65 points of constitution, but now they have increased to 80 points of strength, 75 points of agility, and 75 points of constitution, all of which only increase the requirement of ten attribute values. "

In this regard, Zhang Yanhang can only say that this is probably the characteristic of upgradeable weapons. The attribute value requirements are lower, which allows users to upgrade boldly without worrying about becoming unusable due to excessive usage requirements after upgrading. .

However, it doesn't matter to Zhang Yanhang, who now has no taboo skills.

"But it should be said, although the usage requirements are very low, the equipment score is not discounted at all, and it still maintains a full score. After the upgrade, the full score of the orange quality is directly increased from 680 points to the full score of the red quality. 830 points, and the score has been raised by 150 points again."

For this point, the Four Great Jiekong Jingshi Quan has never disappointed Zhang Yanhang.

After checking the attribute list of the Four Great Jiekong Jingshiquan, Zhang Yanhang immediately put it back in his hand.

"Although the next legendary level is extremely difficult for me who is currently at the fourth level, it must be easy for me after I have been promoted to the fifth level."

After all, the red quality itself is the fifth-level quality. It is normal for Zhang Yanhang of the fourth level to obtain it, but it is definitely not difficult for him to obtain the fifth level. At least it is definitely not a big problem to gather seven upgrade consumables , or even further upgrading to the epic level may not be a problem.

After counting the talents, soul points, and weapons one after another, Zhang Yanhang immediately began to count the income from the equipment. First of all, it was naturally the human body that was just opened together with the Omda Nuclear Cannon from the treasure chest dropped by the Ancestral Virus infected person. Potential stimulating device.

As the initial state is high-end equipment that is close to the full score of orange quality, Zhang Yanhang only opened a total of nine pieces this time.

But the quantity is not the key, the key is where the thing is equipped. If it is installed on the heart, it can only be said that nine pieces are relatively redundant, but if it is installed on other places related to three heads and six arms, the nine pieces It might not be enough.

Zhang Yanhang took a brief look at this human body potential stimulation device, and found that its shape is actually not too similar to the neck potential stimulation device. This thing is flatter, and the inside of one piece is divided into two parts like an electromagnetic energy pump. See Doesn't sound like a heart-related outfit?

But Zhang Yanhang was too lazy to guess where the equipment should be for this kind of thing without an instruction manual. He chose to ask the multiple choices directly. After spending a little energy, Zhang Yanhang got the correct answer from the multiple choices. It turned out that this thing It turned out to be equipped on the palm to improve hand strength.

Or in other words, it is used to increase the power of the tyrant's deformed and swollen palm to better exert the skill effect of Death Claw, otherwise, under normal circumstances, no power-enhancing device would be implanted in the palm .

But for a tyrant whose palm is often comparable to one-third or even one-half of his height, it is really practical to install a special thing on the palm that can improve the strength of the hand.

"Under normal circumstances, it should be impossible for my palm to be equipped with any other equipment after it has been equipped with the Four Great Jiekong Jingshi Fist and the Stone Bandage.

However, this human body potential stimulation device, like other equipment developed from the Umbrella Biochemical Experimental Field, has its own magnetic energy embedded function, which can be equipped inside the body, and does not share the same equipment slot with the external equipment. Naturally, there will be no conflicts. "

This is like hitting a steel plate on the leg, will it affect wearing pants? That's definitely not the case, after all, the steel plate is not plaster.

Therefore, the magnetic energy embedded equipment developed by Zhang Yanhang at the Umbrella Biochemical Experimental Site has never conflicted with other equipment. After all, to a certain extent, these magnetic energy embedded equipment is actually close to cyberpunk The transformation of the prosthetic body is almost the same, adding parts to the inside of the body.

"Since this human body potential stimulation device is equipped on the palm, then I need to equip four pieces at the same time. From this point of view, nine pieces are indeed a bit small, but there is no way, after all, a high-level monster like the ancestor virus aggregate There are few in number.”

If he wants to obtain more human potential stimulation devices, Zhang Yanhang feels that the automatic refresh of the Umbrella Biochemical Experimental Site itself is definitely not to be counted on. At most, he can only count on the automatic refresh of the third prize pool of the lucky slot machine.

"Speaking of which, it's already past five o'clock in the morning. Logically speaking, the third prize pool of the lucky slot machine in the Umbrella Biochemical Experimental Field should have been refreshed. However, I don't have time to check it right now."

Zhang Yanhang is going to wait until the relevant income is counted before going there to clear the third prize prize pool. Well, the premise is that if it is refreshed, if it is not refreshed, then it will have to wait for the next time.

"But cleaning up the third prize pool is a matter of later time. The most important thing now is to integrate the human potential stimulation device first."

Zhang Yanhang immediately put all the nine human potential stimulation devices into the alchemy circle and immediately began to fuse them.

Because the number is small, this time, there is only one round of fusion in total, and because it is the first fusion, the overall fusion process is not only extremely smooth but also extremely fast, and the fusion is completed in about a few seconds .

In the end, except for one human potential stimulating device, the other eight human potential stimulating devices were all fused by Zhang Yanhang into a red quality human potential stimulating device +1.

Seeing the four human body potential stimulation devices +1 flashing red light in front of him, Zhang Yanhang immediately clicked on its attribute list and began to check.

[Human potential stimulation device (magnetic energy embedded) +1]

[Quality: Red]

[Type: Equipment]

[Place of Origin: World of Ashes, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Umbrella Biochemical Test Site, suburb of Umbrella City, Zhang Yanhang. 】

【Durability: 85/85】

【Defense Power: 67】

[Additional attribute: Strength +60% (+5%). 】

[Requirements for use: Strength 125 points. 】

[Score: 725 (Red items are rated from 681 to 830.)]

[Introduction: Although I want to create a super weapon, my first step is to continue to take root in the energy sector. Only by continuing to optimize the micro-nuclear reactor to ensure stable energy transmission can I really manufacture the super weapon I want. For me For the creator of this miniature nuclear reactor...]

"Before the fusion, the human potential stimulation device already had a score of 675 points, which is only 5 points away from the full score of the orange quality. Now, although it is only a simple fusion to +1, it has been successfully promoted to the red quality. The equipment score is directly From the original 675 points to 725 points, a total increase of 50 points.

But unfortunately, because the red quality score range has a total of 150 points, although the score has increased by 50 points at one time to 725 points, it is still within the range of low red quality scores. "

It can be said that if the human potential stimulation device +1 can increase the score by six points and the total score reaches more than 730 points, it can immediately enter the range of medium score for red quality, but fortunately Zhang Yanhang thinks it is not a big problem.

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