Invincible Leveling King - Chapter 4940 did not run in vain

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The old man had to scold his mother thoroughly in his heart.

I didn't expect that what I did well, it turned out to be a good show for others.

Even brought the other party in.

This place isn't something anyone can bring in casually.

If it wasn't for what he had on hand, the other party wanted to come in, it was a daydream.

Without any choice.

He could only use the strongest means to kill the guy in front of him.

Don't kill the person in front of you.

For him, it is simply a huge scourge, and everything here may be taken away by him.

Very loss.

The dazzling light in the sky turned into a sharp sword, and it slashed over with a swoosh.

This slash was still for the entire time, and it can be said that this move is very powerful.

He is also going out of his way. In general, he would never use this thing, but this young man in front of him is different, very powerful and very smart.

How can he be completely suppressed if he doesn't come up with his ultimate move.

If he can't figure it out, the person who will die will still be himself, so he is extraordinarily decisive, and this sword has indeed achieved a brilliant record.

There were also some happy events in the eyes of the old man. As long as this kid was beheaded, he would have no loss to him.

On the contrary, it got his wish.

But if he couldn't be completely beheaded, then the unlucky one would be himself, and he felt a little more nervous in his heart.

"It's a very good method. This move is indeed very useful against other saint-level powerhouses, but for me, your method is still a bit poor."

A figure came out in the bright light.

Lin Fei didn't change in any way, but he was calm.

But for the old man, it was different, and he really realized that trouble was coming.

This time it's really bad.

This kid has nothing to do.

Gather the bright light again, and kill again.

I can't believe you can take it that many times.

The cold glow that erupted this time was even more terrifying than the last time.

Even if time stops again.

The old man's face turned pale a lot, and this move burst out with even stronger power.

This time, if the opponent cannot be completely suppressed, or the person is severely injured, then the loss is not ordinary.

"It's still a painless method. Of course, it is still a lot stronger than the previous one. Now it's my turn. Anyway, we have to carry two moves, otherwise I will be very angry."

A palm flew out directly.

He slapped down fiercely, and with a loud bang, the old man was instantly drowned under the palm of his hand.

He had been prepared for a long time, but after facing this move, the old man realized that he couldn't hold it at all, and the whole person fell to the ground, followed by a big pit.

He felt that his entire body had completely collapsed, and he was basically unable to move when he lay there. It was really terrifying.

How can there be such a strong guy?

The other party also came.

"I thought you were so strong that you couldn't handle it with one move. It really disappointed me a bit."

Another palm shot down, and in an instant, the old man felt that his consciousness turned into gray as soon as it was black.


If you are too lazy to do this kind of thing, it will save you trouble and worry.

Anyway, they all came to this place.

As soon as he reached out and grabbed the other's ring, it landed on his hand.

In addition to this, there is a very unremarkable key.

The other party uses this key to come to this time and space node.

Now the key is in Lin Fei's hands, which means that it will be easier for him to come in in the future.

And at this time, he was going to see what kind of good things there were.

It's worth so much trouble for the other party to find such an organization and attack this city.

If it wasn't for his extraordinary strength, he would have been secretly succeeded by him. At that time, he would be really busy and fall short.

Lin Fei also had more expectations for the things in this place.

Flying Lin Fei all the way inside, but didn't find anything that looked like it.

The further in, Lin Feiyue saw nothing.

There are not even some medicinal materials here.

This time, Lin Fei's heart couldn't help gurgling.

It is impossible to say that this thing has been taken away in advance.

If this is the case, then this trip is really completely in vain.

Then again, he felt that since the old man could come to this place, he must have got some clues.

That is to say, this place should not be so easy for people to enter.

Let yourself still have a certain probability of getting your own good things.


He came to the center of this place. It was not a big one, but when he came here, he saw a small lake.

see this lake.

He himself was surprised, the lake was very quiet.

An idea popped into Lin Fei's heart, he couldn't say that this thing was under this lake.

A hand stretched out.

Pressed on the lake.

Let's see what danger is here first, the lake water in the sky turned into a huge finger in an instant.

He poked directly at his palm.

This move is quite powerful. In an instant, the power reached the level of the Great Perfection of the Holy Level, and it seemed that it would pierce Lin Fei's palm.

Lin Fei smiled.

It was exactly what I imagined.

This lake is a bit complicated, and it has been blessed with means.

The power at hand exploded, and the rumble was directly crushed.

The fingers collapsed and turned into lake water again, covering the lake.

The simple fight made Lin Fei happy, and he should not have run in vain this time.

Things are in this lake, but this lake still has some hidden means, let's break it clean first.

The palm continued to press down, and the rumbling sound broke out continuously, which continued for a while.

Lin Fei's palm was completely intact, and even no matter how strong the attack was, it did not leave any traces on his palm at this time.

It lasted until there was no movement from the sound, and then Lin Fei completely retracted it. The lake surface became extraordinarily calm, and there was a dazzling light.

"There shouldn't be any special power at this time. I want to see what's in this place."

Stride into the lake.

into this underwater.

The bottom of the water is clear and clean, and you can see the bottom of the situation at a glance.


At the bottom, Lin Fei saw something.

It was like a water polo.

When Lin Fei saw this thing for the first time, Lin Fei's eyes lit up, and it was a bit as colorful as a planet.

Is it a heaven and earth treasure?

If so, then this trip should be quite cost-effective.

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