Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1900 The Quintessential Kainos Emperor Enters The Main Reality! L

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Silent waves of destiny flowed as Noah stepped out of his thoughts and did not ask any more questions. He didn't try to probe the Heart of Destiny that didn't send any thoughts to him, nor did he probe into Lavalliere's thoughts!

He only went ahead to look at the ability that had been triggered from the Heart of Destiny.

<Clandestine Destiny>:: A feature that entirely masks the Destiny of the master to a normal and acceptable level that he instinctively wishes for. The Heart of Destiny goes even further as it masks the very origins and form of what the master wishes to display to others, along with their Bloodlines, abilities, and even concepts. Regardless of their rank, nobody can pierce through the veil of Clandestine Destiny as the only possibility lies with other items similar to the Heart of Destiny. If you have managed to trigger this ability, consider your destiny sufficient as just due to it, your possible survivability has been elevated by a few million years.


It was actually an absolute masking ability.

One of domineering nature at that as whether they were of the Alpha or the Ultima Strata or of the Grotto Haven Realm and didn't matter!

If they didn't have something like the Heart of Fortune, the Heart of Karma, or even the Heart of Fate...they would always see what Noah wished them to see.

The Heart of Destiny seemed to perceptively sense Noah's wishes as when it felt possibilities rising for them to be affected, it acted on its own.

As for what had triggered it?


Noah's mind buzzed as the eyes of a certain Clone met a new scene.

For now, the case seemed to be that the Heart of Destiny had sensed the possibility of Noah's secrets being pried out by even a small margin as he left the Kun Peng's Cataclysm Nest, so it went ahead and activated Clandestine Destiny autonomously!

The Domain Rift outside of the Unexplored Grotto Sanctum pulsated as even though they had just begun sending new beings in- those who had survived a deadly plot began to come out as multicolored light flashed over the massive Rift portal.


The only Ultima Strata LEGEND here raised his hands as everything came to a halt, everyone watching closely as the pulsing portal began to release one aura after another, but there was a single one that stood at the very forefront!

It was the visage of a being they had seen make deadly moves in the illusory screen that had now disappeared- the existence who to them, he had been capable of wiping out tens of thousands of LEGENDS easily!

The pristine figure of Alexander King appeared as Akaris and Ezekiel were behind him, Katelyn's figure floating closer to Noah as she didn't seem to be paying attention to the myriad of things occurring around her, with her gaze distant and exotic.

Noah's Clone currently looked to be adorned in simpler obsidian pants and a loose white shirt, the black hair of this Clone weaving powerfully as his broad fair chest pulsed with power and beauty. Even though one couldn't see an aurora of wings or powerful waves of power, Noah was still in his Ascendant Quintessential Kainos Emperor form as he could instantly erupt with Billions worth of Damage Values!

Above his head and behind him, an empty space could be seen as his authority was not wildly displayed for all to see, but this wasn't even needed as when Noah stepped out- the whole area became silent!

The eyes of many Primogenial Strata LEGENDS seemed to recall how he could wipe out tens of thousands of them when they gazed into his own endlessly surging eyes, their figures silently developing respect and fear as they treated this being similar to how an existence of high ranking in the Main Reality would be perceived.

The Beta Strata LEGENDS watched him with powerful eyes of disbelief as they tried to figure out how someone with his power and realm could exceed and even kill beings of their stature, while the Alpha Strata LEGENDS representing the Pure-Blooded Primordial Races gazed at Noah with luminous eyes of wanting!

In the structure and power of Primordials, those with special identities and unique Lineage were respected.

But those with power that other beings could not even deny…they were respected more than anything else.

"Representative Aileron."

The wings of Akaris were the first to buzz as this existence spoke while gazing at the Ultima Strata LEGEND that was staring at them all with care!

The two siblings seemed shockingly alike as Akaris called to her brother in a somewhat cold tone, but Aileron did not return the same coldness as he smiled lightly while nodding towards her, his eyes becoming locked onto Noah's visage at this moment as he spoke.

"Acknowledgments are in order…as well as orders from above. You all have done well to explore this Grotto Sanctum and survive the threats within it! All those involved in large scale skirmishes with Ancient Races and any foreign Dimensional Existences though...are to report to the Primordial Assembly."


Even though he was gazing at the party of geniuses that were continuing to come out, everyone could clearly tell his eyes were mainly on the visage of Noah and for a few brief seconds- it also stayed on Katelyn and Ezekiel as his words seemed to be more so directed towards them!

Gloating in the midst of space, Noah's gaze was unfettered as he showed shocking valiance and might from his mere eyes alone, turning his head towards where the Royal Human Alpha Strata LEGEND was floating along with countless vessels and even the shaking figure of Brightborn that couldn't even bring itself to gaze at Noah's eyes.

The authority that the existence known as Aileron carried seemed to be immense as the Alpha Strata Royal Human did not even send a mental message to Noah, the authority of a Representative being too astounding as this being continued!

"Rewards and positions will be decided during the debriefing as geniuses who have successfully withstood the rising threat of our enemies deserve recognition and honor."


As he spoke, a massive white gold vessel bloomed marvelously as it seemed to be made of mithril gold and crystals, its bottom taking on the form of a ship while above it, an advanced interstellar vessel with transparent white gold glass manifested. It seemed like a massive oval vessel that released wondrous waves of none other than DHARMA- albeit it was weak waves of essence at that as its massive glass opened wide while Representative Aileron motioned towards it.

They had survived a shocking ambush and an army of ancient races as many of the geniuses were shocked to find that a Representative of the Main Reality had actually come to receive them, the smarter ones realizing that all of this was for a few key figures who nodded at this moment!

"Then we shall accept the Representative's offer."

As if waiting for his cue, when Noah nodded calmly and replied while floating towards the fantastical DHARMA Vessel, Ezekiel and Katelyn followed.

After surviving the Kun Peng's Cataclysm Nest, Noah had gained many things…but the boons from this event were still not done as one of the major ones was playing out right now.

The entrance ticket into the Main Reality- a ticket that came in the form of an existence that was Representative- a position that was much sought after by all Primordials…buy immensely hard to achieve!


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