Immortal Martial Venerable - Chapter 6158 Ping Tian Supreme

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In the Tiantian City, on the square of the City Lord's Mansion, corpses are strewn all over the ground, and the smell of blood is overwhelming.

Gu Fei cleared out those low-cultivation monsters in the city.

However, the strong monsters saved in the square are all ancient ancestor-level existences, and such existences are not so easy to be killed.

Even if Gu Fei took action, it would not be an easy task to completely kill a strange ancestor.

Of course, Gu Fei practiced the secret technique of Yuanshen Huadao Sword, one of the nine secrets of immortality. If he was hit by his Yuanshen Dao sword, even the ancestor of the strange demon would be in danger of being killed.

This is Gu Fei's confidence.

At this time, a huge magic shield was floating above the square, and under the magic shield, the ancient ancestor Pingtian put his hands on the sky and supported the magic shield with all his strength.


The magic shield shook, as if a hundred thousand magic mountains were pressing on the heads of the ancestors of Pingtian.

Once the ancient ancestor Pingtian couldn't hold it anymore, all the ancient ancestors of strange demons protected by the magic shield would die.

"Pingtian you bastard, stop!"

At this time, under the magic shield, around the body of Ancient Ancestor Pingtian, a group of ancient ancestors of different demons were all frightened out of their wits, because they were all sucked by Ancient Ancestor Pingtian.

The ancient ancestor Pingtian was devouring the vitality of those ancestors of different demons.

More than a dozen demons of the ancient ancestors of different demons, the gathering of more than a dozen demons of the ancient ancestors of different demons is definitely an earth-shattering force.

"If you don't stop, we will be destroyed by you."

The second child among the thirteen ancestors roared angrily.

In this short period of time, nearly half of the magic energy in their bodies has been sucked away by the ancient ancestor Pingtian.

If it goes on like this, it won't be long before all the magic energy in them will be sucked dry by the ancient ancestor Pingtian. In this way, they will really be useless.

You know, they are all ancestors of different demons. Once their cultivation base is sucked dry by the ancestors of Pingtian, they will fall directly from the sky into the dust.

At that time, any strong strange demon can kill them.

In the world of strange demons, you can have nothing, but you can't live without powerful power.

Even if they die, don't become waste.

"Everyone, you have made a little sacrifice today. This kindness will be repaid later."

Instead of stopping, Ancient Ancestor Pingtian hastened to devour the magic essence of these Ancient Ancestors of Strange Demons. He wanted to use this opportunity to break through to the Supreme Realm.

His cultivation has been suppressed by him in the ancient ancestral realm for a long time, and the ancient ancestral realm has been cultivated to the extreme by him.

In fact, with the cultivation of the ancient ancestor Pingtian, he had already had the opportunity to hit the Supreme Realm.

But he didn't.

Because, even if he has cultivated the ancient ancestral realm to the extreme, he still lacks an opportunity, a chance to break through to the supreme realm without fail.

In fact, the ancient ancestor Pingtian didn't have the confidence to break through to the Supreme Realm in one fell swoop.

But now, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has finally been waited for by Pingtian Ancient Ancestor.

This opportunity is really rare.

This is equivalent to more than a dozen ancient ancestors of strange demons working together to help ancient ancestor Pingtian break through the current shackles of cultivation.

If it was normal, those ancestors of strange demons would not help him at all.

"Today, I am Supreme!"

Ancient Ancestor Pingtian let out a roar, and the next moment, something seemed to be broken in his body, and the devouring power on his body increased instantly.

At this moment, Ancestor Pingtian seemed to have a bottomless black hole in his body, frantically devouring the magic essence of more than a dozen ancient ancestors of different demons.


Feeling the rapid loss of magic energy in the body, the Twelve Ancient Ancestors and other ancient ancestors were in despair.

But in an instant, more than half of the magic energy in the bodies of the dozens of ancient ancestors had been sucked away by the ancient ancestor Pingtian, and their aura became extremely weak.

These dozen or so strange demon ancestors were unlucky, their bodies were about to be hollowed out by Pingtian ancient ancestors.

There is no way, the current Ancient Ancestor Pingtian is about to explode, he is going to become the Supreme, and it is today, right now.

"Hey, are you going to enter the Supreme Realm?"

At this time, Gu Fei, who was stepping on the magic shield, sensed something strange under the magic shield.

The performance of Ancient Ancestor Pingtian really exceeded Gu Fei's expectations.

This guy hides deep.

But so what?

Gu Fei didn't take Pingtian Ancient Ancestor seriously, and it's not like he hasn't fought against the real Supreme Strange Demon.

As long as he is not an opponent with the skills of the strange demon ancestor dragon tortoise, Gu Fei has the confidence to fight against it.


At this moment, a group of bright magic light suddenly burst out from under the magic shield, and endless magic lines intertwined in the magic light, as if the magic sound of the great way sounded in the void.

A burst of supreme magic power erupted from under the magic shield.

" this the Supreme Realm?"

Ancient Ancestor Pingtian laughed loudly. At this moment, he was extremely powerful, and his whole body was full of strength, as if he could blow up the whole world with a single punch.

This feeling of being so powerful that he can dominate everything surprised and delighted Ancient Ancestor Pingtian.

After many years, he finally broke through to the Supreme Realm.


Pingtian Ancient Ancestor raised his head to the sky and roared loudly, powerful fluctuations of magic energy erupted from his body.

Then, those ancestors of strange demons were unlucky again.

More than a dozen ancestors of strange demons were all sent flying away.

" bastard..."

More than a dozen ancient ancestors of different demons hated the ancient ancestor Pingtian to death, no, they should be called the Supreme Pingtian now.

After all, they have not been completely sucked up by the Pingtian Supreme, but they are already half useless.

The former thirteen ancient ancestors of Tiantian City will be renamed from today onwards.

The cultivation bases of these guys have all fallen from the ancient ancestral realm.

Of course, based on their cultivation experience, it is not impossible to restore the cultivation level of the ancient ancestral realm.

At this time, Pingtian Supreme ignored these half-useless guys.

He pushed his hands upwards, and the next moment, the magic shield suspended in the void immediately shot up into the sky.

Gu Fei, who was stepping on the magic shield, only felt a powerful force coming from under his feet, which almost knocked him away from the magic shield.

"You just broke through to the Supreme Realm, and you want to kill me?"

Gu Fei laughed, Is Supreme Pingtian trying to use himself to establish his prestige?

However, this guy picked the wrong guy.

"Ascension to heaven secret technique!"

Without any hesitation, Gu Fei directly cast the secret art of ascending to heaven. The next moment, his combat power soared to a point that even he was shocked.


Gu Fei stepped directly on the magic shield.

The soaring magic shield stopped immediately.


Pingtian Supreme, who originally thought that after his cultivation base broke through to the Supreme Realm, he would be able to ruthlessly abuse Gu Fei, was a little confused when he saw this scene.

This is the real power of the Supreme Realm. How could this small human race be able to resist such power.

Supreme Pingtian looked at Gu Fei who was stepping on the magic shield in disbelief.


At this time, Gu Fei stepped down again.

The entire magic shield vibrated immediately, cracks spread from Gu Fei's footsteps, and the entire magic shield seemed to be about to collapse at any time.

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