I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - 2352 Chapter 2352 Handsome Nanny

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“Oh, then I’ll go out first. Yan Yan, call me when you’re done.”


Seeing Lu ye rush out and carefully check if there were any traces of water on the bathroom floor, the corners of Gu Yan’s eyes slightly curved.

The corners of her mouth were suffused with a blissful smile.

Perhaps, in this world, there were other men who were better, better, and more perfect than Lu Ye.

But Gu Yan knew that in this world, only Lu Ye was the most suitable for her.

Lu Ye would love her with all his heart, no matter what she looked like, no matter what her identity was, and no matter what she had experienced.

Only Lu Ye would put his heart in front of Gu Yan.

Even if he died because of her, it was not her fault at all.

However, he was still blaming himself. If he left early, he would no longer be able to accompany her, protect her, and pamper her.

How could she not love Lu Ye like this? !

Gu Yan’s body recovered very quickly, and Lu Ye had already rented a house in the small town and bought the related supplies.

On the third day, the family of five moved into the house that they had just rented.

Fortunately, Xie Yuge had left them a lot of money. The wealthy Xie family never lacked money.

Gu Yan did not stand on ceremony. She needed money at this time, so she naturally would not be reserved. However, she had discussed with Lu Ye that she would return it to Xie Yuge when she returned to the country.

They hired two aunties to take care of Yan and the children. Lu Ye would also help to take care of the children.

When Gu Yan Saw Lu ye carrying the children in his arms and feeding them milk powder, she couldn’t help but smile.

Who would have thought that the iron-willed black star troopers would turn into a handsome, down-to-earth nanny.

Other than feeding them milk powder, he also had to change the babies’diapers, and at night, he had to coax the babies to sleep. Usually, he had to play with the babies.

Lu Ye was flustered.

Sometimes, he was even a little irritable.

But when he turned around and saw Gu Yan’s gentle and gentle eyes, he suddenly felt that everything was worth it.

Especially when he thought that these three little radishes were his and Yan Yan’s children.

In an instant, Lu Ye’s heart was filled with something called happiness.

The only flaw was that the names of the three children had yet to be confirmed.

When Gu Yan heard that the Bai and Lu families were now coming up with names for their children, and that the two families were even starting to compare, Gu Yan was shocked.

What shocked Gu Yan even more was what happened next.

Her grandfather, Xie An, had actually joined the team to name the children, and he was very insistent that the name he gave the children was the best..

Although they were separated by several places and Gu Yan had to rely on a code to contact them, the debate over the names of the children was really hard to decide.

In the end, Gu Yan said helplessly, “Why don’t the three of you give each child a name?”

The three old men finally agreed.

Gu Yan heaved a sigh of relief and turned to Lu Ye, saying helplessly, “It’s a good thing that I gave birth to three children. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to satisfy the three old men.”

Lu Ye walked over and kissed Gu Yan’s forehead, saying, “It’s okay. If you only give birth to one child, at most, the three old men can each choose a word and then use the surname Lu.”

Gu Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This could be done?

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