Huo Ye’s Little Wild Cat is Fierce and Cute - Chapter 1457 :season finale

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The elevator door opened, and Jiang Suisui went out. Si Wenyuan followed closely. When he got out of the elevator, he also glared at Luo Junhe and the others, and signaled his three cheap sons to come. Disturb him shopping with his baby girl.

Luo Junhe was no longer afraid of Si Wenyuan. When Si Wenyuan glared at him, he glared back. Who is afraid of whom! In front of his sister, he didn't want to be compared with his father.

Jiang Suisui entered a luxury brand store, Si Wenyuan, Luo Junhe had already taken out the black card first, and put the black card on the counter.

"Take your black card back!" Si Wenyuan gritted his teeth and warned Luo Junhe.

"I am not an ordinary black card. If you show this black card, you will be able to get the top-notch service in various shopping malls in the capital. Dad, take your Promise Continent black card back. Just use my card here."

Of course Si Wenyuan would not take back his black card.

He warned: "If you don't take your card, I will let your head move!"

When the two were arguing, the salesperson heard an excited compliment:

"Master Luo Er looks really good in this dress!"

Jiang Suisui responded with a sweet voice: "My third brother looks good in everything!"

Standing at the counter, Si Wenyuan and Luo Junhe, grinning at each other, looked in the direction where the sound came from.

They saw Luo Si Nian put on a brand-new men's clothing. Luo Si Nian was standing in front of the full-length mirror. He turned around gracefully so that Jiang Sui Sui could see the clothes he was wearing from all angles.

Luo Si Nian noticed from the full-length mirror, Si Wenyuan and Luo Junhe's sights, he raised the corners of his lips, and his eyes filled with triumphant emotions.

"The clothes that Suisui picked for me, don't they look good?"

He asked Si Wenyuan and Luo Junhe, naturally, he didn't want to get any compliments from their mouths.

Just show off!

Si Wenyuan and Luo Junhe's pupils were angry.

At this time, Zong Yue walked out of the locker room.

He put on a new suit and stood in front of Jiang Suisui.

"The clothes that Suisui picked for me fit me well."

Zong Yue's voice was gentle, Jiang Suisui came to Zong Yue and said to him:

"Keep your head down a little bit."

Zong Yue listened to her, lowered his head, Jiang Suusui raised his hands to help him tidy up his slightly messy collar.

She took a small step back, tilting her head to admire the clothes she had chosen for her two brothers.

Jiang Suisui said to the salesperson: "I want these two sets of clothes."

The salesperson praised: "Mrs. Huo has a foresight!"

Buying clothes for her elder brother, Jiang Suisui also has a sense of accomplishment. She walked to the shelf, continued to pick men's clothing, and asked Zong Yue and Luo Si Nian.

"Will Jun Jue like this style?"

Zong Yue shrugged to Jiang Suisui, he didn't understand Si Junjue's preferences.

"As long as Suisui picks it for him, Jun Jue will definitely like it."

Jiang Suisui smiled sweetly to Zong Yue. She glanced at the size on her clothes and asked the salesperson:

"Does this have a small size?"

The salesperson responded quickly: "Yes, I will show you where to go."

At this time, Luo Junhe’s exclamation suddenly came from Jiang Suisui's ear, "Hey, when did my dress break a hole? Suisui, you can pick me some new clothes too."

Si Wenyuan wanted to tear his clothes directly, he shouted:

"Good girl, Daddy has no clothes to wear recently!"

The two came to Jiang Suisui, and they quarreled with each other in order to **** who was ahead.

Seeing that the two were about to fight, Jiang Suisui warned them as if coaxing children:

"I won't buy clothes for people who beat people!"

Si Wenyuan immediately pointed to Luo Junhe, and he complained:

"Good girl, this guy hit me just now!"

"Fart!" Luo Junhe swears, but quickly changed his words:

"Dad, how dare I hit you? It's obvious that you kicked me!"

Luo Junhe said again:

"Dad, look, the clothes sold here are all the clothes worn by our young people. If you want to wear clothes, go to the elderly area to buy them!"

Seeing Luo Junhe was about to be beaten again, Jiang Suisui called them:

"I picked two sets for both of you. After I go to the locker room to change them, come out and show them to me."

Before Jiang Suisui's words fell, he felt that two more whirlwinds were coming towards him.

Si Wenyuan and Luo Junhe rushed into the locker room holding the clothes Jiang Suisui picked for them, as if whoever changed the clothes Suisui picked for them first.


When they came out of the mall, it was already dusk.

The things Jiang Suisui bought have been packaged by the salesperson and sent to Huozhai.

And Zong Yue, Luo Junhe and them all wore the tie and watch that Jiang Suisui picked for them.

Si Wenyuan directly put on his baby girl, the outfit he chose for him, and he was reluctant to change the clothes Jiang Suisui chose for him.

The elevator door opened, and Jiang Suisui saw the familiar black Maybach.

She speeded up and walked up, the door of the Maybach co-pilot opened, Jiang Suisui bent down and saw Huo Linxi sitting in the driver's seat.

Her husband came to pick her up personally, and Jiang Suisui sat in directly.

Si Wenyuan walked to the rear door, but found that the door was locked and could not be opened.


He yelled.

The window next to the driver's seat dropped, revealing Huo Linxi's cold and noble face.

"Huo Gou, open the door!" Si Wenyuan ordered his son-in-law.

Huo Linxi coldly said: "I only work as a driver for my wife."

He said, stepping on the accelerator, and the black Maybach walked away.

Leave Si Wenyuan and his three cheap sons.

Zong Yue and the others saw Huo Linxi picking up Jiang Suishi, and all of them invariably cursed in their hearts.


On the black Maybach, Jiang Suisui glanced in the rearview mirror.

She smiled, "When Daddy and brothers return to Huozhai, you will be beaten!"

Huo Linxi whispered: "We will not return to Huo's house."


Jiang Suisui opened his eyes and looked at the man who was driving.

Huo Linxi said to her: "I have arranged everything at hand. We will go on vacation for a period of time."

The red light in front came on, and the black Maybach stopped.

The man turned his head, and his deep gaze fell on Jiang Suisui.

Jiang Suisui mumbled: "Xiao Liu has arrived at Huozhai."

Huo Linxi took a deep breath. It was because Si Qiyou was here that he wanted to abduct Jiang Suishi immediately!

"I just want, the world of the two of us!"

The bright sunset fell on the two of them, Jiang Suisui turned his head and looked at the man in the driver's seat.

She pulled off the seat belt and leaned forward, her soft lips falling on the man's side face.

The alluring fragrance that belonged to Jiang Suisui, penetrated into Huo Linxi's nasal cavity and dispelled his irritability.

The man turned his face and rubbed his thin lips lightly against her.

Jiang Suisui's voice answered him sweetly.

"Okay, I'll go with you, the ends of the world..."


The summer is splendid, and their stories have no end. From year after year to broken thoughts, we are well for each other and forget about each other.

(The Finale·End)


It's a pity to say goodbye in this way, but it can only end this way.

Due to policy reasons, the story of Si Junjue and Lu Xiao cannot be written. I hope that one day they will appear frankly in the eyes of the world, without being hidden or buried.

With this ending, there will be no extras. The story of Lin Lin and Suisui will continue in Chitose's next book, and many regrets will be made up in another book.

If you want to get in touch with the author, you can read the previous chapters, and I won’t put Q here anymore.


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