Evil Spirit World: I Push This World with My Flesh - Chapter 538 Spider recognizes the Lord!

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above the sky.

The thundercloud rolled.

One after another thick thunder and lightning are constantly vertical and horizontal, the light is gorgeous, and it is filled with rolling sky, which is throbbing.

Inside the Heavenly Palace.

A hazy and mysterious figure, sitting cross-legged, surrounded by deep breaths, is immortal, immortal, neither broken nor dirty, just like eternity.

At this moment, a huge purple light mirror appeared in front of him.

The mirror clearly reflected everything in the Nether.

Jiang Dao's actions, without exception, were reflected in his eyes.

The mysterious figure has an expressionless face, as if it has become a deep pool of water, and has long been free from any emotions in the world.

"Palace Master, if the human being is not eliminated, it will be a serious problem sooner or later. Now, while he is still young, he should be taken down as soon as possible. Become the second emperor!"

A new **** gritted his teeth and knelt down in the distance.


The mysterious figure said indifferently, "Open the seventh door of the Heavenly Prison and say that I let him out, and let him take down this human being!"


A purple token flew out of the mysterious figure and fell towards the new **** in the distance.

The new **** took the token, and he was very excited, and quickly clasped his fists and said, "Yes, Palace Master!"

He slowly backed up, turned around and walked away, flying towards the distance.

Infinity Prison.

The most mysterious and terrifying place in the upper realm.

It is said that countless ancient demons were suppressed in it, each of which has a great origin, cruel and terrible. They used gods as food, causing endless darkness and terror, and finally they were directly trapped by the Heavenly Dao Palace Master with great magic power, and they were All locked in the Infernal Prison.

There are ninety-nine cells in the Infernal Prison, each of which is independently imprisoned by an unimaginable existence. They have been hungry for countless years and have already been completely surrendered by the Heavenly Dao Palace Master.

At this moment, the new **** flew all the way through countless miles of space.

Clouds are shrouded in mist, and the space is vast.

I don't know how long it took.

In front of him, a huge black mountain finally appeared, filled with a sinister aura, scarlet in color, shocking, and as soon as it approached, people instinctively felt a burst of horror and terror.

Around this black mountain range, life disappeared and the gods stopped.

Not even a fairy bird could be found.

In the deepest part of this black mountain range, there are huge tombstones, each of which is like a hill, standing tall.

These tombstones are the door to a cell.

The new god's heart throbbed, flew over from here, and counted it carefully.

"one two three four…"

Tombstones have been counted.

Finally, it landed on the seventh tombstone.

The new **** suddenly smiled, took out the token, and moved.


A purple light instantly flew out of the purple token, and shot it on the tombstone in front of him. Suddenly, the entire tombstone seemed to be resurrected, and countless mysterious words appeared on it, wandering back and forth.

The entire tombstone was completely turned purple, and then, as if some mysterious portal had been opened, pieces of terrifying evil spirits spewed from it.


The breath is terrifying and thrilling.

The unspeakable blood light directly made the new **** stunned, and his body fell backwards uncontrollably.

"Hungry, I'm so hungry, after so many years, you are finally willing to let me out, I want to eat, I want to eat the whole world..."

A hoarse and terrifying voice suddenly came from behind the tombstone, accompanied by endless evil spirits, as if some ancient beast was about to rush out.

The sound alone will scare away the soul of a person.

The new god's heart trembled, and he quickly raised the purple token in his hand, and shouted, "At the order of the palace master, I will let you go down to the realm immediately to capture a human named Jiang Dao, and the day you get this human is the time when you are completely free. !"


The suffocating energy inside the tombstone was billowing, and patches of blood continued to burst out, shaking the world, making the entire mountain range seem to be in turmoil.


Qianyuan City.

Jiang Dao's body had already flown back all the way, his face was indifferent, and his body quickly returned to its original state. Hundreds of corpses that had been sucked and shriveled were hanged by hundreds of all-returning lines behind him.

He didn't throw any of these corpses, it would be of great use to him.


Jiang Dao's body quickly descended into the city and walked towards the Raging Flame Gang.

"Help Master!"

"Sect Master Jiang, are you alright!"

Xiang An, Guo Dutian, Corpse Eater Pill Demon, Jing Huang and the others all rushed over quickly, their faces pale and nervous.

Jiang Dao nodded lightly at them and said, "How are you? No one was hurt, right?"

"No no!"

"Thanks to Gang Master Jiang for coming here in time, otherwise I would have been completely turned into ashes!"

Everyone shook their heads and said quickly.

"It's alright if nothing happens. In the next days, what should you do and continue to do? No matter what happens, leave it to me to solve it!"

Jiang Dao said.

Everyone's faces were complicated and they nodded.

They knew that they would never be able to help Jiang Dao, and naturally did not dare to ask more questions.

The current enemies involve gods, evil gods, death gods, and evil spirits of ten thousand years, each of which is not something they can offend. Now the world is changing, and human beings in various regions are simply inferior to living pigs and dogs.

It is precisely because they have a little connection with Jiang Dao that they can live with a little dignity, but if Jiang Dao suddenly disappears one day, they will definitely be the worst group to die.

From today's situation, it can be seen that those gods, evil gods, death gods, and evil spirits who want to kill them, I don't know how many.

At this moment, everyone's heart is bitter, and they can only silently pray that Jiang Dao will not have an accident.

Jiang Dao stopped talking to everyone, and walked directly towards an empty courtyard of the Raging Flame Gang with hundreds of corpses.

He sealed the entire yard, strictly forbid anyone to approach, and then flicked his palm.


Hundreds of **** corpses and evil corpses all flew out, extremely neatly stacked in the yard, like stone bricks.

Jiang Dao's eyes flashed, his arm swept lightly again, a faint blood-red light swept across, and a huge red-haired spider instantly appeared in the yard, trembling all over, and clear wounds were seen in many places.

There is no doubt that this red-haired spider is exactly what Jiang Dao got from the ancestral land of Shenxu.

At the beginning, the general Yuan sacrificed this red-haired spider in an attempt to pull the Xeon killer, but it was eventually backlashed by the Xeon killer, causing the red-haired spider to be seriously injured.

When General Yuan was forced by himself, he didn't even have time to take away the red-haired spider, so that it fell directly into his hands.

"Little guy, I know that your intelligence is open early, and you will definitely understand my words. Now I give you two choices. The first is to recognize me as the master, and then I can give you all these corpses for you to eat. Drop these things to recover your injuries, and secondly, if you continue to resist, I will crush you to death and use you to feed the King of Poison, now you choose!"

Jiang Dao narrowed his eyes and stared at the red-haired spider in front of him.


The red-haired spider hurriedly made bursts of harsh screams, and the scarlet eyes suddenly looked towards Jiang Dao, and then bright red lights lit up on its body, forming a strange triangle.

The triangle flew out directly, split from the middle, and turned into two halves. One half flew back into its body again, and the other half poured directly into Jiang Dao's body.


There was a flash of light and everything was back to normal.

A smile suddenly appeared on Jiang Dao's face, and said, "Very good, since you are so aware of current affairs, then these corpses belong to you now!"


The red-haired spider made a piercing sound again, and hurriedly crawled on the ground, picked up a corpse, chewed it directly, and then quickly swallowed it, eating wildly here.

Jiang Dao stared at the red-haired spider with satisfaction.

He just thought that this red-haired spider would not cooperate, but he never thought that it would directly divide his soul in two and give half of it to himself. In this way, he would be in control of its life and death at any time.

In other words, this red-haired spider has completely recognized Jiang Dao.

From now on, Jiang Dao will only have one more general by his side.

"Okay, you can enjoy it here. You are not allowed to go out without my order. What do you want to eat, tell me through the voice transmission of the soul, and I will arrange for someone to send it to you!"

Jiang Dao opened his mouth.

Then turned around and left.

He still has many great things to do.

Mr. Ming, the black scarecrow, General Feng, and General Yuan are all his great enemies. These guys have been destroyed by him, and now they must all be hiding in a mysterious place, repairing their bodies.

Before they can repair their bodies, I have to kill them all and eradicate the troubles.

Especially Mr. Ming and the black scarecrow, they came from the virtual world and acted in the dark. Jiang Dao was really worried if they didn't kill them.


With his current strength, it is impossible to forcibly break into the virtual world.

Jiang Dao was thoughtful, and suddenly opened the panel to look.

I saw that the number of revisions was 18 times!

In the past, he shot all the way, and the masters he killed were many evil spirits and monsters of ten thousand years, so naturally he would get some revisions.

"By the way, I still have the cultivation methods of the Battle Saint Spear and the Seal of Heavenly Punishment. I will go back to practice now. UU Kanshu www.uukanshu.com will practice all the cultivation methods, and then modify them directly!"

Jiang Dao secretly said.

His body flashed and disappeared.

The next moment, Jiang Dao appeared in the secret room, sat cross-legged on the bed, and began to practice.

At this moment, the outside world is surging.

Before Jiang Dao slaughtered all the way, the movement was extremely huge.

The news spread throughout the great cause and the great cause at an unimaginable speed.

Many gods, evil gods, and monsters in the distance were shocked.

A dark and dark place.

Mr. Ming's face was gloomy and cold, and he sat cross-legged here, surrounded by thick black mist, deadly, and was working hard to repair his body. Under his body, it was densely covered with countless corpses.

Strong grievances are constantly surging out of these corpses, drilling into his body.

"Damn Jiang Dao, if I knew today, I should have killed you in the first place!"

He gritted his teeth, full of resentment.

When he shot at Jiang Dao, Jiang Dao was only the fourth and fifth gods at most, but now he can even kill the gods with ease.

This shows that he has definitely touched the threshold of the **** king, at least he can be regarded as a half-step **** king.

This is extremely incredible!

From the fourth and fifth levels of the gods, in less than half a month, he has directly reached the half-step **** king, and this growth rate is enough to defy the sky.

He is extremely suspicious now that Jiang Dao must have obtained some mysterious and unknown creation in that ancestral land, otherwise it would never be this kind of strength.

"Go, contact the Four Heavenly Kings and say that I am inviting them!"

Mr. Ming spoke resentfully.

"Yes, my lord!"

A shadow in front of him responded respectfully, and the light flashed and disappeared.


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