Douluo See You For a Long Time - Chapter 1568 Death Soul Guidance Device

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For Ye Xishui Long Xiaoyao, it can be regarded as a broken heart. This person can be regarded as the most worry-free among the Limit Douluo. If he does not rely on the chaos, his own combat power is actually the lowest.

Of course, Ye Xishui's potential is actually the highest among all Limit Douluos. She is rare on the mainland and possesses twin martial spirits, but in the end she only cultivated one of them.

Moreover, his two twin spirits are both top-quality spirits. If she is willing to cultivate the other, Douluo may be her at the current number one limit in the world, but in general, his talent can still be used with talent. Zhuo Jue described that even if he did not cultivate the second martial spirit and switched to the soul tool, his achievements still surpassed the vast majority of souls. Although the mentor relies on the ability of the soul master and evil rituals, it must be acknowledged that , the first tenth-level soul tool in the whole continent, the death soul tool was made by her.

Compared with the ninth-level soul tool, the power has undergone earth-shaking changes. It can be said that the qualitative change is not an exaggeration. In contrast, the power of the eleventh-level soul tool that appeared later is not as great as the tenth level. quality has changed.

However, it was her distraction that made her physical strength not so outrageous. If it is attacked or ambushed, it is still very likely that it will fall because of the fragility of the body.

This is also why in the second half of the original story, the emperor of the Sun and Moon Empire, Xu Tianran, designed a trap and placed more than a dozen ninth-level fixed-mounted soul guide shells in the inwardly wrapped shield, and an implosion occurred. Killing both Limit Douluos is because Long Xiaoyao has always been secretly protecting Ye Xishui.

And this time, it was obviously the heartbroken Limit Douluo who came out to work. However, they obviously underestimated how tricky their opponents will be this time.

From the descriptions sent by their subordinates not long ago, they judged. The enemy this time is likely to be a level 97 or 98 Super Douluo. Although this level of opponent is troublesome, it can be easily solved for Limit Douluo.

Especially the shape of the other side's Hulk. It is easy to think of the poisonous immortality in the body. If not himself, it could be his relatives. If the ability is familiar, it will be much easier to deal with. One of the important factors in leaping the level to challenge the limit of anti-kill is the asymmetry in intelligence between the two sides. Relying on the advantages of information investigation, it is possible to win by surprise.

In contrast, a familiar opponent is much easier to deal with. Even if the familiar opponent is stronger than the unknown enemy, the possibility of overturning is much smaller when the capabilities are clear to each other.

Limit Douluo's action ability is very strong, and it only took half a day to arrive at the scene of the crime. The factories here have restored order to a certain extent. Although not yet back to work. However, the statistics of the victims of the cleanup at the scene have been basically completed. Next, basically only the pension process is left.

Yake was standing at the gate of the factory, waiting for the people of the Holy Spirit Cult to come and take revenge. For this continent, the evil spirit masters are still a factor of instability in the final analysis. The influence of their martial spirits on the spirit is actually not difficult to solve.

For Yake and Chengying, this kind of spiritual impact can be easily solved from a technical point of view, but the idea of ​​this organization itself is to lead people to evil, even ordinary soul masters, under their guidance, can Most will become evil soul masters.

It's hard to change the atmosphere without eradicating it completely and rebuilding it. It is true that there are many poor people in the evil soul masters, but the unfair treatment they encountered should not be turned into violence against others.

Their demands cannot be resolved, and in the final analysis, it is the fault of the current social system.

Yake will not let the Holy Spirit Cult continue to expand. This kind of destruction of order is the biggest enemy of a healthy social system, so no matter how many enemies come this time, he will personally deal with it.

As the opponent approached, the sky gradually became overcast. Because of the excessive killing, the evil soul master has entangled too many souls. Their dying mourning turned into echoes, and accumulated on the evil soul master's body, forming an evil energy. Even if the distance is far away, it is full of blood and violence, which is frightening and frightening. , shrouded it.

The workers who were responsible for counting casualties and cleaning up the scene all fled, except for Yake, who went against the direction of the flow of people and walked in the direction shrouded in dark clouds.

"Let's start! Let me see how powerful the world's top Limit Douluo is?" Yake stood on the ground, without taking off, watching the dark clouds in the sky, landing on a hill not far away.

A dark tower with blood-red lines was placed at the top of the mountain. The steel jungle was like a Cybertronian, growing rapidly and turning into a soul guidance position covering the hill.

Anyone who dares to approach the mountain must accept the baptism of iron and blood. The intensive artillery fire will tell the attacker what the power of the soul tool is. In terms of the killing ability, Ye Xishui has surpassed other Limit Douluos. another level.

There is a reason why she seems so cautious. At first, she only thought that she was facing poisonous, even poisonous siblings.

The quasi-Limit Douluo who is the closest to the Limit Douluo is not her opponent. If it is his siblings, it is even more impossible to beat her.

However, as the two sides approached, the difference in breath made him realize that his enemy this time was probably not immortal. Although the coercion of spirit power was not strong, it could even be said to be weak, but the above instinct told She, the enemy she faced this time, was extremely dangerous.

This is also the reason why she is so cautious now, this time the opponent deserves her to develop her own soul guidance position, in which she can exert her strongest strength.

Yake, who was watching this scene from a distance, nodded: "It's a bit interesting. Although it is still bound by the inherent thinking of this era, this fighting method is already an improvement."

Cheng Ying also nodded secretly in the sky. If it is in a healthy and not deformed society, Ye Xishui's development method is the most reasonable.

Human power is sometimes poor. Even if you can borrow soul power, in the final analysis, there is a limit. If you want to break through this limit, the easiest way is to borrow tools.

This point has been repeatedly emphasized in Tulip's education. Gentlemen are not different, and they are good at things. The ancients thousands of years ago understood the truth, but because of their soul power, thousands of people in this world are used. Years of misunderstanding.

Although a soul master is powerful, it is absolutely wrong to not fake foreign objects. A powerful soul master needs to be matched with more powerful tools. Soul power and spiritual power are like invisible hands. They can help the soul master as an individual. To control more and more powerful tools, make these tools more precise, more efficient, and more harmonious.

Ye Xishui integrates his own mental power and soul power into the entire soul guidance position, and turns the soul guidance position into a part of his body. This is a very orthodox method of using tools.

Her biggest problem now is that, limited by the influence of traditional thinking, she has not expanded the scope of this tool. Still only use the soul tool as a tool, of course, there is also the reason why the development of non-soul weapons is too lagging behind.

"Since you have used your own tools, let me teach you how to use tools to fight!" Yake's nature has come up. meaning.

"First of all, your biggest mistake is to choose to stick to it!" Yake said, and he had released his own mecha from the mix. At the same time, there were more than a dozen unmanned remote control ground effect aircraft.

"The biggest advantage of soul tools is that most of them have no recoil. Therefore, they do not need to be like traditional artillery. Fixed on a stable platform, soul tools are more suitable for mobile shooting than traditional gunpowder weapons. ."

While speaking, he was already driving the mecha, soaring into the sky, distracting himself, and at the same time controlling the ground effect aircraft behind him, arranging in a loose formation, and launching a charge.

The scattered formations and flexible dodging make it difficult for the soul guides on the hillside to hit, and these ground effect aircraft. Then they covered each other and released soul guidance rays one after another, shooting at the soul guidance positions on the hillside.

"Your second problem is that the design of the weapon only pays attention to power, not accuracy. Your attack must be covered by firepower to hit my army, but the obvious turning and locking of your turrets, early Already under the surveillance of the reconnaissance aircraft.

The information on the battlefield is changing rapidly, and if you do not have enough reconnaissance capabilities, your so-called firepower coverage is nothing more than cannons hitting mosquitoes. "

Yake's deep hills were barely blown up, but no attack landed on him, including the aircraft behind him, which also spread out the auxiliary wings beside the oval body, turned extremely fast, and avoided the attack.

Compared with the weakness of the soul guidance position in long-range attack, the accuracy of the long-range firepower of Yake's flight formation is much higher. Almost every burst of fire will have a turret scrapped, and reconnaissance at high altitude. Under the detection of the aircraft, the precise coordinates of each fire point of the enemy were reported.

At this time, the disadvantage of the fixed position that cannot be moved is revealed. Rou, who is hit by firepower, has no way to avoid it.

Ye Xishui also seemed to be aware of this problem and began to concentrate on mobilizing the energy of the soul guidance position. She was also learning during the battle. Most of the high-altitude soul tools of the Sun and Moon Empire are cumbersome guys that fly with anti-gravity or air buoyancy. There is no fire control system in the position, and there is no supporting auxiliary computer. However, relying on his powerful mental power to calculate, he can still obtain the location of the attack.

Therefore, from the beginning of the ground effect aircraft's burst shooting, after a certain victory, every subsequent attack launch, there must be a shield waiting there.

An attack of this intensity cannot penetrate the shield, so it is difficult to cause damage for a while.

"Yes, there is progress. Without computer assistance, relying on your powerful reaction ability, you can carry out point-to-point targeted defense. In terms of tactical literacy, you are not the kind of guy who sticks to the rules.

If you just released a wide-area shield when you were defending, and the concentrated fire of the soul guide ray would directly penetrate your shield, you would be wasting energy in vain, and it would not have any defensive effect.

However, in many cases, the gap in equipment can not be made up by relying on personal ability. In the case of poor technology, strong ability will only make you more unwilling to lose. "While speaking, Yake was ready for the next round of attacks.

Compared to him who was in the mood to comment on the opponent's response while fighting, Ye Xishui's forehead had already bulged. Consume physical and mental energy.

"How on earth did this guy control so many ninth-level soul tools at the same time." Ye Xishui used the ground-effect aircraft as a combined soul tool, moving at high speed, a shooting platform that was flat on rough terrain, and was used by Ye Xishui as a combined soul tool. She regards it as a kind of eighth-level soul tool, and those weapons that continuously release soul-guide rays are considered by her to be a kind of rapid-fire ninth-level soul tool.

And the one that Yake drives himself is a humanoid soul tool with no discernible level, and it is also a soul tool that Sun Moon Empire has invested a lot of resources to develop in the near future.

Ye Xishui didn't understand how Yake managed to control so many soul tools at the same time. She seemed to be playing against more than a dozen top-level ninth-level soul teachers at the same time, and these more than a dozen people cooperated tacitly. , There is a degree of progress and retreat, just like the dozen brothers who have lived together since childhood.

She must not understand now, what is a fire control system, what is automation, and what is artificial intelligence.

Each of these ground effect aircraft only needs a few simple instructions to make perfect cooperation under the operation of the program, and under the control of the commander, complete the established tactical goal.

A dozen is not the limit of manipulation, and there is no problem with thousands of them being manipulated at the same time, but only a dozen are on Yake.

And even if there is no intelligent system, it is not impossible for Yiyake to inherit Chengying's powerful mental power, to be distracted and multi-purpose, and to control every detail of a dozen chariots.

In this battle with a generational difference in technology, even if Ye Xishui used shrewd operations to make up for it, he could not restore the tilt of the war balance.

On Yake's aircraft, a large number of missiles flew out, and the goddess scattered flowers, which were generally distributed in all directions, and under the guidance of the missile's internal radar, they gathered fire from all directions towards the enemy's position.

Ye Xishui's computing power is very strong, and at the same time, he can easily deal with more than a dozen attacks in succession, but hundreds of missiles coming from all directions can't be handled by adapting to the situation.

【To be continued】

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