Douluo Dalu 5 Rebirth of Tang San - Chapter 1148 The tower of life is built

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【Douluo Continent V Reborn Tang San】【】

The power of the planes gathered through the heart of nature turned into a simplified version of the spirit energy, nourishing Tang San and Young Master Mei, and at the same time nourishing this tower of life. Under this kind of nourishment, the life energy emitted by the blue golden wood is even more pure than when it was growing.

This is undoubtedly the greatest benefit to Tang San and Young Master Mei, and at the same time it also draws the hearts of those emperors outside. Such a pure and powerful vitality is definitely of great benefit to their longevity. Tang San just wanted them to imagine, in this case, after he became the emperor in the future, how much life energy he could bring to them would be even greater.

From the outside, the Tower of Life is a tall wooden tower exuding a faint blue-gold light, but from the inside, it is another scene. Inside the tower of life, each floor is inlaid with many gemstones, gathering a huge and complex magic circle. The magic circles on each layer are connected to each other to form a whole. The breath of life is released from the outside, but the inside is surrounded by the spirit of fairy spirits.

As the number of layers of the tower of life gets higher and higher, the spirit energy in the tower of life also becomes more and more intense. Although it can't be compared with the real fairy aura in the God Realm, if the emperors feel this level of fairy aura, they will immediately feel themselves sublimated.

However, Tang San didn't dare to borrow too much power from the Heart of Nature. Once the Heart of Nature became weak due to being drawn too much, the Falan Star Plane would immediately feel it, and their robbing of becoming emperors would also be advanced. When it arrives, it will be an extremely terrifying oppression.

It took a full month to build the tower of life layer by layer, and the final thirteen-story tower of life was completely completed.

When Tang San inlaid the last gem in the tower of life, the whole tower of life instantly burst into dazzling brilliance.

Brilliant blue-golden radiance soared into the sky, and a huge hole suddenly appeared above the ancestral court that was originally covered by the cloud of life. The blazing breath of life went straight into the sky like a shocking rainbow. The Tower of Life in the Blue Gold Palace erupted with brilliant light.

One after another, the figures of the emperors flew out one after another, suspended in mid-air, looking in the direction of the blue-gold holy mountain.

Ever since the tower of life was built, the emperors did not return to their main city, but absorbed as much life energy as possible in the ancestral courtyard to nourish themselves.

There was a sudden change in the Lanjin Palace, and the first thing they thought of was that the new Jin Miaolin was about to cross the catastrophe.

At this time, the emperors were staring at the Blue Gold Palace, feeling the astonishing fluctuations in the breath of life, and all of them couldn't help showing shocking expressions.

"I'm afraid this is not inferior to the life breath of the tree ancestors back then?" Tianyang Tianjinghuang murmured.

The Heavenly Essence Emperor is beside her, "We haven't sensed the breath of the tree ancestors, but it is definitely the most powerful life energy I have ever felt. This Jin Miaolin is really amazing! This tower of life is built, and when he Chenghuang, the future achievements may not be inferior to the tree ancestors. It is a blessing that the Blue Gold Tree Clan can have a second genius. It is a blessing for us to have such an ancestral court.”

They can all feel that the breath of life released by the Blue-Gold Palace at this moment has quietly affected their own vitality, and they feel like they are gradually improving. This is still the feeling on the periphery. Then if you really bathe in such life energy, who dares to say that it won't bring you a larger life energy, thus prolonging your life?

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【Douluo Continent V Reborn Tang San】【】

At this moment, a slight buzzing suddenly appeared between the sky and the earth. The ordinary people didn't feel anything, but the emperors present couldn't help but change their expressions.

They are all the top powerhouses in the world, and they have touched the existence of rules. At this moment, they can all feel that there seems to be strong fluctuations in rules in the dark. It was a strong sense of rejection, as if the plane was angry.

"My good fellow, has the strength of this life energy triggered the life law of the plane?" Earth Yin Sky Essence Emperor exclaimed in a low voice.

But at this time, the huge life energy rising from the Blue Gold Palace began to shrink and fall back. The buzzing from the plane also disappeared. Even if it only happened for a moment, the emperors present had a very strong feeling, vaguely aware of what happened.

law of life

This should be the existence that Jin Miaolin will touch when he becomes emperor in the future!

The absence of the Emperor's Tribulation means that he has not tried to cross the Tribulation at this moment, but he has touched the power of the law before crossing the Tribulation, indicating that he has found his own path, and this It is also the path that all the emperors present most want to see him pursue.

"Sky Fox!" Tianyang Tianjing Emperor called to the Sky Fox Great Demon Emperor who was not far away.

The Great Demon Emperor Tianhu turned his head to look in the direction of Emperor Tianyang Tianjing.

Tianyang Tianjinghuang said in a deep voice: "This tower of life should be completed. I propose that starting today, we will take turns guarding the tower of life, and we will not give anyone a chance to take advantage of it. We must ensure that Jin Miaolin's catastrophe goes smoothly .what do you think?"

Sky Fox Great Demon Emperor Weiwei took the lead, "I agree."

All the emperors also nodded one after another. It was just a short while ago that the life energy of the Tower of Life exploded, making each of them have a clear feeling that at least their lifespan was extended by more than one year. You must know that they have all been emperors for many years. Except for the Great Demon Emperor Jingfeng, almost every emperor has tried various methods of prolonging life. It is already very difficult to prolong one's own lifespan. But now, just a little bit of life energy leaked from the tower of life gave them the feeling of prolonging their lifespan. It is conceivable that after the opening of the tower of life in the future, Jin Miaolin's becoming emperor will bring them even more benefits.

Emperor Tianyang Tianjing said: "Since that's the case, then we will rotate every month, and the emperors of the two empires will take turns guarding them."

Naturally, there was no objection to this matter, and all the emperors agreed with it.

The brilliance of the tower of life gradually returned to normal, but inside the tower of life, the spirit of the gods became stronger.

Sitting upright in the center of the thirteenth floor of the Tower of Life, Tang San let out a long breath, calming down his previous nervousness.

What really touched the plane was not because of the law of life, but because at the moment when the tower of life was fully completed, all the magic circles in the entire tower of life were connected together and were fully activated. The energy of the heart of nature in the tower is extracted too much, which makes the fairy spirit in the tower more intense. The fluctuation of the heart of nature has attracted the attention of the plane.

Tang San reversed the magic circle at the first time, forcibly suppressing the magic circle's extraction of the heart of nature, and only then calmed down the fluctuation of life energy outside, and calmed the anger of the plane.

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【Douluo Continent V Reborn Tang San】【】

There is still a considerable degree of risk in this touch. However, Tang San had expected it a long time ago, so he controlled it immediately, and no major problems occurred.

Young Master Mei has also woken up at this time, and the sound transmission came over, "Honey, are you alright?"

Tang San said: "It's okay, it's done. The Tower of Life has been officially completed."

"Well, I can feel that the concentration of the fairy air seems to be higher now. Will it dissipate?" Meigong asked.

Tang San shook his head and said: "No. Our time-space ring has always been the last barrier inside. The basis of the time-space ring is the time-space boundary marker, and even time and space can be isolated and controlled in the universe. We are going to start the real retreat .”

"Yeah." Young Master Mei nodded, feeling a little agitated. Her excitement is not only because she is about to overcome the catastrophe and become an emperor, and develop towards the peak state of this plane, but also because of something more important to her.

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