Cultivation Is Like This - v3 Chapter 765 There is nothing to do except cultivating immortals

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  Lu Bei set up a warm man setting, full of sense of responsibility, coaxed Zhu Qilan who blamed himself into a small room, and then performed a medical miracle, cast off the blackened body surface, and resurrected with blood on the spot.

  The blood is full, but the blue is half empty. In addition, there are complications such as heart tiredness, numbness, and mental trance.

   "God is above, good people are rewarded with good rewards, bless them not to get together next time they cross the catastrophe."

  In the main hall of Tianjianzong, Lu Bei ordered someone to fetch a pen, ink, paper and inkstone, prayed silently, and then wrote down the majestic word "Heaven and Earth" with a splash of ink.

   There is no signature, and the black and white words imply that Pisces is in power. It seems ordinary, but in fact it is well versed in the way of yin and yang.

  If you look closely, there is still a bit of sharp sword light hidden in the black characters.

  He ordered someone to put it on a watch and hang it in the center of the hall. What is there to worship if you abandon the scriptures?

   Lu Bei burns incense and licks it. He has become an immortal, so it doesn't hurt to believe it.

  Three incense sticks a day don’t cost much.

   Knowing that Bai Jin and Zhan Hongqu had successfully crossed the catastrophe and are currently stabilizing their realm, the anxiously waiting two old fathers embraced and wept.

   Cut Le Xian.

  Lin Buyan.

  My little padded jacket successfully crossed the catastrophe and made great progress in cultivation. I was happier than their own success in cultivation. It is natural for people to cry with joy.

  But thinking about the little padded jacket's current achievements, it was more or less tainted with Lu Bei's fishy smell, and the sadness flowed like a river, crying even harder.

The scene of hugging and crying is too basic, which damages the dignity of the sect. The suzerain is selfless and always helps the relatives, no matter what their identities are, after some scolding, the two old fathers were kicked out by Xie Qingyi and Wang Yan outside the temple.

  Tawning, Lu Bei, who had been recuperating for a night, endured the aftermath of the catastrophe, and walked to the Changming Mansion exhausted physically and mentally, to convey the good news to Butler Yu.

  After a few days of recharging his energy, he felt that he was doing well again, and handed him a Qiankun Ring in the blink of an eye.

   Steward Yu is not self-motivated, and his spiritual aspiration is not to live long, but to maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance, so the ring hides another mystery.

  The 2.0 transitional version is only three months old, it will be launched on March 15th, and the server will be shut down for an update soon, and the second professional tournament is already in full swing.

   It’s been less than half a year since the first professional tournament ended. Some players think that this move is too eager for success, and the official sponsorship is too ugly.

   The outside world has mixed opinions, the official has its own way, and under the circumstances of serious lack of preparations, it has held what may be the most sloppy professional game.

  Strengthy players are preparing for the battle, such as Lu Bei's cheap apprentice, Xiao Fengxian, who is holding a belt, and has the momentum to make a comeback and make a comeback.

  Learning the lesson from last time, she was cautious and cautious in choosing teammates in the team competition, kicked out the useless miscellaneous fish, and chose a few former opponents that she liked.

   For example, Shibufang.

  Players who have no strength and love to be noisy continue to open up wasteland, working on their respective sites and waiting for blossoms and fruits.

  In addition to doing tasks to gain experience, the topic of how to make money remains high, which makes these players never tire of it.

  In the past, there were people on the top who suppressed it, and it was difficult to operate without hands and feet. Now that the masters have gone to professional competitions, it is natural to think how to make them. …

  The small cloth in Lubei Qiankun Ring comes from the Far West. Players rolled up on the site of Moxiu, and the fairy world style has been refreshed repeatedly. The latest popular new style is the secret of the peacekeeping force.

  So, seeing Miss Moxiu flying around with her little wings on her back, no surprises, this one is the hottest one right now.

  Lu Bei thought it was okay, so he sewed a few sets by himself, hoping to broaden his horizons with Steward Yu.


  Lu Bei had just finished his journey, and his body was still weak. Butler Yu was willing to let him work hard. He brought delicacies from mountains and seas to cook a nourishing medicinal meal, vowing to make the little boy fair and plump.

  By the way, the ingredients were sent to the Changming Mansion by the licking dogs. They missed the chance but they also participated.

  Hospitality is hard to come by, Lu Bei ate for a day, not wanting the lie of being weak to be exposed, and finally reached Zhu Qilan's ears, so he had to leave before nightfall.

  The four of them are consolidating their realm in the small single room. The shortest is ten days, and the longest is half a month. By the time they leave the customs, version 2.0 will be offline.

   After that, it was version 3.0 that Lu Bei was most familiar with.

  Because of his own existence, Butterfly Wings has changed Wu Zhou and the surrounding situation, and there is no possibility to learn from it.

   It's not a big problem, he has become a chess player.

  Even though he has no big ambitions and never thought of controlling the situation, the power and responsibility brought by his powerful strength pushed him to stick to the layout.


   Xiongchu border.

  Green mountains and green waters, eagles strike far into the sky.

   Fluorescence flashed, and Linglong Taoist Temple fainted the surrounding air ripples, and appeared beside the greenery.

   Lu Bei stood under the willow tree, looking at the sparkling lake, with the old princess Wu Zhou on his left, and the white-haired diplomat Xuanlong on his right.

  Embrace left and right to envy others, but Lu Bei knew very well that the two were not fighting for him, but did not want to be compared to each other.

  He is just a tool to evaluate the outcome.

   Moreover, what really made him itchy was the lake, which was about to move, and he wanted to throw a shot right away.

   It’s broken, I’m too old for fishing!

   "Hahaha, Sect Master Lu, Xiao Wang is being polite."

  The void was crushed, and the great bald Yuanji King of Xiongchu walked out through the air, and he happily cupped his hands, not annoyed when he saw that Lu Bei was absent-minded.

  With a beautiful woman in her arms, the young man is full of vigor, and it is understandable to be distracted.

that is…

  Yuanji King was quite regretful. On the left and right sides of Lu Bei were the princesses of Wu Zhou and Xuanlong, and the princesses of their ancient Xiongchu family were missing.

   "I have seen the prince, you are also polite."

After going through the process, he signaled himself to stand between Wu Zhou and Xuan Long. The tool man Lu Bei let go of his left and right hugs, and went straight to the point: "Xiong Chu has been a bit uneasy recently. My suzerain is far away in Yuezhou, and I can smell the fighting. I am so curious." , I wonder if King Yuanji can answer the doubts?"

King Yuanji seemed to have been prepared for a long time. Hearing this, he smiled slightly: "Sovereign Lu is too worried. Xiongchu has no intention of invading the two countries. He has no idea at all. This time, His Majesty is testing several princes, so that he can choose the best. Your next prince."

  Don't ask, it means Xiongchu has its own national conditions.

  Every prince of Xiongchu has a powerful force behind him. The imperial power has changed, and these forces have tried their best to push their own prince to the throne.

   Not all princes want to be emperors. For example, the current old emperor, after becoming the lord of a country, has been thinking about abdicating and cultivating immortals all day long. …

   Another example is Gu Zongchen among the princes.

  According to the logic, for Xiongchu to unravel the curse of the bloodline, and rank seniority, Lu Bei should be the first to contribute, and Gu Zongchen can only be ranked second, followed by King Yuanji, Gu Yuanping, and Lord Xinli.

   Lu Bei is an outsider, and he takes money to do things. It is impossible and he will not be promoted as the emperor of Xiongchu.

  In this way, Gu Zongchen's merits will last for thousands of years, and he is the prince who will do his part. When he is the emperor, even if he is old enough to fish, he can't pick a thorn.

  However, Gu Zongchen's ambition is not here, what is the throne, is there a fragrance of woody fish?

   No, don't!

  A blue lamp, always with me Buddha, this is the pursuit of Gu Zongchen.

  In his eyes, apart from Buddha, Lu Dong is probably the only one left.

   If you have to say it, you may have left a piece of land for Lu Bei.

  The old emperor was eager to shake the pot, and he won 18 gold medals to recruit Gu Zongchen to Beijing. He was about to appoint a crown prince during the day, but at night he kicked his legs.

  Except for the queen and all the concubines.

  Gu Zongchen didn't care about it, nodded his head and held flowers on the top of Baiyun Mountain, and the commander of the imperial guards made noise, and eighteen gold medals were shattered by his slap.

  The old emperor became even more anxious. He retreated and took out the border map, glanced at Wu Zhou, gave up under the hiss of King Yuanji and others, and then glanced at the twenty-three countries in the northern border. All the ministers nodded happily.

  Whoever can expand the territory will be the next king of Xiongchu. If he can expand the territory, whoever can conquer the most territory will be the king.

   As a result, Xiongchu's large and small forces mobilized and pushed their prince to the twenty-three countries in the northern border.

   "The situation is like this. If the killing spirit disturbs the cleanliness of Sect Master Lu, Xiao Wang here has a gift of apology, and I hope the Sect Master will accept it with a smile." King Yuanji said respectfully.

   Reaching out and not hitting the smiling face, Lu Bei was very satisfied with King Yuanji's answer, but Zhu Xiushi and Zhao Wuyou didn't think so, one performed the sealing technique, and the other cuddled in Lu Bei's arms.

  They are all decent women who have made their debut halfway, so it is a bit embarrassing for them to seduce a man. They seem teasing under the pretentiousness, and even Lu Beifeng's evaluation is damaged. Anyone who watched this scene felt that he was greedy for women.

   "It's fine to make an apology, the suzerain's bed is not spacious, and there is no room for more."

  Lu Bei declined King Yuanji's kindness, frowned and said: "Dare to ask King Yuanji, is Xiongchu's inclusion of the Northern Territory this time really just to select the best and appoint a heir?"

   "Naturally true." Yuanji King vowed.

  When it comes to state affairs, affirmation means denial, and if there is no, there must be.

Lu Bei glanced at King Yuanji with regret: "To tell you the truth, my lord has been affected by the aura of fighting and killing recently, and my hands are itchy. If Xiongchu can't fight quickly, my lord is afraid that I won't be able to control myself, so I will learn to be a hero with a sword." Chu general, also come to expand the hegemony of the territory."

  Zhu Xiushi's eyes are shining, she understands Lu Bei, muddling along, selfish but lacks power and desire, really laying down a large area of ​​land is managed by the old Zhu family.

  Escrow is also management, after all, the current management.

  Xuanlong and Xiongchu fought, and Wu Zhou took advantage of it. This business can be done.


  Zhu Xiushi was pretty and the wind was blowing vigorously, with a baby voice, it made people's bones crisp.


"To shut up!"


Lu Bei glared at Zhu Xiushi angrily, what can he do? Daydream is the first place, and the old Zhu family has an old problem. He looked at Yuanji King with a gloomy face: "My lord, isn't this suzerain a big talker?" I hope that you will be able to advise Emperor Xiongchu not to cause extra trouble after you return to China."

  Whether it is the territory or the crown prince, this is all the matter of the ancient Xiongchu family, how can you allow an outsider to dictate!

   Only this once, don't do it next time!

King Yuanji thought so in his heart, with a bit of bitterness on his face: "So that Sect Master Lu knows that the chariot has moved, which is related to the entire Xiongchu, and countless people are waiting to share the benefits. His Majesty has the final say."

   "Oh, so who's in charge?"

  Lu Bei frowned: "I can't... the suzerain has the final say, right?"

   "Perhaps Sect Master Lu can."


  Lu Bei was taken aback when he heard the words, pushed away the left and right green tea, and said solemnly: "Yuanji King, but it's okay to say, there is no one else here, you might as well speak louder."

   "Does Sect Master Lu still remember his identity as the tomb keeper?"


  Remember, I was promoted and raised my salary to be the head of the department, and I was in charge of Beibei Xuanwu.

   Lu Bei squinted his eyes slightly, thought for a while in his mind, and said in a deep voice, "Who is manipulating behind the scenes, Qinglong asked you to do this?"

  Yuanji King nodded now, and then typed out a letter.

   Lu Bei took it into his hand from the air, avoiding his left and right eyes, and saw the four words on the white paper.

   Great Xia Jihuang.

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