After the Failure of Xiuye ​​to Cross the Robbery [Interstellar] - Chapter 3 Pleasure

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When Yuan Xi was in the realm of cultivation, he had seen countless monsters, and he had also been to the relics of the sea to hunt for treasures. He had seen monsters that could transform into form in the sea, but the creatures like mermaid and mackerel still existed only in the fairy tales in his impression. In the story.

Now he has gained insights.

From the waist down, it is no longer the familiar human hips and legs, but a fish tail covering the baby's fist-sized scales. The scales are the same color as his current hair, all silver, plus the tail fin, about two meters long. The length of the head.

The original owner is a mermaid who cherishes scales very much. Every scale is very clean and shining brightly under the light.

After the mermaid landed ashore, the fish tail would turn into legs. The legs are the weakness of the mermaid. However, in the water, the speed of the mermaid depends on their powerful fish tail, and their scales are unusually hard. Thousands of years ago, the interstellar people discovered the mermaid. The scales can even resist their thermal weapons, and it has set off a frenzy of hunting fish. It is also for this reason that the mermaid that really angered Seablue Star.

Yuan Xi looked at the beautiful silver fishtail in a complicated mood, rubbed her face severely, but was almost cut through her skin by her sharp nails.

The mermaid can survive tens of thousands of meters deep in the ocean, and the pressure it bears can be imagined. The bones of the mermaid can withstand the extraordinary sea pressure, and it can be imagined that the body is powerful. They do not have sharp teeth, and sharp nails are a tool for mermaid hunting, allowing them to easily tear off their prey.

Yuan Xi studied nails that seemed to be no different from humans except that they were sharp, and experimented on the wall of the swimming pool...without much effort, they left five deep marks on them.

If it is used for refining, it is definitely a good material! Yuan Xi couldn't help thinking.

Not only nails, but also fish scales.

After studying the nails, Yuan Xi touched his ears again. The original human ears have become uniquely shaped translucent ear fins. There are two thin cracks about three centimeters below the ears. That is the second breath of the mermaid. System-gills.

When Yuan Xi tried to breathe in the water for the first two times, he still used the human breathing pattern habitually, but the result was choked. Thanks to his three thousand years of experience in the cultivation world, he found out the correct way of breathing with his gills in less than ten minutes.

"If I had such a strong body when I was in the cultivation world, how much would I have to suffer?" Yuan Xi crawled out of the swimming pool, shedding a handful of bitter tears for himself who had been in the cultivation world for three thousand years in the past.

When Yuan Xi was in the realm of cultivation, his soul fell on a child with four spiritual roots. The spiritual roots were mixed and varied in thickness, making it very difficult to practice. He also carries the Sword Three System, the character Xiuye, and the cheating martial arts system when he arrives in the realm of cultivation, let alone become his golden finger, but because of the role of Xiuye, he can only practice Qixiu Mind. God knows that he started. When he was practicing martial arts, he was so uncomfortable to vomit in all directions, and there was also a pink aperture with falling flowers, which was simply a moving target.

What's more pitted is that because he is a Xiuye, he can't use other weapons except for the double swords. The skill only drops one after breaking through the advanced stage. That is to say, before he enters the Mahayana period, his skills are all Not complete, only a few skills are available back and forth.

Yuan Xi's three thousand years in the realm of cultivation absolutely depended on his righteousness to persevere. In the end, he was able to reach the Mahayana stage, and he himself felt incredible.

However, when crossing the robbery, he was still dragged by the cheating system.

The nine-fold thunder tribulation not only smashed him, but also smashed the Sword Three System into dregs. Until the moment he died, he didn't figure out how he was bound to one system.

Nowadays, no system is light...

"Fuck me!" Yuan Xi, who had learned to face everything calmly two thousand years ago, couldn't help but explode again.

Because, when he turned out the other space button of the original owner and took out the two swords in the space button, he was familiar with the trembling breath in his bones.

Yuan Xi held the two swords tightly, crushing the hilt of the sword because of his shock and anger.

"Click—" A crisp cracking sound rang out in the room, also recalling his sanity.

With a sinking face, he threw two swords to the ground, took a deep breath, and said silently in his heart: "System."

There is no systematic skill interface in front of me.

Yuan Xi waited for a minute, then silently said, "System."

There is still no abnormality.

Three minutes later, Yuan Xi said again: "System?"

However, as before, no interface appears. Yuan Xi frowned. He has been bound to the Sword Three System for three thousand years, and he can be described as getting along day and night. He remembers that as long as he summons the system, the system will pop up a simple skill interface in front of him or in his mind.

Does it need to be equipped with weapons? He didn't seem to have this in his mind.

After thinking about it, Yuan Xi picked up the two swords whose hilts had been crushed. Although the hilts were broken, he felt the mental skills belonging to Qixiu again after the sword was used. He took another deep breath and called the system.

Still nothing abnormal.

what happened?

"No, it's not right..." Yuan Xi shook his head, "If the system is still following me, then in the Alligator Swamp, I can't kill the crocodile with a single sword, nor can I kill the wolf."

The exclusivity of the system is very serious. Yuan Xi can use other weapons, but he can't use any moves. Even if it is a Tai Chi sword, the sword can fly out of his hand.


When Yuan Xi thought of something, his eyes gradually widened. Regardless of the sword with only half of the handle left, he swung a very familiar sword toward the pool—Jiang Hai condensed light.

There was no rose, no pink streamer, only an invisible sword energy, breaking a five-centimeter gap in the water in the pool, splashing water, and quickly closing.

Jianqi Yangtze River...

The sword breaks the void...

Sword Master Heaven and Earth...

Back to the blood and precarious...

Yuan Xi used the skills one by one. He used the skills of the Qixiu Double Heart Technique Bing Xin Jue and the Yunshang Heart Sutra. There is no cd for switching the mind, no reading restrictions, no bugs, and no more bugs. The narrow skill interface, now, all the skills are imprinted in his soul! he! Place! Have!

Yuan Xi was in ecstasy again after his unsettled heart burst into foul language five minutes ago.

What he likes is not that he has won the skills under the Qixiu Double Mind Technique, but that there is really no system, and he doesn't need to go back to the days when he was deeply restrained.

One word: cool!

Yuan Xi threw the two swords into the swimming pool casually, and threw himself on the soft sofa in a happy mood.

With a happy mood, Yuan Xi connected to a video communication.

The communicator is a very simple bracelet. It looks like a silver bracelet from the outside. It will automatically adjust to the size of the wrist and fit the wrist. However, the original owner went to the thorn forest three days ago and had a pleasant surprise for Field, leaving the communicator at home.

The video is projected on the wall opposite the sofa. In the video is a beautiful boy with light blonde long hair and delicate features, somewhere between a teenager and a youth.

Seeing Yuanxi lying on the sofa with a happy smile at the corner of his mouth, the boy was stunned, and immediately said: "Yuanxi, are you going home?"

"Yeah." Yuan Xi replied, and quickly found out the corresponding identity-Arthur from the memory of the original owner.

A dark color flashed in Arthur's big, bright blue eyes. The speed was so fast that he couldn't catch it. He raised a smile and asked, "Looking at how happy you are, did Field agree to date you? I listened. Said he personally drove the aircraft to pick you up in the forest of thorns?"

The latter sentence brought a bit of cautious temptation, perhaps Arthur hadn't noticed it himself.

Yuan Xile had fun too, and his mood gradually calmed down now. Aside from the system, he now has a new identity and will start a new life. The future is still worth looking forward to.

He squinted slightly to look at Arthur. The original owner ventured to challenge the crocodile in the thorn forest. Gain Arthur "reported" the original owner and said that Field asked him to tell if the original owner could go to the thorn forest to defeat the crocodile and bring back the crocodile's teeth, Field would do it. together with him.

The original owner did not have confidence in his own strength and naturally hesitated, but Arthur reminded him from the side that Field liked the strong, and took Lance as an example. The original owner thought that Field had said in public that if he wanted to find a partner in the future, he would consider it first. Lance; In addition, Arthur also expressed concern about his going to the thorny forest. He didn't agree with him to take risks. Taking risks can show Field his courage, but what should I do if he is injured?

Under the double stimulation and huge temptation, the original owner, who was dazzled by love, didn't even ask Field for confirmation, and flew to the thorn forest alone.

Arthur was a little guilty of being seen by Yuanxi, but he remained calm, and said in a two-pointed witty tone: "I almost forgot to congratulate you, congratulations for getting what you wished."

Yuan Xi smiled slightly, resting his chin with one hand, and said slowly: "Don't congratulate me, I'm not with Field."

"Ah?" Arthur was surprised, "You are not together? How come? Didn't he go to the thorn forest to pick you up?"

"He went to the Forest of Thorns, but as soon as we met, he scolded me and said..." Yuan Xi sold Guanzi deliberately.

"Say what?" Arthur blurted out, looking nervous.

"What are you talking about? I think about it..." Yuan Xi pretended to think, and then muttered in a low voice: "He scolded me a lot when he saw me. I was stunned by the crackling. I have to think about what he scolded me. ."

The opposite hand of Arthur who was not in the mirror was already wet with sweat, and when Yuan Xi looked down and thought, he nervously swallowed a sip of water.

Yuan Xi hooked the corners of his lips without a trace when he heard the slight voice. After a long while, he seemed to give up thinking and confessed to himself: "I can't remember what he said, too much, and my saliva sprayed on my face. Don’t talk about hygiene at all."

Arthur: "..."

"Right!" Yuan Xi suddenly clapped her hands.

Arthur just let go of his hanging heart, and was suddenly lifted up by his clapping hands, and squatted: "What's the matter? Did you think of something?"

Yuan Xi smiled at him, there was a sly in his smile, but he hid it so well that Arthur didn't even notice it.

"In order to be worthy of him, in order to be with him, I overcame the fear in my heart, went to the forest of thorns alone, stayed in the forest for three days, fought with crocodiles and wolves. Half-Life..." He said slowly, "The first time Field saw me, he didn't worry about me and didn't want to treat me. Instead, he pointed to my nose and scolded me. It was not that he blamed me. Arthur, you said, is such a ruthless man like Field really worthy of my liking?"

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