48 Hours a Day - Chapter 1206 - The Death Of Loki

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Chapter 1206: The Death Of Loki

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Zhang Heng heard Loki’s suggestion, but his hands didn’t stop moving. Instead, each slash was faster than the last.

Rather than hoping that the god of lies and pranks would keep his promise, it was better to kill Loki on the spot and complete the main mission. This was the safest way to clear the dungeon. As for the doctor and Mouse, Zhang Heng wasn’t too worried. Even though the militia had surrounded the building they were in and were attacking it from above.

With the firepower of the Doctor and the others, it was obviously impossible to withstand the militia’s attack, but the Falcon was already flying toward them. Speaking of which, he had to thank Loki. If it weren’t for the [Escape Dagger] he provided, it was almost impossible for the three upstairs to escape under such circumstances.

Thus, Zhang Heng was indifferent to Loki’s suggestion. At this moment, he was completely immersed in the world of knife skills, ignoring all the noise around him. Unlike Loki’s various fighting styles, when Zhang Heng’s blade was in his hand, his movements became simpler. However, when he swung his blade, it often gave Loki a feeling that there was nowhere to run.

The god of lies and pranks felt like he was surrounded by blade shadows, enveloping his body. In order to turn the situation around, Loki tried to raise a cloud of sand, but when Zhang Heng took out his [Filter Lens], Loki’s sand also lost its effect. But taking advantage of the time he had bought, Loki hurriedly conjured a flock of pigeons to stand between him and Zhang Heng.

However, he had underestimated Zhang Heng’s knife skills. Although the flock of pigeons had successfully blocked Zhang Heng’s line of sight, Zhang Heng’s outstanding perception and hearing still firmly locked onto Loki’s position. On the other hand, Loki himself was affected, and he didn’t see Zhang Heng’s knife.

By the time he glanced at the knife light from the corner of his eye, it was too late. Loki couldn’t dodge in time, and a long wound was cut on his chest. A strange blue liquid like frost flowed out of his chest, and when it landed on the ground, turned into pieces of ice.

The appearance of the wound made Loki’s movements even slower. In just two minutes, he was cut three more times by Zhang Heng. His hair was disheveled, and he looked like he was at the end of his rope.

But at that moment, Loki stopped shouting, because he could feel Zhang Heng’s determination to kill him. After taking the fourth cut, Loki waved his hand, and the pigeons flew away, he saw Zhang Heng again, but the latter didn’t rush to swing his next cut. Zhang Heng looked at the embarrassed Loki.

“Do you know how to find the goddess of death, Hela?”

“Do I… know?” Loki wiped the blood off his face, rolled his eyes, and chuckled. He was now completely forced into a desperate situation, but the expression on his face had changed from the initial panic to his usual frivolity.

Zhang Heng knew from the look of this guy that he had no sincerity to negotiate, so Zhang Heng didn’t waste any more words with Loki. He directly raised the [Hidden Scabbard] in his hand.

As if realizing that he couldn’t dodge this attack, Loki didn’t resist. He just stood there with a smile on his face, “You must think that I’ve brought you a lot of trouble now, but in fact, after killing me, your trouble has only just begun. Remember to protect yourself for a while, because… Chaos has arrived, and this will be the prelude to the end of the world.”

The answer he got was a flash of saber light!

[Hidden Scabbard]’s landing point was precisely the neck of Loki, which [Parris’s Arrow] had pointed at. This was also the position that Heimdall had chosen to kill Loki in the twilight of the gods.

After Zhang Heng cut off Loki’s head, he deliberately took two steps back to prevent the latter’s head from exploding and hurting people after it fell to the ground like in the legends. However, in the end, Loki’s head only rolled half a circle on the ground before it stopped moving, the smile on his face frozen forever, the slightly raised corners of his mouth looking a little strange.

At almost the same time, Zhang Heng also received a system notification.

[Ding! Main Mission successfully completed—kill Loki. Player will return to the real world in one hour. Game Points +300. You can check your status on the character panel.]

Zhang Heng was slightly surprised. He did not expect the famous god of lies and pranks to really die at his hands. He stood there for another three minutes to make sure that nothing else happened, and the countdown on the mission panel also disappeared. He walked to Loki’s body and reached out to touch it.

The first thing he obtained was the piece of iron wire used to cut open the door for the youth.

[Discovered game item—Strange Iron Wire (unappraised)]

Zhang Heng also touched a leaf.

[Discovered game item—Leaf of a certain tree (unappraised)]

Zhang Heng was very familiar with Norse mythology, not only because his parents had told him these stories as bedtime fairy tales when he was young, but after becoming a player, Zhang Heng had carefully read the relevant information in order to understand this mysterious and dangerous world.

There were many famous treasures in Norse mythology, but Zhang Heng couldn’t find anything close to the two new items in his hands, and Norse mythology also didn’t describe the treasures that Loki possessed, so he stopped trying to guess what the items in his hands were.

He stuffed the two new items into the travel bag that he had been carrying the whole time. He was ready to go out and ask the bartender to appraise them. Then, he sat at the door of the laundry shop. Half an hour later, the doctor, Mouse, and Besnova, who was disguised as Master Kui in bandages, walked over from the other side of the street.

Above their heads was a large bird. It was the falcon that Zhang Heng and Loki had encountered not long ago. This time, it landed on the ground before it began to change and expand; the feathers on its body began to rustle and fall. Instead of being blown away by the wind, they miraculously gathered together and eventually turned into a feather cloak the size of a palm.

The body of the Falcon turned into a woman. It was none other than Master Kui, who had run off to god-knows-where. She reached out her hand, and the feather cloak flew into her body.

Zhang Heng threw his coat to Master Kui, who stood up from the ground. At the same time, a thoughtful look flashed across his eyes. “Are you Freya’s agent?”

Freya was the goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology. She was also in charge of war and magic. Her beauty had captivated many gods. Even giants and monsters wanted her, one of the rewards that the craftsman asked for in the story of repairing the city for the gods was Freya.. Later, when Loki’s hammer was stolen, the monster Lord who stole the hammer also named Freya as his wife, in these two stories, she had a feud with Loki.

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