Valkyrie Domination - Chapter 5253 directly descend

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"Your Majesty, what are you doing?"

The owner of Tianji Pavilion looked at Xiaoyao Zhizun in disbelief. Wasn't Xiaoyao Zhizun scared stupid?

What senior? What is in front of me is just the Void Sea of ​​the Void Tidal Sea. Although this Void Sea is extremely mysterious, countless supreme powerhouses have not been able to find out the truth when they explored it. Maybe there is something special about it.

But no matter how special it is, it is only a forbidden place in the original universe, how can it compare with the ancestors in the underworld.


Sect Master Linglong also looked at Supreme Master Xiaoyao in astonishment, a little confused.

Didn't you think this guy's brain is not working well?

Xiaoyao Supreme stared intently at the Xuhai in front of him, his whole body was still incomparably respectful, and said solemnly: "Please also, senior, look at the fate of my original universe and save my original universe, my original universe will definitely be grateful."

Xiaoyao Zhizun knew very well that if he wanted to stop this strong man from the underworld, there was only one person in the entire initial universe who could do it, and that was the great power trapped in this void sea.


Xuhai is calm, without any fluctuations, just like dead silence, without any waves.

The owner of Tianji Pavilion was shocked and anxious: "Xiaoyao Supreme, don't be stupid, don't hurry up to meet the enemy, if you let the opponent's attack fall, the entire heaven will be destroyed."

He turned around, and boom, the long river of fate appeared in front of him, mighty and mighty, straddling the tidal sea of ​​void, turning into thousands of miles of turbulent waves.

Knowing that he couldn't resist the Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor, but the Lord of Tianji Pavilion still did this, even if he was, he still had to defend the heaven, otherwise, once the heaven collapsed, the human race would have no place to stand.

"A secret."

Linglong looked at the owner of Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets admiringly. This is the man he identified. For the sake of his own group, he knew that he would die, but he never hesitated or feared at all.

In the universe sea, how many people can have such belief?

Thinking of this, Sect Master Linglong also stepped forward, boom, endless divine light bloomed on her body, and the power of detachment lingering in all directions, directly stirring the entire void into boiling.

She wants to fight against the enemy with her man, even if what she wants to protect has nothing to do with her.

"Hahaha, a group of ants, at this time, they still want someone to save you. Sure enough, ants are ants, and they will only hold unrealistic fantasies when they are in danger. In this small initial universe, no one can stop me! "

Wangu Mingzu laughed loudly, boom, endless death breath surged out of the skull crystal in an instant, brazenly entering the heaven.

Chi Chi Chi!

The void of the entire heaven was directly corroded by the power of the underworld and turned black, endless death filled the air, where the power of the Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor passed, the void turned into a dead silence, without any vitality.

No power can stop the aura of the Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor.


Seeing the endless dead energy entering the tidal sea of ​​void, the detachment power exerted by the masters of Tianji Pavilion and Linglong was quickly corroded, and they were powerless to resist it at all.

"Hahaha, let's all die for this ancestor. It is an honor for you ants in the initial universe to become this ancestor's spoils of war."

Endless death energy instantly enveloped everyone in Xiaoyao Zhizun.

At this moment, Hei Nu and the others had also retreated back to the heavenly realm. Seeing such a scene, they were filled with despair and anger.

The Heaven Realm is where Chen Shaochen's Truth Pavilion is located. If the attack of the Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor falls, the entire Heaven Realm of the human race will be destroyed. How will they explain to Chen Shao?

At this moment, Hei Nu and others looked towards Xu Hai.

The move of Xiaoyao Zhizun has reminded them that if they want to save the original universe, only one of them in Xu Hai can take action.

"Also ask the predecessors to take action and save the original universe."

"Senior, please take action."

"Senior..." Voices of grief and indignation resounded through the world, Hei Nu, Jian Zu, Ji Wuxue, Wuji Supreme, Yuan Demon Lord, Chaos Supreme, Shadow Supreme, Fallen Supreme, Zhao Lingshan, Zi Xun, Murong Bing Yun, Wei Siqing, Qin Tingting,

Ao Qingling, Li Wanxue, Wang Qiming, Lin Tian, ​​etc., Gu Gu, Tianxing Daoist, Ao Lie, Gu Daoist, Fu Qiankun, Mo Yuanbai... etc... At this moment, all the tribes in the original universe are looking at He Xu Hai, everyone who experienced that battle in the past understands that although they don't know how strong the so-called Myriad Bone Ancestor is, in the entire initial universe, only the one who died back then

Which one of the Void Sea who killed the Black Demon Ancestor Emperor has a chance of fighting against the Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor.

The thought power of all races gathered together, shaking the entire original universe.

The masters of Tianji Pavilion and Linglong were both dumbfounded.

Are these guys crazy?


Painful roars sounded, and at this moment a breath of death had permeated along the long river of fate, the origin of the owner of the Tianji Pavilion was immediately damaged, and the whole person was about to be directly assimilated by this breath of death in an instant.

"Are you going to die here?"

The master of the Tianji Pavilion smiled bitterly, and looked at the master Linglong with attachment. This is the first time he has returned to the original universe.

I'm afraid he is the most miserable one in Homecoming in the entire universe, right?

But there was no regret in his heart, he looked at Sect Master Linglong, the only pain was dragging his beloved into the water.

Obviously, she didn't have to suffer all of this.

"Tianji, it's okay, I can be with you, and I'll be happy even if I die."

Sect Master Linglong smiled as if he understood the words in the eyes of Pavilion Master Tianji.


Hei Nu and others cried blood and roared.



But at this time, a sliver of power from Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor had penetrated into Xu Hai's place, and everyone was about to be polluted and corrupted by this power.


"Ah!" From the depths of the Void Sea, a soft sigh sounded suddenly, and in an instant, everyone in the entire initial universe seemed to be shaken in their souls, and everyone present trembled in shock. breath, suddenly from there

Passed out in the virtual sea.


The virtual sea boils. When this wave of power surged, the entire heavenly world boiled up. This wave of vague power surged, but it actually faintly blocked the death breath displayed by Wangu Mingzu, and blocked it here. side of the void

middle. In the blur, everyone vaguely saw a blurry figure rising from the endless void sea. This figure couldn't see the face clearly, and it was extremely lonely, hazy, hazy, indistinct, but it made people present

Ecstasy emerged in everyone's heart.

It's him.

it's him.

The mighty one in the void.


Hei Nu and others roared excitedly.

In the distant Demon Realm, the hairs of the Ancestor Yuanmo stood up all over his body.

"Senior Myriad Bone Netherworld Ancestor, be careful, this is the mysterious strongman that this ancestor mentioned." Yuanmo Patriarch hastily shouted.

"Hmph, pretending to be a ghost, what a strong person, it's not worth mentioning."

Wangu Mingzu snorted coldly, but was surprised in his heart, there was actually someone lurking in that imaginary sea, and he didn't even know it at first.

Moreover, the aura emanating from this person was extremely strange, and it even temporarily prevented the invasion of his own ghost energy.

This made Wangu Mingzu feel unhappy.

"Yuan Mo kid, why are you in a hurry, what powerful characters can there be in this initial universe, let's see if this ancestor destroys him, go." With the words of Wangu Mingzu, the aura above the skull crystal surged, and a surge of The vast aura of the underworld spurted out, broke through the confinement all at once, poured into the Void Sea in an instant, and enveloped this phantom in an instant.


"Quack quack, under the power of the ancestor, you can directly become the slave of the ancestor."

Wangu Mingzu laughed wildly.

"Just because of you, you also want the emperor to submit?"

Seeing that the power of Wangu Mingzu was about to completely corrode this phantom, suddenly, this illusory figure moved suddenly, and a rumbling sound resounded through the heaven and earth.

"Well, for the sake of that person, this emperor will take action this time, the ants from the underworld, get out of this emperor's territory, get out."

boom! In the Void Sea, this figure shook suddenly, and in an instant, a magnificent figure was reflected in the sky. This figure was blocked by endless iron chains, but it couldn't stop his figure from towering into the sky, propping up the entire sky. heaven of heaven

dome. I saw that majestic and invincible body suddenly trembled, and with a bang, the countless death qi that had penetrated into the heaven collapsed in an instant. Then, a pitch-black palm came out directly from the void sea. with no

A detailed breath flew out and slammed heavily on the river of dark energy released by Wangu Mingzu.


Shocking roars resounded, and under the excited gazes of the crowd, the river of dark energy released by the Myriad Bone Netherworld Ancestor actually collapsed in an instant under the palm of this nothing figure, turning into ashes and dissipating in an instant.


Moreover, with a slight wave of this void figure, those explosive billowing death forces disappeared in an instant, and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

At the same time, after stopping Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor, this nihilistic figure slowly sank into the Void Sea again.

The entire heaven instantly returned to its original appearance, and the breath of death that had infiltrated into the main body of Tianji Pavilion Master and Linglong Sect Master also disappeared in an instant, as if it had never appeared before.

This... what kind of power is this?

The master of Tianji Pavilion and the master of Linglong were both stunned, looking at the figure slowly dissipating in the void behind them in disbelief.

And Wangu Mingzu was even more frightened and angry.

His power of the underworld was actually resisted by the guy in front of him.


The endless dark energy rose up, and two divine lights suddenly shot out from the skull crystal pupils, looking towards the distant Xuhai. Then he saw in the depths of the Void Sea, a vague figure sitting cross-legged, surrounded by endless chains, as if a prisoner was trapped in it, but that figure was incomparably majestic, as if reflecting the sky, in that

Around the figure, there are countless corpses of strong men, piled up like a hill, with no end in sight.

"That is…"

In an instant, if it wasn't for Wan Gu Ming Zu who had only one soul left, the hairs all over his body would stand on end.

Such an existence, which has obviously reached the end of evolution, was actually seen by him in this initial universe.


Wangu Mingzu looked frightened and angry, and his figure retreated in an instant, away from the heaven.

He had a feeling that if he made a rash move, the end would be very ugly.

"Ex...Senior." Yuanmo Patriarch was stunned: "Aren't we going to attack the heavens?"

"This person is weird, we will not make him an enemy for the time being, and we will compete with him after our ancestor has fully recovered." Wangu Mingzu said in a deep voice.

Ancestor Yuanmo's heart suddenly sank. Could it be that even Senior Myriad Bone Nether Ancestor couldn't deal with the existence in the Void Sea? How is this possible? Senior Ten Thousand Bone Nether Ancestor is an existence of the third level of detachment. Moreover, he also said that he was one of the generals under the command of one of the four great emperors of the underworld back then, and his cultivation had already reached the third level.

The pinnacle of detachment.

Unable to deal with this figure in the Void Sea? "Huh, what's your expression?" Seeing the expression of the ancestor Yuanmo, Wangu Mingzu suddenly became dissatisfied, "This person is difficult, I just don't want to deal with him first, after I recover a little bit, come again Solve this person. And don't worry, this person should be trapped in the heavenly realm. His power can't penetrate the heavenly realm too far. As long as he doesn't break into the heavenly realm, there is no need to worry about this person. We can first remove the rest of the original universe. Take the territory, and then slowly map

Of. "

"Is that so?" Yuanmo Patriarch was stared at by Wangu Mingzu, and his heart jumped suddenly. He also knew that he could only rely on Wangu Mingzu at this time, and hurriedly said: "What the predecessors said is very true. It is the territory of the human race in the original universe.

Let them go first, wait for us to completely occupy other regions of the initial universe and turn them into Netherland, and then see how these guys live alone in the heaven. "

Ancestor Yuan Mo took a step forward, and instantly entered the vast void of the initial universe, and then the ghost energy in his body dissipated wildly.

He wants to turn the entire initial universe into Hades.

However, if he wanted to conquer the entire initial universe, it would be troublesome to rely on him alone. Now the demons no longer obeyed his orders, and almost all hid in the heavens with the Lord of the Abyssal Demons. With a thought, the Yuanmo Patriarch directly came to the place where the Zerg, Bone, and Ghost races were located, and the terrifying aura of detachment directly penetrated into the boundaries of the three major races, and sternly shouted: "The ancestor has returned, the Zerg Emperor, the Ten Thousand Bones Supreme, Demon Supreme

, why don't you quickly open the boundary and welcome the ancestor? "

"Hahaha, welcome to the ancestor."

The realms of the three major ethnic groups that had been sealed off for many years suddenly rose with an astonishing aura, directly opening the realms.

Countless strong men from the three major ethnic groups soared to the sky, came to the ancestor Yuanmo, and saluted respectfully: "Welcome the ancestor to return."

Although the three major ethnic groups have closed the world, they always care about the outside world, and they naturally have some channels to detect changes in the outside world.

"Senior, these three major ethnic groups were under the younger generation back then, and they can help us capture the original universe."

The ancestor of the Yuanmo brought the powerhouses of the three major ethnic groups to the ancestor of the Wanguming, and introduced them.


As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying dark energy suddenly descended, directly blasting the head of the Bone Race, the Supreme Master Wan Bone, causing everyone in the three major groups to be terrified, but they dared not move.

Yuan Mo Patriarch also looked at Wan Bone Ming Patriarch in astonishment. Myriad Bone Mingzu snorted coldly: "What does Myriad Bone Supreme I don't like? A mere ant in the initial universe deserves to be called Wangu like this ancestor? As for the others, you lead them to occupy the initial universe, as long as the Void Sea people do not shoot

, you don't need to pay attention. "

"But if that person from Void Sea..."

"If the person from Xuhai makes a move, this ancestor will only solve it." Wan Guming ancestor said coldly.


The Ancestor Yuanmo immediately led the people of the three major ethnic groups and began to crazily occupy the initial universe.


The three major ethnic groups have sealed the realms for so many years, so they naturally held back their anger, and they rushed to the realms of all races in the universe like wolves returning to the flock. Although there are many strong people among the ten thousand races who have already retreated to the heaven, not all the clansmen in the race have the opportunity to leave. Moreover, the ten thousand races are scattered in the initial universe, and there are many homelands belonging to their races. Not everyone is willing to leave


In an instant, many people from all races who had not had time to retreat to the heavens immediately bloodied their clans, and were crazily massacred by the powerful men of the three major clans led by the Yuan Mo ancestor.

And the souls of the people of all races who were massacred by them could not enter the reincarnation, but the fallen land directly turned into the underworld.

"This Yuanmo patriarch is simply hateful!"

Seeing such a scene, Xiaoyao Zhizun and the others were shocked and furious, but there was nothing they could do.

The Xuhai strongman had made it clear before that he would only guard the heavens, and he would not take care of other places. As long as Wangu Mingzu didn't attack the heavens, he would definitely not make a move.

And just Xiaoyao Zhizun and others are not the opponents of Wangu Mingzu, that is to say, in this initial universe, no one can stop Yuanmo Patriarch, and can only watch them slaughter the people of all races in the initial universe .

But when Xiaoyao Zhizun and others were frightened and angry, but there was nothing they could do.

Demon world!

boom! In the sky above the Heiyu Continent, the core of the Demon Realm, an astonishing aura suddenly surged out, a vast force, transmitted from the void beyond the original universe, faintly opening a passage above the Demon Realm


Such fluctuations immediately attracted the attention of countless powerhouses in the entire initial universe.

"Huh? What's going on?"

Yuan Mo Patriarch and others also turned their heads.

this force...

Yuan Mo Patriarch and others showed surprise.

They immediately saw that the place where the fluctuations came from was actually the passageway from the Dark Continent to the Demon Realm back then.

"Hmph, does this dark race want to invade this primordial universe again?"

The ancestor Yuanmo sneered, now it is not the same as before, he no longer needs to look at the faces of the dark people.

With Senior Wangu Mingzu as his backer, he has no fear at all of the forces in the ordinary universe.

Immediately, he came to Wangu Mingzu and respectfully said: "Senior, this should be the dark clan in the universe sea who is coming to my initial universe."

"Dark family?"

"Exactly." Yuanmo ancestor bowed his head and said: "The subordinates once cooperated with this family to occupy the initial universe, but unfortunately they failed in the end. They should be unwilling and want to make a comeback."

Wangu Mingzu sneered: "What kind of dark clan, if you dare to come, it will just become the nourishment of this ancestor."

Yuanmo Patriarch hurriedly said: "Senior, don't worry, this junior is definitely on your side."

"Hmph, I'm sorry you don't dare." Wangu Mingzu sneered.



Xiaoyao Zhizun and others naturally felt the changes in the demon world, and their hearts couldn't help sinking completely.

"It's over!"

One wave is not flat, and another wave rises again.

The ancestors of Yuanmo and the others have not yet solved it, but the dark clan has begun to invade again. Once these two major forces join forces, the initial universe will be even more hopeless.


In full view.

Above the demon world, the void suddenly split open, and a black hole vortex appeared directly in front of everyone.

next moment. With a bang, a group of figures walked out of the black hole and landed directly in the demon world.

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