Valkyrie Domination - Chapter 5162 Motochu

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Chapter 5162 Yuan Zhou

"Boy, why don't you roll over and die?"

Looking at Qin Chen sitting cross-legged, Young Master Sifang said coldly, his eyes were cold, like a dragon looking down at an ant, a terrifying murderous intent swept out in an instant.


When this terrifying breath swept away, the surrounding void was constantly shaking, making a violent explosion.

"What a terrifying breath, is this the realm of transcendence?"

"It's too scary? Why do I have a feeling that if the Young Master Sifang attacks me, I'm afraid that I won't be able to block even a single move, and I will die?"

The hearts of countless strong people around were shocked, and at this moment there was endless fear.


This was the only thought that popped into everyone's mind at the moment.

It is because the aura of the young master from the four directions is too terrifying at the moment, as if the gods came to the world and dominates everything, no one can withstand his blow.

If this place is not a dark place but the outside world, everyone can be sure that the surrounding void has already collapsed directly under the breath of the young master of the four directions.

Of course, in the face of the terrifying aura of Young Master Sifang, Qin Chen remained motionless and indifferent.

"Boy, courting death, the Master Sifang is talking to you, but you are actually indifferent?"

The burly man in the armor was furious, and he couldn't hold back any longer, and he snapped at Qin Chen.


A huge palm appeared between the heavens and the earth, and as soon as this palm appeared, a terrifying aura immediately burst out.

I saw a terrifying aura surging on that finger, strands and strands, bursting with dazzling rainbow light, each rainbow light contains a terrifying aura of Taoism, which can break mountains and seas, and fill the sun and moon.


That palm was towering, as if it had turned into a sky, covering the sky and the earth, and crushed Qin Chen fiercely, unmatched.

Such a blow made everyone change color, and a heart was mentioned in the throat.

"What a terrifying breath, this is Yuan Zhou's supreme Zhou palm. The upper and lower squares are the universe, and it has been the universe throughout the ages. It is rumored that Yuan Zhou's universe palm contains a trace of the mystery of time, which can affect the flow of time. It can be called the sky."

"Have you felt it, Yuan Zhou's palm fell, and the time between heaven and earth seems to slow down."

"You feel it too? I feel the same way."

In the crowd, all kinds of exclamations came. When Yuan Zhou's palm fell, many people seemed to feel that the time of heaven and earth was slowing down, and the scene in front of them seemed to freeze.

This kind of feeling is too terrifying. It should be noted that the weakest people present are also peak detachment, which can affect their time perception. What kind of terrible method is this?

The most terrifying thing is that on the palm of Yuan Zhou, there is still a faint reincarnation aura. Although this reincarnation aura is very weak, it is a great oppression to everyone present.

The breath of reincarnation, that is the power that only the detached powerhouse can possess.

This time, Luan Feng and the others did not stop the burly man in armor at all, but sneered at everything in front of him.

In their opinion, Qin Chen now does not need the Master Sifang to take action, and it is enough to be defeated by Yuan Zhou.

"Kid, die obediently."

The Yuan Zhou roared, and the huge palm instantly wrapped Qin Chen.

"Who is clamoring here, destroying this young master's cultivation, and don't want to live?"

And at the moment when the huge palm enveloped Qin Chen, Qin Chen finally opened his eyes, bang, for a moment, as if two divine rainbows burst out from Qin Chen's eyes.

The next moment, Qin Chen stood up directly in front of everyone's eyes.


Just as Qin Chen stood up, there was a sudden sound of cracking in the surrounding void. In an instant, it seemed that something between the heavens and the earth broke apart at this moment. The terrifying power of time that originally suppressed everyone, It disappeared in an instant.

Then everyone saw that Qin Chen was facing the huge palm above his head and punched him casually.

Hearing the sound of "Boom", Qin Chen threw out a punch, only to see the sky and the earth crumble, and the surrounding void was suddenly shattered.

"No, go back."

A terrified roar sounded, and the people around the crowd retreated crazily, and some of the weaker powerhouses were shocked by this terrifying and unparalleled power to vomit blood on the spot.

"My mother, this is too scary."

Many strong people changed color and hurriedly retreated. Such power is not something they can participate in.

As soon as Qin Chen slapped the palm of his hand, the terrifying palm displayed by Yuan Zhou made an ear-piercing crackling sound, and countless cracks appeared on the palm in an instant.

"how can that be?"

Yuan Zhou's eyes widened, he couldn't believe what he saw, and the eyes of Luan Feng and others in the back also showed surprise.

Yuan Zhou is definitely not the weakest among them. Moreover, when the young masters of the four sides broke through, Yuan Zhou also absorbed a bit of the power of reincarnation, which made his strength have an unprecedented transformation.

Although it is not certain to say that Yuan Zhou will definitely enter the realm of detachment, but with the power of this thread of reincarnation, Yuan Zhou can already compete with ordinary detachment.

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Under Yuan Zhou's palm, this kid is safe and sound?

How is this possible?

"With this little strength, I also come to disturb this young master's retreat and practice. I really don't know whether to live or die."

An indifferent voice sounded between heaven and earth. It was Qin Chen who spoke, his eyes were indifferent, and a terrifying fist broke out in his fist.

With a bang, the fist was swept away. In this roar, everything around was swept to ashes, and the crack on the palm of Yuan Zhou's swung expanded sharply, and it collapsed in an instant, and even the world was so terrifying. The fist power was completely swallowed up.

With a bang, Yuan Zhou only felt that a terrifying power was transmitted, and the whole person flew out, vomiting blood on the spot under this terrible impact.

"It's terrifying!" Under such power, even a powerhouse who had surpassed the peak by half a step couldn't bear it, so he couldn't help but retreat quickly.

"Have you left?"

Just as Yuan Zhou was flying backwards, a cold voice suddenly appeared beside him, and under his terrified expression, he saw a figure that had come to his side at some point, and slapped his chest fiercely. Foot stepped down.

It was Qin Chen.

With one foot, Qin Chen stepped heavily on Yuan Zhou's chest.

Yuan Zhou's burly body slammed heavily on the void at once, smashing the void into cracks one after another.

The cracking sound of "click" sounded, and blood sputtered.

Under Qin Chen's feet, Yuan Zhou's body was smashed to pieces, his armor cracked, and a big hole appeared directly in his chest.

"Ah—" Yuan Zhou screamed in a shrill cry, blood spurting wildly, and in his screams, he was full of unwillingness.

You must know that he just mastered a trace of the power of reincarnation and fate not long ago, and his strength has been superb.

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