Unscientific Beast Taming - Chapter 585 - Battling the Number One Person Below the Legend of the Seven Islands (3)

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Chapter 585: Battling the Number One Person Below the Legend of the Seven Islands (3)

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He was very happy.

Seeing this, the legend of the Warring States snorted and said, “The first eight levels are only the foundation. The ninth level is the core of the bet. Although this Lu Bai is not bad, this is the end…”

“In that case, is the guardian of the ninth level very strong?” Legend Xiao Shuang smiled and asked Legend Ju Qianyao beside her.

Legend Ju Qianyao was also very conflicted at this moment. After all, if they lost this bet, it would have a huge impact on them.

“Mr. Demon Blade is considered the number one person below the legends of our seven islands. There’s naturally no need to talk about his strength.” Ju Qianyao took a deep breath and said.

“Letting the number one person below the legendary level guard the stage… Is this champion path really here to help the younger generation?” On the seat, Dong Huang’s fourth place, the legendary noble son Jiang Tianyang, said.

The number one person below the legends of the seven islands in the ninth level, the overlord-level ferocious beast in the tenth level… The seven islands had no intention of rewarding the younger generation with legendary resources at all, right? They were far from being as generous as the Dong Huang Sequence Tournament, directly taking out five legendary resources as a reward.

“How can one break through the limit without being challenged? If the new generation is inferior to the older generation, they will become more and more backward.” Legend Su Zijin looked at this rich second-generation heir of Dong Huang in a low voice.

“Destroy him, destroy him, destroy him…” As for Old Master Ke of Bureau 11, he couldn’t wait anymore. They were just short of one level. As long as he shattered this number one person below the legends of the seven islands, he could explore the ruins and mystic realms of the seven islands.

“Is it Senior Demon Blade’s turn?”

The Beast Tamers on the seven islands had been holding their breaths.

Because Dong Huang’s Lu Bai had too strong a momentum. He instantly defeated the first eight levels all the way, and his unstoppable aura was like a huge mountain that suppressed the top masters of the seven islands until they couldn’t breathe.

Be it the top masters of the new generation on the seven islands or the top masters of the older generation, when they saw Shi Yu’s heaven-defying performance along the way, their hearts trembled. They couldn’t believe it, but they were helpless.

Because they could clearly determine that they were completely no match for this Dong Huang monster.

None of the seven island Beast Tamers felt good to be flaunted in their own territory.

Therefore, when the number one person below the legends of the seven islands, Demon Sword, waited silently in the valley of the ninth level, the beasts of the seven islands felt the flames of hope again.

Just as the legend of the Warring States said, the ninth level was indeed completely different from the first eight levels.

Back then, the Thousand River Hundred Gods also easily passed the first eight levels. After resting, they relied on their relatively full state to challenge the ninth level.


It was just a slash.

Demon Blade only used one slash to finish off the strongest master of the new generation of the seven islands and the genius who had defeated many top-notch masters of the older generation.

Top-notch master Demon Blade… This Beast Tamer’s reputation on the seven islands was greater than most legendary Beast Tamers!!

“Demon Blade…”

As Shi Yu and Susu walked in front of this Beast Tamer wearing armor, a long saber at his waist, and a face filled with vicissitudes, the atmosphere seemed to have frozen.

At this moment, Shi Yu could also feel the difference between the person in front of him and the first eight guardians.

At that moment, Tyrannical Sea Legend, Legend Xiao Shuang, Jiang Tianyang, and the others also narrowed their eyes slightly and recalled this figure.

Demon Blade, Shen Dai.

20 years ago, he represented the seven islands in the world competition.

Although the real dazzling ones in the World Tournament were those legendary geniuses, the gods of the top masters at that time also obtained a lot of attention.

As a super genius back then, had he not broken through to the legendary level yet?

Thinking about it carefully, it seemed normal.

Countless people looked at the saber at his waist.

Just like his name, this was a demon saber.

It was a demon soldier unearthed from a legendary ruin on the seven islands.

At that time, countless geniuses from the seven islands wanted to obtain the recognition of this demon soldier, but their life force was greatly reduced by the backlash and they almost died.

This was a demon saber that could devour the life force of Beast Tamers at any time after the contract.

It was born in ancient times, in the era when antique swords could still nurture spirits. It was a powerful weapon that had been artificially forged.

Legendary Beast Tamers found weapons evil and were unwilling to contract and nurture them. Ordinary Beast Tamers didn’t have the strength or capital to contract them.

Initially, the Seven Islands Association planned to give up on this demon soldier, the Shen Dai appeared. But at this moment, he appeared. He had an extremely rare “transfer” talent and successfully raised the Demon Blade with this talent.

The transfer talent could transfer some of the damage and consumption of the Beast Tamer to the contracted pet.

At the start, he let other pets consume their life force in his place. Later on, he suppressed the Demon Blade and transferred the life force loss to the Demon Blade himself, making the Demon Blade admit defeat. The growth of Shen Dai was very bumpy. Although he contracted a powerful weapon like the Demon Blade, he also missed the best opportunity to break through to the legendary level in order to suppress it.

Be it top-notch masters of the older generation or top-notch masters of the new era, they had all heard the story of this Senior Demon Blade and knew his strength.

With just one person and one saber, borrowing the “Demon Blade Curse” skill, he could display strength comparable to overlords.

“Young man, this is the end.” Demon Blade Shen Dai stood not far from Shi Yu and slowly pulled out the Demon Blade. This was a sword that was filled with purple mist and emitted powerful evil thoughts.

“My name is Shen Dai. They all call me Demon Soldier Master or Demon Blade Shen Dai.”

“Uncle, you also play with swords.” Shi Yu realized that the other party’s aura was rising steadily. It was rare for him to talk nonsense with this guardian.

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