Trafford’s Trading Club - Chapter 2847 Routine operation of crumbs

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  Chapter 2847 The routine operation of crumbs

  The crystal silk wrapped around Duobao's body increased at a speed visible to the naked eye... Soon, Duobao's body was covered with a thin layer of silkworm chrysalis.

   Surprised by the change at this time, [Miss Lan] couldn't help but look at it a few more times.

   "This... Could this be the [Undead Silkworm Kung Fu] that no one has accomplished in the [Xianyue Mountain] for thousands of years?" Hui Ye Qianfeng looked suspicious.

   "What is that?" [Miss Lan] asked curiously.

   Chiho Kaguya subconsciously said, "You...don't know?"

  [Miss Lan] said calmly: "I'm very busy with my time, I don't need to remember all the rubbish."

Huiye Qianfeng didn't deny it, but murmured: "It is said that this [Immortal Silkworm Art] is one of the seven secrets of [Xieyue Mountain]. There is a chance to practice successfully. Every time you die from this technique, it can greatly improve the practitioner's aptitude in a certain aspect...Physical, spiritual, vigor, etc., are just obtained randomly."

  【Miss Lan】instantly discovered the bug in this technique, "Oh? Can't you brush infinitely?"

"How is it possible." Kaguya Qianfeng's eyes rolled in his heart, "I heard that this exercise is very individual, and it does not accept voluntary death such as suicide. Only unnatural death has a certain probability of triggering and taking effect-the actual situation Yes, most of the people who practiced it at the beginning died for the first time, and they really died."

  [Miss Lan] said in astonishment: "You mean, for this exercise to take effect, it's like buying a lottery ticket?"

"Well, I just said that only those who are extremely lucky have the chance to succeed in cultivation... just have a chance." Kaguya Qianfeng shrugged and said: "In fact, every disciple of [Xianyue Mountain] has a chance to cultivate. This kind of [Undead Silkworm Kung Fu] depends on who can be resurrected... What if it is resurrected?"

   "The resurrection coins issued by [Xianyue Mountain] are not reliable."

[Miss Lan] Shaking her head, she stretched out her hand to draw the silkworm chrysalis on Duobao's body—she was familiar with the drawing, and gently outlined with her fingers, a crystal clear silk thread was exposed to the air, shaking gently and continuously, "So , did he trigger it successfully?"

   "It's also the first time I've seen it." Kaguya Chiho's expression suddenly became serious...Suddenly, Kaguya Chiho took out a delicate dagger, and stabbed it into the silkworm chrysalis without thinking.

  【Miss Lan】had no intention of stopping her, but squinted her eyes and said, "What are you doing?"

   "Since the fate is so deep, it will naturally leap thousands of miles in the future." Kaguya Chiho said indifferently: "This world doesn't need too many heaven's favored ones... The world is only so big, and all resources are limited."

   "Only one disciple of [Xianyue Mountain] has accomplished this miraculous skill in nearly a thousand years, and it will be destroyed by you. Are you not afraid of being known by [Xianyue Mountain]?" [Miss Lan] sneered.

   "Who knows if he can do it well?" Chiho Kaguya didn't care, and said calmly, "He already died in [Red King's Tomb]."

  [Miss Lan] smiled and said: "He is indeed a ruthless man, but his brain is not very good."

  Kaguya Chiho frowned, and said displeasedly, "What do you mean?"

  [Miss Lan] waved his hand and said: "If I were you, I wouldn't even kill him, but would save him, and let [Xianyue Mountain] owe me a favor."

  Kaguya Qianfeng fell silent.

"Just interrupt his secret technique." [Miss Lan] sneered and said: "He may not know that his fate is gone, but if he knows that he was saved, he will still be grateful when he thinks about it. A genius who is likely to rob me of resources in the future, and who can reap the gratitude of a genius... Except that this genius is just a boy and not a beautiful girl, is it almost perfect?"

   "Can you interrupt [Undead Silkworm Art]?" Kaguya Qianfeng said in amazement.

"His breath of life has recovered." [Miss Lan] said indifferently: "Although I don't know how to practice this exercise, but someone said that it is a kind of evolution of life... as long as the cocoon is destroyed Let the evolution be incomplete, otherwise it will be fine.”

   "Okay, I will do as you say." Chiho Kaguya nodded.

  If you can't stop [Undead Silkworm Art] from continuing to evolve, just touch the knife... Kaguya Qianfeng doesn't have much pressure at this time, after all, Duobao's state at this time does not have the ability to resist at all.

  Kaguya Qianfeng was indeed a ruthless, unequivocal and decisive person. The dagger pierced through the silk, made a hole, and then directly pulled Duobao out from inside.

  At this time, it was discovered that the silk had grown from Duobao's heart—a golden silk.

   Chiho Kaguya cut off the golden silk without even thinking about it... The cut silkworm chrysalis melted rapidly at this moment, and it didn't take long before it even degraded into a small puddle of cloudy white liquid.

  The young man in [Xieyue Mountain] was breathing calmly at this time, and his face gradually became normal—the severed neck had obviously returned to normal.

  [Miss Lan] glanced at it, and thought to herself: For the sake of rounding up, you can be regarded as Xiaolin SIR's brother-in-law, so why don't you come here for me?

  At the same time, how to make Chiho Kaguya into a greater scourge, [Miss Lan]... the witch gradually took shape in her mind.

  She suddenly discovered why those Void bosses like layout so much—because it’s really cool to control everything in the dark!

  ...So, the boss is always cool?

  —Old lady, if I appear here, I won’t be the boss too…


  She fell into doubt and self-doubt, and she was a little distracted—when she came back to her senses, she found Chiho Kaguya staring at herself.

   "What are you looking at?"

   "It's nothing." Chiho Kaguya shook her head and said calmly, "How do we go next?"

At present, he mainly relies on the witch's avatar, because Chiho Kaguya discovered that the [Red King's Tomb] is like a back garden to the witch. Slippery, as if this witch is the master of the [Red King's Mausoleum].

   "Listen to the song." [Miss Lan] said calmly.

   "Song?" Chiho Kaguya raised her head subconsciously.

  In the [Sacred Hall], the beautiful woman in the silver robe has never disappeared... She just sang, but it was a language that was completely beyond his cognition - but the singing was quite peaceful.

  Kaguya Chiho couldn't help being amazed by this woman's beauty.

   "You seem to know this woman?" Kaguya Chiho keenly sensed something.

   "I can't say we know each other, I just met a few times from a distance." [Miss Lan] said indifferently.

  —I can only buy tickets to the top of the mountain for every concert, and I can only see it from a distance.

  —As for the handshake ticket... TM can get 100 units of the source of the world at the highest point, who cares!

  —There is a hundred units of the source of the world, my mother, I will go to Void Ginza to book a place. Is it not good to play with a hundred beautiful boys? ?

   "Where is this woman so sacred that she can appear in [Red King's Tomb]?" Kaguya Qianfeng was thoughtful.

   "Don't think too much, she's just a singer." [Miss Lan] shrugged, "It seems that the real owner of [Red King's Tomb] probably a fan of this green tea."

  —Well, the strongest singer under the starry sky... [Galaxy Fairy].

   "[Red King Mausoleum]...the real owner?" Chiho Kaguya's eyes froze for a moment—the information that the witch casually revealed was enough for him to digest for a long time.

"Don't bother me listening to the song." [Miss Lan] said displeasedly: "I'm just not right about the work...Although it's a green tea, the work is really nothing to say. Ah, I haven't heard this green tea sing for a long time. It's... I have to miss it."

"how long?"

  【Miss Lan】Just glanced at Kaguya Chiho indifferently... Kaguya Chiho shrugged, then stopped talking, and put his palm on Duobao's body to check Duobao's condition.

  —Do you want to take the opportunity to analyze the various exercises of [Xianyue Mountain]?

  The body of the young emperor of [Xianyue Mountain] contains too many secrets of [Xianyue Mountain]... This is also like a treasure to Kaguya Qianfeng.

"this is for you."

  Suddenly, [Miss Lan] threw a pair of earplugs to Chiho Kaguya.

"doing what?"

   "You've been listening to it for a long time." [Miss Lan] said indifferently: "Although it's just a sound on the stereo, but keep listening... You probably will end your life, and you will fall in love with this green tea hopelessly."

  Kaguya Chiho didn't believe it at all, this witch didn't let herself listen, was it because she had some secret that she didn't want to let herself know?

He subconsciously stared at the face of the white-robed singer, only to feel that the woman's face suddenly became hazy, and Chiho Kaguya's divine sense seemed to be drawn into a gentle vortex... He didn't want to Rebelling, just wanting to be sucked into the center of the vortex, buried in it forever.

   "Do you want to die?" [Miss Lan] said suddenly.

Kaguya Chiho shuddered instantly, let out a cold snort of fright, and quickly put the earplugs into his ears—when he doubted that this thing would work, the singing sound seemed to be cut off, Never heard again.

   "Her singing can affect the soul!" Chiho Kaguya was shocked.

   "Those with a strong will will not be affected." [Miss Lan] stretched out her finger, made a [short] gesture, and said calmly: "You... Madada Darne!"





  【Red Clan】...【Sacrificial Building】.

   It is more like a demon building, with a strange light emitting from the whole body. Under the reflection of the light, one can only see a huge monster that is hundreds of feet long and the whole body is like a rock.

  Watching the moment when the terrifying big snake coiled around the 【Sacrificial Building】, the twin sisters were dumbfounded, and took a deep breath.

  The twin sister was even more annoyed: "Senior, this is what you said, [Red Clan] people don't pay much attention to [Sacrifice Building], just raise something that only cares about the door?"

  【Tiangu】Senior squinted and said: "I definitely don't pay attention to it. Do you see any [Red Clan] fighters patrolling around here?"

  The twin sister was furious, and said bluntly: "Are you sure it's not because this giant snake is so terrifying that no one approaches it?"

  Even from a long distance, she could feel the terrifying aura coming from the giant snake—this thing is entangled here, so there is no need for other guards at all, okay?

   " didn't grow so big before." [Tiangu] Senior directly raised three fingers, "I swear by your ancestors, it really wasn't so big before!"

   "Don't swear by my master at every turn!"

   "I use something else, but you don't admit it?" [Tian Gu] Senior has a reason.

  ...OK, makes sense?

The twin sister was so angry that [Tiangu] had risen to the level of an old **** in her heart... She let out a breath, calmed down forcibly, shook her head and said, "If it's this giant snake, I'm sorry, we have nothing to do Draw it away... Besides, this giant snake has such a terrifying shape, and if there is any disturbance, it will cause shocks, you are all soldiers of the [Red Clan] who are blind, won't you notice?"

"Well, this guy usually yells like thunder, and the ground shakes when he turns over. The fighters of [Red Clan] have long been accustomed to it and don't care about it." Senior [Tiangu] turned his eyes, "As for Draw it away, if there is no way, how can I ask you to help? Don't worry, I have sworn, and the Alliance will not lie to the Alliance, I will not cheat you."

   "Tell me how to do it first." The twin sister's brows were not friendly at this time.

   Then I saw [Tiangu] stretching his hand into the tattered clothes at this time, as if digging for something... After digging around for a while, he managed to pull out a wax pill.

  The twin sister frowned. She remembered that when she found [Tiangu] in the dungeon, there was nothing hidden on him...could it be taken from the hidden research site?

  When... She kept her eyes on [Tiangu] the whole time, but she didn't notice it at all.

"This is [Tianxiang Dragon Saliva]." The senior of [Tiangu] said seriously: "The giant snake on the [Sacrifice Building], its scientific name is [Yinghuo Yisnake]. It is formed from the alienation of the big snake, which belongs to the half-dragon... The smell of [Tianxiang Ambergris] is what [Yinghuo Yisnake] likes, and it can attract it from afar."

   "Then what?" Qing Yan frowned.

"One of you, or two of you, take this incense pill and hide in the cave passage, and you will be able to attract the big snake away from the [Sacrificial Building]." The body shape of the "Yinghuo Yisnake" cannot get into the passage, it can only keep wandering outside...As for me, or the one I stayed with you, I can enter the building and take out the "sacrifice vessel."

   There is nothing wrong with this plan.

So the twin sister nodded, and said seriously: "Senior, we regard you as a senior, but why do you think we are fools? Since this thing is useful, you can just find a place to throw it... Throw it into the crack and leave, it's different Lead the big snake away?"

Seeing that the twins were in sync, Qing Yan pinched the left sleeve, Zi Yan pinched the right sleeve, [Tiangu] seemed to shrink his neck, and whispered: "This incense pill has a special characteristic. ...It needs a beautiful girl in a virgin body to be warmed by body temperature to stimulate the fragrance. I, a bad old man, probably can only emit a bad smell if I hold it."

  I always feel that the old guy's words are not credible... The two sisters looked at each other at this moment, but they didn't reach out to pick up the wax pill in [Tiangu]'s hand, but looked at the old guy warily.

"You believe me, I made an oath." Senior [Tiangu] looked anxious... Immediately, senior [Tiangu] changed his face slightly, looked behind the twins, and said in shock: "Why do you They all ran out, didn’t they let you stay in the dungeon?!”

  Master and the others followed?

   The twin sisters were startled, and subconsciously turned their heads to look, but they saw someone behind them... They were tricked!

  The twin sister was furious and yelled, "Old ghost, you keep repeating... um!"

  I saw [Tiangu] senior had crushed the wax pill at some point, took out the incense pill inside, flicked his finger, and flicked the incense pill into the mouth of the twin sister.

   Gudong—she had swallowed it.

   "You—!!" The twin sister reached into her mouth, trying to pull the thing out—it could still be pulled out, but the incense pill melted in the mouth and disappeared.


   At this moment, the big snake on the [Sacrifice Building] suddenly opened its emerald-like eyes, and its huge body moved slowly in the building... look up!

   "It found us!" The twin sister was shocked at this time.

   "Tiansha's old bastard!" The twin sister stretched out her hand to pinch the neck of Senior [Tiangu].

  Senior [Tiangu] hid away, and quickly said: "I forgot to tell you, this incense pill is mainly the kind that can make [Ying Huo Yi Snake] estrus, and will never stop until it is delivered. Why don't you run away?"

   Hiss hiss—! !

  An extremely huge head had already appeared above the heads of several people at this moment—the big snake actually protruded from the air and traversed a large distance...

  —It's staring at me!

At this time, the twin sister felt a sense of fear all over her body, she gritted her teeth, and ran directly to a cave in front, "Zi Yan, show me this old bastard, don't let him run away, wait for me return!"

  【Tiangu】At this time, it has disappeared.

  The twin sisters were already in their hearts, and they searched around, only to find that [Tiangu] had already climbed up a rock wall like a monkey, and was quickly climbing towards the [Sacrifice Building].


  【Yu Clan】...【Underground Palace】.

   "You guys, go over there and have a look, step up the patrol!"

  Soldiers were flying in the air, regarding the [Yu Clan] as a forbidden area, surrounded by layers of guarded [Sacrificial Buildings].

  But I didn’t know that there was an old dog’s voice in the underground of [Underground Palace], and he was digging the soil with a cigarette stick in his mouth at this time... he hammered his waist twice from time to time, and then continued to dig.

   Planing and digging, the little old man's head broke through a piece of the floor, protruding out, and he was already inside the [Sacrifice Building].


  (end of this chapter)

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