Trafford’s Trading Club - Chapter 2846 Maharaja fierce

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  Chapter 2846 Maharaja fierce

  Time is not static.

  Although the [Red Clan] entered the [Red King Mausoleum] first, they stayed in the [Shengxian Hall] and listened to the voice of [God].

   During this period of time, [Bai Clan] and [Yu Clan] have also caught up.

   "Master Batu Yak, the guys from [Bai Clan] and [Yu Clan] are here, I can smell them!"

   A monitor lizard warrior said quickly.

   Hearing this, Batu Yak casually threw Yang Ren to the ground, and ordered his subordinates to hide this alien survivor, so as not to let the other two clans find out for the time being.

At this moment, the leader of the Jiazi Army, who managed to escape with great difficulty but immediately fell into the hands of the vicious [Red Clan], could be as miserable as he wanted... Under Batu Yake's torture, Yang Ren almost All that is known has been told.

He couldn't hide it from this terrifying alien, because Batu Yak has an extremely terrifying ability-when it devours the opponent's flesh and blood, it can perceive the opponent's existence, emotional changes, and even when the amount of devouring reaches a certain level, It can also influence the other party's thinking in turn.

  The leader of the Jiazi Army, who was hidden, had multiple bites on his body at this time... dripping with blood, it was bitten off alive.

Batu Yak was torturing him, while eating his flesh and blood, the anger and hatred in it can be imagined... It's just the silence that firmly imprisoned his back like a metal spider, turning his cultivation into stagnant water , can only turn this hatred into helplessness and despair.

   At this moment, he was roughly thrown on the ground, and then several [red] monitor lizards sat up directly—these alien species were trying to [hide] him.

   At this time, [Shengxian Hall] ushered in another second race.


  This place is unfamiliar to any young generation of the three races who were born in the past few hundred years... It can only be heard from the mouths of the old people. It is a legendary place.

   "This is, the legendary [Holy Epiphany]..."

The voices of whispered discussions were heard from time to time among the two teams that had just arrived, but whether it was the Great Elder Bowen of the [Bai Clan] or the Burning Heart Priest of the [Yu Clan], they were all extremely prestigious leaders... Therefore, relatively speaking, the two groups do not appear to be messy.

   "Hmph, in the end, you still followed." Batu Yak sneered at the following team unpreferably: "Hypocritical guy."

  The voice is unabashed.

   But seeing Priest Burning Heart wave his hand casually at this time, let those proud Yu people be at ease.

   Burning Heart Sacrifice said indifferently: "Batu Yak, what made you detour, instead of chasing those intruders and aliens, you came to the [Sacred Hall] instead?"

  The two tribes came from behind, and naturally passed the place where the [Red tribe] changed their route, and at the same time saw the [things] on that passage.

   "Batu Yak, have you really encountered a taboo seed?" The old [Bai] elder quickly asked: "I can feel its breath...just like back then."

  —Dreadful eyes.

  —Irresistibly powerful.


Batuyak quickly recalled the strange person's description of the terrifying thing when he was interrogating Yang Ren... The life-sacrificing warrior of [Red Clan] mused at this moment: "That passage is a bit weird, I didn't enter it rashly. But since I’ve come in, I won’t return empty-handed and detour to the 【Shengxian Hall】, just to go to the 【Left Temple】to replenish the 【Source of Power】."

   Priest Burning Heart and the Great Elder of the Bai Clan exchanged a glance. After the two discovered that Batu Yak temporarily changed the route, they immediately guessed the other party's plan.

   "Batu Yak, have you opened the [Sacred Hall]?" Priest Burning Heart said coldly.

   "So what?" Batu Yak said indifferently: "As the people of [Red King], what's wrong with listening to the voice of [God]?"

   "[The Great Hall of Shengxian] cannot be opened at will, and I need the priest of [Yuzu] to be present." Priest Burning Heart said coldly: "This has been a tradition since ancient times."

   "Joke!" Batu Yak sneered, "The three clans all have the [Key of Power] in their hands. Why do you [Yu clan] say you can open it, but I [Red clan] still need your consent?"

   "As I said, this is a rule since ancient times." Priest Burning Heart said in a deep voice, "This is a tradition in the Scarlet Wasteland!"

   "I've opened it, I've heard it, what do you want?" Batujak sneered, "Piercing our ears?"

  The tense atmosphere began to fill up immediately after these words.

   Seeing this, the great elder of the Bai clan had no choice but to use the voice of his heart to persuade Priest Fenxin: Fenxin Priest, it is not wise to fall out with [Red Clan] at this time.

  【Yu Clan】Guarding the tradition, they think highly of themselves, but their population is small, only blessed by the glory of the past.

   [Bai Clan] is well-behaved, and it doesn't seem to offend any party... But [Red Clan] is getting stronger day by day, acting barbarously, like a wild horse that has run free.

   Priest Burning Heart's towering chest heaved slowly, his thoughts turned sharply, and just as he was about to respond, he heard an angry shout from behind.

   "Who! Sneaky hiding behind!"

  The sound had just rang out when more than a dozen [Bai] fighters flew out and smashed hard onto the floor of the [Shengxian Hall].

  The three clans were shocked!

However, the fighters of [Bai Clan] and [Yu Clan] were overturned and flew out like ants being blown away at this time—finally, a gust of wind howled directly from the entrance of the passage, and instantly [ Spray] opened all the alien fighters on the channel.

   An extremely tyrannical breath came like a wave.

  Batujak had goosebumps all over his body, grinning instinctively... his body trembled slightly uncontrollably.

  At this time, at the entrance of the 【Shengxian Hall】, a guy in black armor with dragon horns on his head slowly walked out... into the sight of all the different species.

  At this time, it was plucking its ears loosely, looking at all the three clans, and chuckled lightly: "Oh, I hear you talking nonsense here, but you can't always get to the point—especially the point I want to hear."

  —The Emperor of the Empire!

"It's you..." Batu Yak took a deep breath at this time, and after resisting the opponent's tyrannical breath, a bloodthirsty look appeared in his eyes, "The Maharaja of the Empire... [Dragon Star] Maharaja! After so many years, you Still not giving up, every century before and after the storm, I will come to harass you like flies!"

  [Dragon Star] Maharaja narrowed his eyes, "This is called a hard-working dragon that has meat to eat...Did this Maharaja fail to enter the tomb of [Red King] Guisun?"

   "How dare you insult [Red King]!" A group of [Yuzu] cursed instantly.

   "Talking." [Dragon Star] Maharaja stretched out his hand a little, and a ray of red light slashed open with his finger, and a dozen [Yu Clan] warriors were instantly beheaded.

   "You..." Priest Burning Heart was instantly inexplicably sad and indignant.

   At this moment, the Great Elder of the Bai Clan stood up suddenly, and a shock of spiritual will directly hit the Maharaja [Dragon Star].

  [Dragon Star] Maharaja was absent-minded for a short while. At the same time, Batu Yak had exploded... I saw that his scales and armor were lifted off, releasing a fiery breath, and his limbs swelled and swelled at the same time!

Roar-! !

  [Dragon Star] Maharaja and Batu Yak wrestled with their hands, and the floor was broken... However, at this time, a wisp of frost directly climbed [Dragon Star] Maharaja's legs.

  In the distance, Priest Burning Heart was waving the sacrificial scepter in his hand, and dozens of icicles were flying around him.

   "Batu Yak, go away!" Priest Burning Heart gave a cold shout at this time.

  Batu Yak jumped away when he heard the words, and a cold light swept across directly, instantly turning [Dragon Star] Maharaja into a huge ice sculpture, the cold air was overwhelming.

  But soon, the ice sculpture shattered, and the Maharaja [Dragon Star] reappeared with a hot breath... It silently looked around at the elders and warriors of the three tribes.

   "Enough, [Dragon Star], stop wasting time."

  A voice came from behind calmly.

  [Dragon Star] Maharaja shrugged, "I said [Thousand Tribulation] brother, you don't have back pain when you are standing and talking... The psychic attack of this fat bug of the Bai people is quite difficult, okay?"

  【Thousand Tribulations】The majesty snorted coldly, "That's because you have a bad stomach. If you are determined, how could you be disturbed by this little voice of the heart?"

  The moment the voice sounded, Great Elder Bowen felt a blur in front of his eyes, and saw a figure appearing in front of him like light...Three pairs of eyes on his cheeks were staring at it faintly.

  The Great Elder Bowen was shocked, and instinctively turned the voice of his heart to collide.

  However, the voice of the soul, which has always been invincible, even the Maharaja [Dragon Star], seems to be blocked by an invisible wall at this moment... It is completely unable to shake the will of the Maharaja [Thousand Tribulations].

   "Children's stuff." [Thousand Tribulations] Maharaja directly stretched out his palm, and instantly grabbed the head of Great Elder Bowen.

  [Thousand Tribulations] A strange light flashed on Maharaja's palm, and he heard the great elder Bowen scream, and fell to the ground, convulsing... The elder actually hugged his head and howled in pain.

  Suddenly, a gust of wind hit from behind, and Batu Yak was swooping like a huge beast.

  [Thousand Tribulations] Maharaja swept out with a punch, directly blasting Batu Yak out, almost smashing the wall of the hall.

   Priest Burning Heart was about to wave the sacrificial scepter in his hand...but suddenly lost sight of the [Thousand Tribulations] Maharaja—the moment he came to his senses, the sacrificial scepter in his hand had already been grasped.

   "Is this the [Key of Power] you mentioned?"

   "No..." Priest Burning Heart blurted out the answer as if his mind had been taken away, and then he woke up suddenly!

   "That's useless."

  The sacrificial scepter shattered in an instant, and Burning Heart Sacrifice could only feel a sense of death enveloped... the back of his head was firmly held.

  The audience was dead silent, and in an instant, the leaders of the three clans were instantly knocked down, and the fierce might of the imperial monarch in front of them shocked all the alien species into ashes.

  I saw [Dragon Star] Maharaja whistled at this time... Don't look at it being beaten up by the leaders of the three clans, but its body was unscathed.

  The attacks of Batu Yak and Burning Heart Priest could not even break its scales, but the spiritual attack of the Great Elder of the Bai tribe brought it some troubles—but in fact, it was only a little trouble,

  It [Dragon Star] Maharaja, can be called the most defensive of the imperial maharajas, and it is not an exaggeration-this guy is covered in scales, which is really tough.

"Two things." The Maharaja [Thousand Tribulation] ignored the behavior of the Maharaja [Dragon Star] at this time, and squeezed the palm of his hand slightly to sacrifice the heart, "First, let me meet you [Red Prince] Who is the sacred [God] in the mouth of the people. Second, I want [Clean Bottle].”

   "Impossible!" Priest Burning Heart gritted his teeth.

  【Thousand Tribulations】The Maharaja turned his head and stared straight at a 【Yu Clan】 warrior who moved half a step quietly, and the warrior's body exploded instantly.

   "The next one is you." [Thousand Tribulations] Maharaja once again offered sacrifices to Burning Heart: "If you don't tell me, there will always be people who are afraid of death here. It's not difficult for me how many."

  —Two Imperial Lords!

Burning Heart Sacrifice felt as if his heart had sunk into an abyss at this time, and he felt powerless... For the Maharaja [Dragon Star], he is no stranger to guarding the three clans in the [Red King Mausoleum] at this time, because since [Dragon Star] became the Maharaja, Almost every hundred years when the scarlet storm comes, it will enter the scarlet wasteland.

For a long time, the three clans had extremely rich experience in fighting against the [Dragon Star] Maharaja, but they did not expect that this time besides the [Dragon Star] Maharaja, there would be another Imperial Maharaja... Moreover, it was completely different. Care about the spiritual power of the great elder of the Bai nationality.

  But what the Maharaja of 【Thousand Tribulations】 wants to do is...

   "You killed me!" Priest Burning Heart suddenly said at this moment: "[Yuzu] has never been afraid of death!"

  【Thousand Tribulations】The majesty was not ambiguous, he directly exerted force with his palm, and Priest Burning Heart screamed and was born in an instant—perhaps in the next second, Priest Burning Heart's head would be crushed and exploded.

"Wait! I'll help you open the voice of God!" At this moment, the great elder of the Bai tribe endured the pain and struggled to get up, "You let Burning Heart Sacrifice... Before opening the [Purifying Bottle], It needs the power of Burning Heart!"

  The severe pain stopped for a while, and Priest Burning Heart was able to catch his breath, but his expression changed drastically in an instant, "Grand Elder Bowen, you actually!"

"Let me open the voice of God." The elder of the Bai tribe sighed at this moment, "I am dying, so you can let me be this sinner... My two great lords, I am the elder of the Bai tribe. Leading the way for you with reservation...Only one condition!"

   "Say." [Thousand Calamities] Maharaja said indifferently.

   "I hope that from then on, the empire can accept the [Bai people]." The elder Bowen said directly: "The red wasteland is too bitter. This is not our real homeland. I hope the empire can treat the [Bai people] well."

   "It's nothing, my Lord's Longling land is big..." [Dragon Star] Maharaja seemed to be playing around at this time.

But it was immediately interrupted by the Maharaja [Thousand Tribulations], "[Bai Clan] can join this lord [Moxingling], and the specifications are equal to the second-class Spirit Clan. In addition, [Red Clan] and [Yu Clan] can also enter Naturalization, treatment remains the same."

  [Dragon Star] Maharaja opened his mouth when he heard the words, and wanted to speak again: Damn, this [Thousand Calamity] sixth son, obviously the population of the territory is about to burst, so why don't you give me some soup? ?

   "[Moxingling]..." The great elder of the Bai clan was shocked when he heard the words, and said in a trembling voice: "You are... the king of the king, [thousand calamities]?!"

   "Let's get started." [Thousand Tribulations] The Maharaja directly left the Burning Heart Priest on the ground, and at the same time crimson crystals appeared in the air instantly, imprisoning the Burning Heart Priest.

  Since Burning Heart Sacrifice is the only one who can open the [Clean Bottle], the Maharaja of [Thousand Calamities] does not intend to kill him for the time being.


  The Great Elder Bowen sighed, walked slowly to the control column, took out the [Key of Power] inherited from the [Bai], and gently placed it on the control column.

  At this time, the Maharaja [Dragon Star] brought back the muddy Batu Yak, and stepped on it directly. This life-sacrificing warrior of the [Red Clan] lost consciousness early, his eyes turned white.

   Maharaja As for the lord level, the great lord level alien species, just like the ninth-level emperor based on the eighth-level Taoism, has an insurmountable gap.

  At this time, the Great Elder Bowen let out a sigh of relief, and while activating the control cylinder, the voice of the mind also quietly activated... It wanted to convey some information to Priest Burning Heart.

   Unexpectedly, the power of the mind seems to be drained at this time.

  The Great Elder Bowen was horrified, and saw [Thousand Calamities] Maharaja staring at him indifferently.

   "Don't make small moves."

  The Maharaja of [Thousand Tribulations], the Maharaja of Kings, is definitely more powerful than the Maharaja of [Dragon Star]... The Great Elder Bowen gritted his teeth and could only turn on the voice of God.

  [Shengxian Hall] Once again, the Utopia country like a dream...the kingdom of the gods appeared.

  The shadow of the goblin in the silver robe slowly unfolded, and the singing sounded like a heartbeat... At this moment, despite being in danger, the warriors of the three clans showed such intoxicated feelings.

  【Tianjin】The song gods seem to be resonating with something hidden deep in their hearts.

"This is the [God] who bestowed everything on [Red King]?" The Maharaja [Dragon Star] frowned, the singing sound was extremely harsh and even uncomfortable to him, "Brother [Thousand Tribulation], this seems It's nothing you see something?"

  【Thousand Tribulations】The Maharaja remained silent...Suddenly, the three eyes on the left cheek of the 【Thousand Tribulations】Maharaja moved simultaneously.

At this time, I saw a young man wearing the costume of a [Yu Clan] warrior, but without [Yu Clan] wings, flying out from nowhere, and he jumped directly at the crystal prisoner who imprisoned the Burning Heart Sacrifice. before the cage.

I saw the boy opened his mouth without saying a word, and bit on the crystal prism... Although the prison cage was arranged by the majesty of [Thousand Tribulations], it was also extremely strong. At this time, it was directly crushed by the boy !

  The Maharaja of [Thousand Tribulations] and the Maharaja of [Dragon Star] couldn't help showing a look of surprise.

   During a short moment of amazement, the young man took the Burning Heart Priest with one hand, and fled away!

   "Want to leave?" [Dragon Star] Maharaja chuckled, and in a flash, he had already appeared behind the boy, and directly reached out and grabbed the boy's shoulder, "Don't worry, let's play."

  Seeing the precious light flowing on the young man's body, his body turned into a big eagle in an instant, grabbing Fenxin Sacrifice with both claws, and flew away in an instant.

  【Dragon Star】The majesty was stunned, but caught nothing, "Huh?"

【Dragon Star】The majesty reacted very quickly, and immediately caught up with the big eagle transformed by the boy, but at this moment, the big eagle shone with a precious light again, and it seemed to disappear in an instant... I saw Burning Heart Sacrifice going to him at this time Fall to the ground.

  [Dragon Star] Maharaja was stunned again, but heard a slight buzzing sound coming from his ear... The big eagle didn't really disappear, it just changed into a tiny mosquito, instantly deceiving its vision.

   "It's interesting." [Dragon Star] Maharaja suddenly narrowed his eyes, "The strength is not strong, but there are quite a lot of means."

  The mosquito circled the Maharaja [Dragon Star] several times quickly, and at the moment when the Burning Heart Sacrifice was about to fall to the ground, it turned into a beam of precious light again, this time it turned into a cheetah.

  The leopard caught Burning Heart Sacrifice, and at this time had already rushed to the exit of the main hall.

  But a huge suction force came, but it pulled the leopard back in an instant... [Thousand Tribulations] At this time, the majesty grabbed and pulled from the air, and the leopard and the burner priest fell directly back into the hall.

  The light on Leopard's body dissipated, and he turned back into a boy again... The boy sat down on the ground with a face of regret, rubbed his buttocks, looked at [Thousand Tribulations] Maharaja and said, "You are amazing!"

   "The official language of the Alien Alliance?" [Thousand Tribulations] The majesty's eyes were fixed, "Are you a stranger?"

   Priest Burning Heart's face changed drastically in an instant, and he hurriedly said in surprise: "He...he is a spy sent by me [Yu Clan] to the Alien Alliance. He has lived in the Alien Realm since he was a child, and he just didn't realize it for a while!"

  [Thousand Tribulations] Maharaja lifted the boy up to the sky with no expression on his face... Then he saw the boy clutching his neck in pain, his face turned pale.

"You can't hurt him!" Priest Burning Heart screamed immediately: "If you hurt him, I'll kill myself right away...Without my authority, no one can open the space between [Purity Bottle]! If you have the ability, you, the emperor of the empire This 【Red King Mausoleum】was smashed to pieces!"

   "I will not be threatened." [Thousand Tribulations] Maharaja said indifferently: "If you want to commit suicide, you can take advantage of it now. I will directly refine your soul. There is nothing more honest than the soul."

   Burning Heart Sacrifice felt his scalp go numb.

   "I hate aliens."

  【Thousands of Tribulations】The majesty's five fingers contracted slightly at this time.

  There was a click, and the boy's neck seemed to be crushed in an instant... His head dropped down all of a sudden, and then fell to the ground without a sound.

   Priest Burning Heart suddenly lost his soul, fell to his knees on the ground, "No..."

  【Thousand Tribulations】The majesty looked at the great elder Bowen at this time, "Take me to the [Clean Bottle] room... take this [Yu Clan] priest with you."


[Shengxian] is still the same, but the warriors of the three clans are following the majesty of the [Thousand Tribulations] anxiously... Soon, in the [Shengxian Hall], only those who died in two The corpse of a warrior in the hands of the Imperial Maharaja.

   And... the alien boy whose neck was broken.

  [Voice of God] is still there, singing alone.

   "Where is the large VR?"

  Suddenly, a casual... woman's voice sounded slowly—I saw the corner of the [Shengxian Hall], the wall was slowly opened, and a short-haired and capable woman was rubbing her chin and walking out slowly.

  Following the woman is... Chiho Kaguya.

   "Miss Lan, where is it?"

   "Hmm... a room where you watch pornographic movies?" [Miss Lan] glanced at the huge figure of the singing woman in white robe, and whistled, "Tsk tsk, this figure is so restless..."

   Immediately, she glanced around the hall, and she seemed to find something again—the next moment, she had already walked to the boy's side, "Hey, why is this kid here...died?"

   "Miss Lan, do you know this boy?" Chiho Kaguya frowned suddenly, and then his face changed slightly: "Human race?"

   "His name is Duobao." [Miss Lan] pondered and said: "The disciple of Xieyue Mountain, one of the young emperors of this year... Then, it seems that he died."

  —[Slanting Moon Mountain]?

  Hui Yeqianfeng frowned at the same time, why did the disciple of [Xianyue Mountain] appear in the [Red King Tomb]—at this moment, [Miss Lan] suddenly squatted down.

   She stretched out her fingers and picked up something from Duobao's body... it was silky.

   "It seems to be..." Kaguya Chiho said in surprise, "Some kind of silk?"

   I don't know when, the young Duobao's body gradually began to have traces of crystal clear white silk...

  (end of this chapter)

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